Is it possible to give a dog bones: chicken, pork, beef and so on

On the one hand, a dog with a bone in its teeth is quite familiar. a sight. So pets are shown in movies, cartoons, in pictures and in the books. Yes, and on the street you can see a dog running along his affairs with this delicacy in his teeth. And about their love for bones you can compose odes – not a single dog in his right mind will refuse so yummy. But such food is for most four-legged owners friends does not inspire confidence, as it seems dangerous. Where is here truth and is it possible to give a dog bones?


  • 1. Dangerous bones
  • 2. Basic stereotypes
  • 3. Possible troubles
  • 4. What bones are acceptable to give

Dangerous bones

Some experts tend to think that dogs should give bones. it is possible, but it should be remembered that this is not food, but rather entertainment. And, in addition, it is worth considering the characteristics of the breed, individual pet characteristics. And bone bone is different.

Can I give a dog bones?

I want to focus on those bones that never must be present in the pet’s diet, even as a toy! IN This list includes the following:

  • Tubular bones of birds (chickens, turkeys, geese and other). It doesn’t matter whether they are from the factory or the household, they should not be given. They are in the limbs – paws, hips, wings. Given that a turkey is a very large bird and slaughter it by reaching 2-3 years, you can imagine how big and strong her bones. The same applies to duck, goose bones, they can lead to perforation, that is, damage to the intestinal walls.
  • Bones of rabbits. They are small, which causes trust of dog owners. However, a broken rib bone, limbs, especially the back, the spine, has very sharp the edges.

Bones can be used for cooking cereals, but previously broth it should be filtered, excluding splinters from falling into it. And here cartilage can be left.

  • healthy cereals for dogs;
  • than you can’t feed the dog.

Basic stereotypes

The dog gnaws a bone

A dog with a bone, a kitty with a fish, a bunny with a carrot— So we have been raised since childhood, but is this true? Many without even thinking, feed the bones to the pet, but can lead to the death of a pet. Worth debunking, completely or in part, the main points:

  • The dog was once a wild animal, and she must needs solid food. Yes, wild animals eat solid food, including bones. But unlike pets, they live much less, the maximum duration is 8 years old. This is often due to the fact that dogs get spoiled, teeth fall out, disturbances in the digestive system appear. Them the intestines are clogged with bone fragments, various garbage and others. Although solid food is needed, but not necessarily bones. A pet can nibble a fresh vegetable, such as a carrot. And here dry-fed dogs with special needs for extra solid food is not.
  • Bones help the dog sharpen his teeth. First, nibble hard it is necessary for puppies during the period of tooth change. And this is by no means connected with sharpening teeth, and with discomfort, itching of the gums. And dogs with constant bones not only do not help to sharpen them with teeth, but also grind, violating the integrity of the enamel layer. There is also a risk breaking off fangs or incisors.
  • Bones are necessary for brushing your teeth. But suitable for these purposes not bone, but well-boiled cartilage. Not knowing this especially, the owners give the dogs raw pig bones, ears, legs, not thinking that the pathogen may be in pork false rabies infections. This virus is not dangerous. for a person, but for a dog is fatal. Pathogenic microbes die during the heat treatment, therefore, you can give the dog boiled pig ears. Especially since cartilage is good for dogs.
  • When changing teeth, puppies must be given bones. Can to be earlier, when there was no special alternative, it was Actually, and puppies need to scratch the gums on large moslaki. But Today in pet stores sold a lot of more useful devices that the puppy can chew for a long time, without health hazards. And the owner may not worry that the pet jaw dislocation or bite deteriorate, which is possible if the dog gnaws a large object for a long time.

Bones for dogs

In addition, the gastric juice in dogs of high acidity, he even bones can soften. The bone becomes rubbery. a consistency that gives nothing useful to the pet.

Possible trouble

If dogs seem to have no problem eating bones, then veterinarians can easily refute this. Dogs lurking following:

  • Pharyngeal tissue injury: mucosal scratches, damage blood vessels, accompanied by severe bleeding, trachea. IN In the latter cases, death is possible.
  • Asphyxiation is another reason animals die. In that if the bone gets stuck and the dog is unable to swallow, choked with saliva.
  • Jamming of bones in the stomach – the pet begins abundant vomiting, therefore, the body is trying to get rid of the alien subject. This, accordingly, does not happen, and in the process animal electrolyte balance is disturbed. If the dog is not medical assistance is provided, then she dies from dehydration.
  • Bones accumulate in the stomach, leading to intestinal obstruction or bleeding.

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What bones are allowed to give

In fact, there are not many of these:

  • soft-boiled chicken bones can be given a dog;
  • beef moslaki, round joints;
  • spongy bones of beef or lamb.

Experts are inclined to believe that a dog is better off without beloved goodies, which will gain significant problems with health.

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