In Bashkir commuter trains deliver animals, but only safe

From mid-summer to the end of October, an action takes place in Bashkiria, which should please pet owners. On that period the pet does not need a ticket to travel in the suburban by train – such transportation is free of charge.

The action of railway workers is called “Buy a ticket, bring home pet is free “and is a pleasant bonus for passengers, who in the warm season often travel with their pets: to the cottages, out of town and back.

Cat and Dog

Only safe animals can participate in the promotion – if availability of special “packaging”

Representatives of the Bashkortostan Suburban Passenger Company remind you that in such cases the facilities and facilities must not be compromised the safety of other passengers. Cats and little dogs should not be transported “on handles”, but in securely closed bags or carrying cells. For dogs of large breeds they will need a muzzle and a leash, and they will have to go in the vestibule.

The press service of the Bashkortostan PPK also clarified that the snake, aggressive dogs, cattle and other dangerous animals in they won’t let the trains go – they’ll have to get to the place with them somehow differently.

Woman with a Cow

But the woman and the cow will not be allowed on the train, they will go to others by

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