How to wean a kitten to bite and scratch its legs and hands

Your beloved kitty is most of the time exceptionally sweet and gentle, but sometimes it can turn into a biting beast. Despite cat’s playful intentions, its aggressive attacks can not only scare, but also lead to possible injury to you or others family members. Bites and scratches usually begin to appear in kittens in in a playful way, but if you do not correct this behavior, young a cat can retain aggressive behavior in an adult of life.

How to wean a kitten to bite and scratch its legs and hands

Show your energetic cat to the vet for complete physical examination. A thorough body check will help eliminate the possibility of a serious disorder or illness that can be the cause of aggression and increased irritability. it there may be an unnoticed wound or trauma, physical pain, stress from ticks or fleas, hormonal imbalance, orthopedic problems, adrenal dysfunction, cognitive dysfunction and neurological disorders. Old cat bites may leak from uncertainty and confusion. Diet and some drugs also can change the mood and make the usually calm cat prone to aggressive behavior.

When a cute and usually gentle kitten suddenly decides use one of your body parts for lunch out loud say “ay” or “no”, even if the bites are not sick – do not scream, it can scare or disorient the cat and make her bite again. Gently pull a hand out of her mouth. Do not pull her with by force, otherwise the cat might think that the game is still goes on.

Think about how you yourself, without suspecting it, can to contribute to the development of aggressive trends in your furry pet. Change your behavior if it is frustrates him. Stop constantly lifting it up if it bites you at these moments, let him come to you himself when he will be ready. Maybe he just doesn’t like excessive courtship, and although you love him to death, you may be too annoying for your independent household. Next time that your meek kitty will again turn into a fierce lion, grab her by the scruff, gently push her face to the ground and say loudly and firmly no. Keep the cat in this position for a few seconds, and then release it. IN in the end she will catch the thought that biting is wrong. About in the same way mother cats punish their kitties for bad behavior.

Play with your cat for at least 20 minutes everyday. Try to distract her attention from your hands. and legs and give her interesting toys so she can focus on them. Start keeping a diary, writing down days and the time when your kitten seems to be the most energetic and playful. Very often playful bites and scratches occur then, when cats are bored and they are just looking for synergies and companionship.

Every time you finish playing with a cat and she remains a cute furry companion in which you in love, give her positive reinforcement, rewarding some goodies, such as her favorite food. Your the pet is not a fool. In the end, he will understand that bites do not bring her any satisfactory reward.

Leave the room when your kitten bites you. Leaving, you show your furry friend that he loses a companion every time he plunges his teeth into your flesh. The punishment of a kitten by driving him out of the room may provoke further bites, so it’s better to go out on your own from the room. Even a few clear signals when your a happy cat during the game will lose such a fun friend, they will give an effective message to her about the consequences of aggressive behavior and make her stop biting.


Never punish a cat with any physical form. punishment, screaming or flogging, as this may be even more exacerbate the problem. Remain firm but consistent in their actions.

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