How was born again

A good dog named Marvel gave good people a second life.

Accident happened with a dog on the railway in the city of Chelyabinsk. The dog got stuck on the rails and a train ran over it. The victim survived, but lost three paws.

Residents of Chelyabinsk, who are not indifferent to the life of the animal, took him to vet right on the operating table. The doctor advised to euthanize dog, because because of the injuries he will only suffer, and cannot move on one surviving paw.

Pauline Kefer, a well-known animal rights activist in the city, despite persuasion of the veterinarian, decided to fight for the life of the dog and left her at home. According to the girl, after the first operation Marvel is long walked away, suffered greatly and howled for days at a time from pain. But over time he began to recover and show interest in life.

To help the unfortunate dog volunteered local craftsmen who built for Marvel a special wheelchair for movement. But he until he understands that people did it for him.

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