Incognito girl was able to repay thousands of debts of a shelter to a veterinary clinic

A girl from the Republic of Adygea found a street kitten and drove him at the Maykop Homeless Animals Shelter. But debts charities were so large that take under the guardianship of another animal volunteers could not. Then a student, not hesitating, paid the entire debt of the shelter to the clinic.

The most generous girl already has two cats, so get another she alone could not. Relatives and young man girls know about her act and have nothing against.

In Maykop, a student paid the debts of volunteers to save a kitten


For a shelter, it’s like manna from heaven, which fell suddenly on the head. If that day the girl did not find on the street hungry kitten, the debt of the shelter would remain hanging on the balance sheet hospitals.

The administrator of the volunteer group posted a post on social networks in which is heard a cry of joy from all that is happening. Volunteers still can not believe in their luck and with all my heart thank the girl with a big heart who wanted to stay incognita.

Thanks post on Instagram

Now shelter workers can fully help others needy homeless animals, not thinking about huge debts. The lucky kitten was called Golden and at the moment he looking for the same happy owners.

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