Is cat food wet or dry?

Choose between wet and dry cat food, which is available Today in stores, always perplexing, although, as in the case of with many of our foods, you usually get something what you pay for in terms of quality. However, you need decide which option is best for your cat, wet or dry, and there are a number of factors that you should take into account though sometimes when you get a new cat or a kitten, he already has a predilection for a certain type. Also cats sometimes express sympathy for one or another type of food – then nothing can replace him!

Is cat food wet or dry?

The first thing you need to know about your cat is that he or she carnivores and need a high proportion of meat in their diet, whatever they had in the wild. Meat contains such vital an amino acid for cats like taurine. Cats should not be fed for dogs (even if it can be tempting, as they often cheaper than cat food), because dogs are omnivores and can digest both vegetable and animal protein, unlike their feline colleagues.

When dry food was first released, many years ago, many thought it could lead to problems with urination in cats, and in particular, to the formation of painful crystals in urethra in castrated cats. It was also believed that it can be the cause of chronic renal failure, inflammatory bowel disease and even diabetes due to low water content. Studies have shown that problems with urination were associated with a high magnesium content, therefore dry feed composition was gradually changed so as to reduce the percentage magnesium, the content of which at present should be no more 230 mg per serving.

However, there is still a high risk of diarrhea associated with high starch and carbohydrates, which can also lead to acute dehydration (dehydration), especially if dry food contains only 8-10% moisture, compared with the average in 78% in wet food. Therefore, accessibility should always be fresh water, especially for those cats that have a high proportion dry food in your diet. It is now widely recognized that cow’s milk can also cause indigestion. Cats eating exclusively dry food, are much more likely to suffer overweight than those who eat only wet food.

However, dry feed has several advantages. In the wild nature, cats eat only the prey that they catch, such as birds and small rodents, tearing pieces of meat from bones, which helps prevent the accumulation of plaque and dental plaque stone, which lead to dental diseases. However it will not be right give bones to domestic cats, as they can easily break up, but dry food has about the same effect and may help prevent tooth problems, especially in breeds such as Siamese cat and oriental, as they are especially prone to them. If during the day you are not at home, but leave food for the cat and go away, dry food will remain fresh all day and will not attract various flies, while wet food will dry out and become less attractive to your cat, in including due to the appearance of a pungent odor. After you opened a package of dry food, it will remain fresh yet quite a long time, or you can seal it again, for more longer storage, at the same time as soon as you open wet feed, it should be used as quickly as possible, and cats are likely to find him less appetizing if he kept in the refrigerator.

Wet food can be significantly more expensive than dry food, but there are a huge variety of varieties, and you always You can choose the right ones for your cat. Wet foods contain a lot of moisture, but, nevertheless, your cat will need fresh water, although the risk of dehydration in this case far less. In addition, in the case of wet food, to producers feed it is much easier to add the necessary minerals in which needs a pet, and if you also want to add to the feed the medication prescribed to your cat by your veterinarian, hide it during wet feed is much easier. Wet foods also have much higher percentage of meat and fish that have key to your cat’s diet.

Ideally, the choice of both types of food, both dry and wet provide your cat with everything she needs in her diet, wet the food will provide it with enough water, and dry will help protect against tooth problems. More convenient, most likely you will use a separate bowl for each feed, not mix them, so when you come home you won’t have to spend time and possible food leftovers, but just leave them a little longer.

Cats are very determined creatures, and you cannot convince them eat something that they don’t like, even if it is good for them! If you have only one cat, they can afford to be a little more finicky knowing that you end up provide them with the food they like best, but if they have one or more feline “companions”, they will be very soon will understand that if they didn’t eat during the general meal, but food is over, then you may not notice that someone did not eat. IN anyway, you still need to control the amount food that you leave for cats (depends on the quantity and physical size of your cats) and should not be allowed to overeat, because, contrary to popular belief, cats can Be very greedy and start gaining weight.

Most cat foods are subject to the necessary conditions. safety, have a sufficiently long shelf life, and you should strive to acquire the highest quality dry and wet feed, for example, at a local pet store, where, most likely, periodically promotions and discounts. You can also purchase good feed at reduced prices at various events for cats: at exhibitions, shows and competitions.

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