Is it possible and necessary to soak dry food for dogs

Modern dog owners have a choice – feed the pet natural food or feed production. In favor the last option says simplicity of the method and balance product, so many owners focus on it. But here the following question arises, is it possible and necessary to soak dry food? The only correct answer is no, it all depends on situation.


  • 1. How much water should a dog drink
  • 2. Soak or not
  • 3. When to pet food
  • 4. How and what to soak dry dog food
  • 5. How much soaked food is stored

How much water should a dog drink

When feeding the dog with dry granules, make sure that she received the necessary amount of water. Such dry food contains minimum (no more than 10%) moisture, so the pet must have round-the-clock access to clean drinking water. Optional to the liquid entered the body along with food – it’s quite normal, if the pet will drink after eating. dog drinks water

There is a way using which you can determine how much the animal needs water for its normal functioning. The minimum volume is calculated by the formula – 20 mg times the weight dogs, maximum – 70 mg times weight.

Thus, a pet with a body weight of 20 kg should drink in day from 400 ml to one and a half liters of liquid. Such a difference arises due to many factors. These include the following:

  • in hot weather and in dry climates, the dog needs more water;
  • intensively fed dogs drink a lot more than their more lazy and calm brothers;
  • like humans, dogs have individual characteristics, for example, some of them are more likely to drink water than others.

In winter, animals drink naturally less and do not suffer from thirst, and in the summer, especially after active studies, the pet can drink about 2 liters.

If the owner feeds the pet with canned food or natural products – cereals, soups, broths, fermented milk products, then part of the moisture in the dog’s body comes from food. IN In this case, the need for water is somewhat reduced.

In winter, the dog can hardly drink, and at the same time well-being does not worsen. When eating dry rations, the dog must additionally receive water, regardless of loads and season.

Soak or not

Usually feeding a pet with production diets takes place standard: they put two bowls in it, in one – dry granules, in the other – pure water. When a similar process does not require additional manipulations, for example, soaking feed? Do not soak hard dry granules in the following situations:

  • the pet eats food with pleasure, and then drinks it plenty of water;
  • there are no disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract, Pet coat and skin are healthy;
  • the dog happily responds to the call for food, and after he cheerful and cheerful;
  • eating food does not cause difficulties for the pet; difficulties with chewing and swallowing may occur in the background pathological conditions of the teeth and oral cavity.

If there are no problems during the feeding process, then you should not improvise and add water or other liquids to the granules.

When to pet food

There are a number of certain situations when soaking the granules in liquid is the only way to feed the four-legged friend. When should you resort to this option?

  1. If the dog has problems with the oral cavity and throat – diseases of teeth, gums, tonsils, etc., but she refuses eating other foods with a more gentle consistency.
  2. When a veterinarian advises to soak granules, focusing on the condition of the pet. In some pathological conditions, this measure extremely necessary.
  3. When transferring puppies from mother’s milk to finished feed – crumbs are easier to eat food that has a soft texture.
  4. If the dog completely refuses to eat dry granules, but loves to eat them soaked.

Despite the fact that most pets are happy to crunch appetizing “crackers” and they have no problems with digestion, some dogs show clear signs that the use of “crackers” is not good for them

Is it possible and necessary to soak dry food

For example, the owner should be alarmed if the dog, after eating about 15-20 minutes ago, nausea begins to torment, and vomit the masses are composed of undigested food. When it enters the body, in addition to feed, the right amount of moisture, then during this period it consistency must change. If this does not happen, it means that the dog does not drink after eating, thereby violating the digestive processes and water balance.

Another situation requiring moisturizing dry diets is a dog eats the prescribed portion of food, but continues to feel hunger: licks a bowl for a long time, requires more feed, behaves uneasily. You can offer the dog granules swollen with liquid, and then the pet’s behavior will change – after eating the dog will be full and satisfied.

How and how to soak dry dog food

Most often, experts advise to soak production rations in plain water. But this should be done in such a way that food has not lost its nutritional value. To this end, it is recommended follow these steps:

  • feed is poured into a bowl;
  • it is poured with a small amount of water so that it covers product;
  • you should wait until the granules absorb moisture and increase in size.

After you can offer the dish to your pet. Almost always dogs with some distrust of the new product, begin sniff carefully. However, smelling the familiar aroma, they proceed to food and even with great pleasure than before.

Do not pour granules with boiling water, it is better if the water temperature will not exceed 35 ° C. In this case, swelling is required more time, but food will retain its beneficial properties and nutritional value. To make the food seem more appetizing to the dog, You can warm it up a bit.

Instead of water, you can also use milk, especially since dogs like this combination much more. You can drink warm up and proceed in the same way as with water. If you want to feed a puppy with soaked food, then food getting ready too. Naturally, a special diet is taken, consisting of smaller granules.

In addition to water and milk, rations can be poured with broths or dairy products. This will improve the palatability of food and increase her nutritional value.

How much food is stored soaked

There is no exact data regarding the shelf life of swollen from moisture of granules, since the manufacturer does not take into account such application of their products.

Dry granules can be stored for a long time, but this is not refers to feed previously soaked in liquid. IN ideally, the dog should eat such food in one go, so don’t it is worth harvesting it for the future, and not the eaten leftovers are better immediately dispose of. Is it possible and necessary to soak dry dog   food read the article

In hot weather, the swollen product can deteriorate quickly, especially if it was poured with milk, kefir or broth. And eating spoiled eating becomes the cause of intestinal disorders and intoxication. Besides Moreover, even in the refrigerator, pellets, saturated with moisture, turn into an unattractive gruel that the pet is unlikely to like.

Experts do not recommend soaking dry granules if there is no good reason. Often, making an indulgence to a pet, owners in the future, they cannot accustom him back to dry nutrition, which significantly complicates feeding. If the dog crunches with pleasure “crackers”, while washing them with a sufficient amount of water, then do not stop him from enjoying eating.

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