In the US zoo, the lioness killed her father their offspring

Minnesota zoo between two predators occurred unexplained conflict. The fight turned into an offensive – and the male lion died.

Park staff shared information and gave interviews specifically for Reuters.

As it turned out, the lioness attacked her neighbor in the aviary, who in combination was also the father of her offspring.

A twelve-year-old cat named Zuri ganged up on his roommate – a ten-year-old lion nicknamed Nyak. As explained zoo workers, a fight broke out between long-standing friends. At first, their struggle was reminiscent of a game, but later developed into a smothering capture of the opponent.

Leo Nyak before a fight with his girlfriend


Zuri grabbed the lion by the neck and held until he stopped breathing and moving. Employees initially thought them apart, but decided not to take risks and not fall under the “hot hand” lionesses.

After it was all over, Nyak’s lifeless body was carried out from the aviary. The reason for this behavior of the lioness still remains. a riddle.

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