How to wrap a cat in a towel?

In order to greatly simplify a procedure such as cat’s claw, haircut or medication, there is a useful the thing that will help to do all this is the usual big bath towel. “Wrap with a towel will be great, comfortable a way to protect yourself from claws “- such an opinion was expressed Dr. Sofia Vasilieva, specialist in veterinary medicine. Also, according to her According to him, such a wrap will not create discomfort for the cat and fear. This method can even be used to calm down. animal, especially if we are dealing with a shy or anxious cat. A cat is much more difficult to calm and restrain than a dog. First of all, this is due to the fact that these animals, unlike dogs are less socialized and less manageable. Moreover, the evolutionary development of the cat led to the fact that these animals are more careful, treat strangers with caution, therefore, when sensation of danger, the cat bites and scratches.

Tips for wrapping a cat in a towel

Before you try the wrapping technique, here are a few Tips to help you do this:

  • Never rush so as not to scare the animal, otherwise the cat will experience a sufficiently strong fear that can even lead to involuntary bowel movement.
  • Lay the cat on a towel on a flat surface, while it’s better to put food on the towel so that the cat ate it and a little calmed down.
  • Lightly wrap a towel around the cat while it is eat. Pet her and let her go when she finishes there is.

If a cat likes to play with toys (with a pen, a wand), then you can play on a towel using these toys. Moreover, it’s also important for the owner of the cat to remain calm, because these animals may feel anxious or insecure the owner. There are several types of towels that you can use to wrap a cat. Most effective and universal is a towel scarf. So narrow but enough a long towel provides access to all parts of the cat’s body.

The towel must be wrapped in 5 steps:

  • Place the cat on a towel so that the animal is placed a few centimeters from the edge of the towel. stage one
  • Wrap one side of the towel tightly around the neck of the animal. You need to wrap it just like a regular scarf. second stage
  • At the other end of the towel, wrap the entire body of the cat, leaving only his head free. stage three
  • Tighten both ends of the towel so that the cat does not escaped. stage four
  • Once you are sure that your cat’s entire body is secure hidden under a towel – you can start the procedure. fifth

Now you can cut your claws, cut or give medicine cat. In case of claw trimming, one foot is left when wrapping free. At the same time, carrying out the procedure, gently hold the cat, pressing her to his body. Try to keep your hands out of your mouth. animal to prevent possible bites.

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