Is it possible to feed the dog pork

When a list of prohibited foods is listed dogs, they certainly mention pork, calling this type of meat too fat, heavy and even dangerous. In this article we will try figure out if you can give the dog pork. Or from this meat it is better to refuse in favor of the usual beef and chicken.

The danger of pork for a dog

To begin, consider the shortcomings of pink-cheeked pig meat:

  1. Raw pork should never be given to doggies because of the risk helminth infections (pork tapeworm, trichinella), bacteria and viruses (brucella, swine herpes virus). And the danger represents both farm meat and wild boar meat, which was not subjected to heat treatment. However, it is worth noting that the presence of parasites “sin” not only mumps, but also the same cows and chickens. So raw beef or chicken is far from safe. Therefore, any raw meat that has not passed the sanitary examination, Dogs should not be given;
  2. Fatty pork should not be given to a dog due to problems. with digestion and metabolism. It is especially dangerous to treat animals pork fat due to the highest fat content (over 93 g). Not fatty ham, brisket, and shoulder blade will also benefit. Perfect part of the pig carcass, which does not harm the dog, is considered lean tenderloin. It does not exceed 7.1 g of fat (per 100 g). For comparison: in beef tenderloin about 2.8 g of fat (per 100 g). Therefore, feeding the dog pork alone is wrong (you can’t call this meat completely non-greasy), and it’s expensive (price clippings starts from 350-400 rubles). However, 1-2 times a week You can treat your pet with well-cooked pork meat;
  3. Even lean and cooked pork should be given with caution dogs with a problem liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver tumors and other diseases). Whatever one may say, but it’s completely called lean meat pork is not possible, and with liver diseases, dogs are fed diet meat: rabbit, turkey, veal;
  4. Fatty pork is rich in cholesterol – a substance that acts fatally on the dog’s heart and blood vessels. However, if compare pork and lamb, then in the last cholesterol a little more (70 and 73 mg per 100 g of product, respectively). Least dangerous in this case white lean poultry meat without skin: in 100 g turkey and chicken total 40 mg of cholesterol. Therefore, from pork owners of core dogs (ischemia, arrhythmia, endocarditis, etc.).

The benefits of pork for dogs

Why dogs should not be given pork (or rather, fatty and raw pork), we found out. Does this type of meat have advantages? Undoubtedly! Consider the advantages of pig meat:

  1. Pork is a source of vitamin B (less in beef and chicken). Vitamin B1 has a positive effect on the heart of the animal and gastrointestinal tract. B2 is responsible for the clarity of vision, B2 is responsible for the work of the liver, heart, the normal functioning of the nervous system, B12 has a positive effect on the condition of the skin and coat animals. In addition, pork contains a lot of cobalt, fluorine, zinc, magnesium and other useful elements. Available in this product and amino acid lysine, which helps strengthen the bones of the animal. I.e the systematic use of such a product in food promises an animal excellent state of health;
  2. There is a lot of protein in lean pork (about 20 g per 100 g of meat) – the main building component of cells and tissues. Protein helps maintain normal metabolic process, is responsible for blood coagulability, fluid balance;
  3. The meat of young pigs is lean and soft. Its not necessary cook too long, which means it will retain mass useful components even after heat treatment. Elder Doggie having problems with teeth, as well as puppies will be easy to eat quality and soft pork meat.

So, we found out that it is possible to feed a dog with pork, but only occasionally (no more than 2 times a week). And give preference need meat sold in stores and at specialized markets where products undergo vigilant controls. After the purchase rinse the pork meat thoroughly in running water, and then boil it. It is better to remove all fat immediately (before cooking), so as not to cause digestive problems in the animal.

Dog Owners Should Remember

  1. Fatty pork, and even more fat, is a taboo even for the healthiest dogs;
  2. Raw meat (and not only pork) – a threat of infection by a bunch unpleasant diseases. Exclude infection will help only cooking, while freezing eliminates only certain types of bacteria, viruses and helminths;
  3. Pork should not be given to overweight dogs with diseases. liver, intestines, stomach, with ailments of the heart and blood vessels;
  4. Only the freshest meat can be given to animals. The maximum shelf life of piglets in the refrigerator is 4-5 days. Frozen meat should be stored no more than six months. Spoiled meat is the cause of poisoning;
  5. If we give the dogs pork, it’s not in the form of cutlets, meatballs or chops, richly flavored with vegetable or butter, pepper and salt. Such food will definitely not bring no good, but only harm;
  6. Since pork is a controversial product for dogs, advisable before introducing such meat into the pet’s diet visit a veterinarian (especially if the animal’s health leaves to wish for the best). The specialist will help determine whether it is possible to give pork to the pet, and if so, how often and in which quantities.

Is it possible to give a dog pork constantly? No, not worth it. However and deny doggie treats with this delicate and tasty product too do not do it. Pork can be alternated with other types of meat – chicken, beef, rabbit, turkey.

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