In Altai will register animals

According to AiF-Altai, the regional government announced plans create a single database for all Altai pets the edges. Registration will be subject not only to pets, but also animals in service (customs, police, wanted) and inhabitants of local zoos and living corners.

Registration of animals will now become mandatory in Altai edge. This procedure is completely free, as they said in administration of the region. An animal database will be created in Altai Territory to reduce the spread of dangerous diseases among animals and facilitate the search for pets that gone.

Animals will be registered by their owners or workers who contain animals at the zoo or at the service. For this you need go to the vet clinic. The animal will be examined there, recorded characteristics and will issue a special certificate with a personal registration number. All this is free. If the owner wishes the animal can be deregistered at any time. In the database there will also be farm animals.

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