Hunting dogs drove a deer to a cliff of rock and themselves fell from her

The incident with an unsuccessful hunt occurred in the province of Cáceres (Spain).

An eyewitness of what was happening filmed, like a whole flock, at least 25 dogs, drove the male deer to the cliff. There was nothing left for the animal how to jump, but the dogs themselves were the first to jump were so passionate about their successful hunt that they did not notice the edge abysses.

At least 12 dogs fell off a cliff. Did they succeed to survive is unknown.

According to the leader of the left party, Pablo Iglesias, what happened is not other than cruelty to wild and domestic animals. He explained that hunters are criminals who need to be punished. The PACMA animal advocates have demanded an end to hunting in the country.

In turn, the President of the Spanish Federation of Hunters Angel Lopez said the video was used to prosecute hunters criminals and flayer.

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