How to wean a dog from writing and crap at home

A dog is a person’s best friend who has a number positive qualities. But, like any person, animals are not without disadvantages. One pet barks loudly, another likes to sleep on the master’s bed— And some refuse to relieve themselves of the street. There can be many reasons for this behavior, but, in any case, this is not a reason to abandon the pet. Need to approach the problem seriously and, using the right techniques, save pet from an unpleasant habit.


  • 1. Why does the dog begin to crap at home
  • 2. Key recommendations
  • 3. How to teach a puppy to the toilet
  • 4. How to teach an adult pet to the street
  • 5. “Crime and Punishment”
  • 6. Special tools

Why does the dog begin to crap at home

This behavior is characteristic of puppies who have not yet received proper education. This is quite normal, requiring adjustments.

How to wean a dog to write and shit at home

But with adult dogs, such embarrassment can occur. In that In the case you should determine the cause and, based on it, plan correction of a flaw. Among the main reasons can be noted following:

  • Omission in puppyhood – occurs when owners pay little attention to the pet and its training.
  • Rare walks – some dogs just walk two times – morning and evening, others, according to physiological characteristics, require three walks. Also, if one dog can wait lingering owner, then the other will be, oh, how unbearable.
  • Dogs have different characters and there are very touchy pets, which can make a puddle of resentment, frustration, because transferred, even deserved, punishment.
  • Street dogs that fall into housing conditions do not immediately accept new orders. In this case, many owners, unfortunately, They believe that the dog will not be able to get comfortable, but this is absolutely not so. Dogs are able to adapt at any age, because not without reason they live side by side with a person for more than one millennium. Much worse for dog to be betrayed.
  • Sick at home can sick, elderly animals, as well as survivors operation.

Naturally, this is far from all situations, and each one needs considered individually. But what if the dog is cheerful, cheerful, healthy, but, coming from a walk, continues to do his deeds houses?

Key recommendations

There are a number of tricks that will not allow the pet to return from walking without going to the toilet:

  1. Half an hour before walking, you should feed the dog and extend the walk time until the animal will relieve the need. If you feed the dog before leaving, then the food will not have time to digest and the process of defecation and urination just have to period of returning home.
  2. If the dog did everything right, then such an event should not go unnoticed, be sure to praise favorite. You can take your favorite sweets with you on a walk, such a visual confirmation of the correctness of actions always gives positive results. Subsequently coping always should be accompanied by praise, and if this happened at home, then pet must be punished.
  3. Active physical activity also contributes to the normalization of the process. The dog should not aimlessly to wander, you need to play with him, run, engage on the site. This is a great way to keep your pet in good shape, give the opportunity to splash out excess energy and accustom to regime, including the toilet. In addition, physical activity It stimulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Tired, but happy, the dog will not tolerate home and help need on the street, where it should be.
  4. To stimulate timely urination, you can take a bottle of water and a bowl for walking. After manifestations of activity dogs require replenishment of water balance. The pet will drink and later necessarily go to the toilet. And in In this case, he deserves encouragement and approval.
  5. An important point in learning is imitation. therefore can be found for the pet friendly company and four-legged brothers, in which the dog will feel comfortable. Running and frolic the pet will not only enjoy it, but will quickly learn some skills, including going to the toilet on the street. Such the method is often more effective than clumsy attempts owner explain their requirements.

It is important to understand that not everything is easy for pets. Alone dogs grow up very quickly, others can stay up to a year puppies. Some are real intellectuals, others need time to figure out the rules. But in any case, it is necessary have patience and learn how to respond properly to both misses and good luck.

If a dog spoils furniture, the weaning process may drag out, which will require more exposure.

How to teach a puppy to the toilet

All dog breeders know that until the puppy has completely passed all stages of primary vaccinations, it can not be taken out for a walk. But what about then be accustomed from the first days, which many write about smart books?

The fact is that the baby is not very puzzled, and without a permanent place for the toilet, is able to do “affairs” everywhere, in including on furniture, carpets, things that fell on the floor, shoes. So that not turned into a norm, you need to temporarily teach a little pet to the tray. This measure will limit permissiveness and to accustom a doggie to order.

How to train a puppy to the toilet

To simplify the process, wet a fresh puddle with paper or newspaper and place it in a container designed for the toilet. First you need to find out your favorite places for puppy “tricks”. Even if “mines” and puddles appear throughout the house, anyway there is the most favorite territory. There, preferably, and place the tray.

Absorbent wipes should be placed on other wet places. effect and spray with a special tool.

The puppy needs to be introduced to the new place, and when the baby begins to spin, looking for where to relieve need, put it in tray. The right actions should be encouraged, the wrong ones – to be punished. Over time, the baby will understand why they give him sweets, praised and will try to earn the approval of the owner.

How to train an adult pet on the street

We are talking about grown puppies and dogs, which, by virtue of any circumstances, not timely accustomed to the toilet. IN both cases require a certain sequence action:

  • It is worth taking a closer look at the pet, what time is it crap, and try to output earlier than the dog to go in search of a place.
  • The animal must have a regimen, so it’s important to walk on walking at the same time. Initial quantity walking 4-5, an adult dog is enough two or three times.
  • Sometimes dogs pee at home to attract attention, albeit negative. It’s worth paying more attention to the pet, talk and pet pet.
  • If a dog urinates at home to mark territory, then he has it makes sense to think about castration.
  • When a dog is not raised properly and does not obey owner, she will go to the toilet wherever she wants. In this case professional training courses are needed to help dog take the owner for the leader and determine the place of the pet in family hierarchy. An obedient dog is easier to teach on the toilet on the street. and other nuances.

“Crime and Punishment”

To punish, you need to know what this concept means for parenting. Should rely on psychological dog features, excluding own emotional component:

  • Punishment should occur immediately after the incident and in no way otherwise. If upon arrival from work, the owner has discovered a pile or puddle, then scolding the pet does not make sense, the dog will no longer feel my guilt.
  • It is necessary to punish before everything is cleaned and washed, only so the pet will be able to understand what upset the owner.
  • The dog must definitely look and smell the result of his deeds, this is a lucid explanation of his mistake.
  • Physical violence is contraindicated, as with any the temperament of the pet, this measure will not give the desired result.
  • The punishment includes: strict tone, serious look, refusal petting, subsequent ignoring the pet.
  • Indicative is the departure of the animal to the place, or, if it’s about your home, it’s the street.

As a result of these measures, the pet must understand what dominates in the owner is the owner of the family the street.

Special tools

A number of tools are being released to help owners accustoming pets to the toilet. You can buy them at the pet store, they are sold in the form of sprays, liquids, gels, wet napkins.

Means for training a puppy to the toilet

There are two types of substances: some attract the animal to the tray, help him get used to his own toilet, while others on the contrary, they are suitable for processing land that is undesirable for coping needs. It is more convenient to purchase funds with sprayers, their easy to apply even to the most inaccessible places.

Using home remedies is not recommended, as they can negatively affect the scent of a pet and even deprive the animal sense of smell.

Dogs are not just pets, they are real and loyal friends who are looking forward to their owners. Therefore, you should never refuse a pet, but rather try to solve the problem in a timely manner. I hope you understand how wean the dog from writing and crap at home.

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