How to wean a cat to crap in the wrong place

Cats are ranked among the cleanest animals on the planet. AND not surprising, because about 30 percent of their time purrs spend licking a fur coat after eating, walking, the toilet. Yes, and they cope with need, as a rule, either at home tray, or on the street. But sometimes even raised pets begin spoiling the house, leaving “surprises” for the owners under the bed, in an armchair, in a bathtub and other places. In the article we will consider why the animal can ignore the tray, what to do if the cat spoils where horrible, by what means you can overcome this unpleasant habit.

Why does a cat shit in forbidden corners?

If the cat began to spoil outside the tray, it is important to first identify the causes such outrageous behavior. So, animals most often celebrate the need anywhere in such cases:

  1. It smells bad from the tray. Sometimes because of laziness, lack of time or just to save money, owners rarely change cat litter. Accordingly, the tray itself it is also rarely washed. Bad cat may well ignore the tray, as if hinting to the owner that it’s time replace filler;
  2. The cat does not like or does not fit the tray. Sometimes even the most expensive toilet advertised by the seller may not be to the taste of the animal due to the unpleasant aroma of plastic, high or low sides. A cat can scare, for example, closed tray. It may not be convenient for her to cope with a tray. too big or small. For all these reasons, an animal can to spoil in inappropriate corners of the house;
  3. Pungent odor filler. Sometimes wean a cat to crap simply, if you change the usual filler to a new, different brand. Often, cheap fillers have a strong unpleasant odor, which in combination with the amber of urine and feces, it begins to “smell” so that pussy will look for any opportunity, just not to go to tray;
  4. Incorrect tray location. If cat toilet located in the most visited room in the house, where it is constantly noisy and crowded, it will be difficult for the animal to concentrate in order to calmly, let’s pee. It is also incorrect to place the tray next to the cat food, as a rare cat will relieve itself where it eats or drinks;
  5. The cat associates the tray with something negative. At some owners lack patience to accustom the animal to the tray was punished without punishment. If the baby kitten makes a puddle, to for example, on the carpet, owners often shout, use physical strength. No wonder the pet has a tray from an early age will cause fear;
  6. The cat is offended by the owner. Our little pets there is no way to express your thoughts verbally. Because in quality resentment or revenge, animals begin to crap in unexpected places, taking revenge salt the owner;
  7. Nobody needs a cat. Murky can think so if beloved owner pays her attention only to feed. It’s impossible for the animal to understand that the owner can have a lot of things to do and problems. Didn’t play? Didn’t stroke? Get wet slippers or a bunch under the chair;
  8. The animal may be confused. Sometimes instead of purchased rugged newspapers or sand from the street sandboxes. It is not surprising if an animal marks a newspaper on a coffee table or pees in a flower pot, where recently sand was added for fertilizer;
  9. The appearance in the house of new furniture, curtains, carpets, wallpaper and other items. Animals, smelling a new one, often leave marks;
  10. New pet or new family member, guest. Cats – jealous creatures. If they feel the owner’s attention someone new is “stealing”, under the table or on furniture may appear a vengeful puddle or even a bunch;
  11. Disease. The worst reason cats spoil out of the tray. For example, with diseases of the urinary system animals almost always feel pain during urination, and sometimes bowel movements. In this case, they have a tray associated with the need to experience suffering. Can spoil cats are not in the tray and with urinary or fecal incontinence, with diarrhea of a different nature, with worms;
  12. The period of sexual hunting. Often the love pressure of cats and owners of cats are held back not by sterilization or castration, and a simple overexposure in the apartment. As a result of this and furniture and floors and walls may be stained with urine;
  13. Stress. Any emotional failure is fraught for a cat extraordinary behavior, including messing up wrong places. What can lead a pet to stress? what anything, for example, repair, relocation, prolonged absence of the owner, transfer to a new feed and a lot of reasons;
  14. Early age. A too young animal may not be able to remember short terms exactly where its latrine is. And especially the situation is acute in cases where the kitten is picked up from the street, therefore, I’m used to doing my thing in the grass or under the bushes.

How to rehabilitate a fortunate cat?

Cat and toilet

  1. Screaming, beating, muzzle poking excrement – prohibited techniques that can never be applied. If the cat is clearly healthy, but suddenly, for example, wrote in a prohibited place, you should scold the mustachioad was hung with a strict, modest voice, pointing to a puddle;
  2. You should consider whether everything is okay with the tray. Whether the place has a cat toilet, is it clean, does it smell the filler is too sharp whether the tray fits the animal in size. In other words, before deciding how to scare away cats, so as not to crap, it is worthwhile to understand whether everything is good with the toilet;
  3. It happens that the cat is still too small to get used to the tray. To help him, you can dip a piece of paper towel in urine, and then put it in a tray. Next time animal finds out where the toilet is by smell;
  4. It is important to establish the correct emotional connection with the animal. Unreasonable insults, cruel punishments can play against friendship cats with man. If your pet is upset or depressed, you should chat with him, play, treat;
  5. Often a cat puts tags if something is wrong with her health order (parasites, infections, inflammatory diseases). When a family friend pisses or poops outside the tray, and at the same time he has high fever, pain, vomiting, indigestion, impurities in urine or feces, and others suspicious symptoms, do not think about damaged objects furniture or wet linoleum, but rather run to the doctor.

Anti-housing remedies

When an animal has screwed up only once, there is no particular trouble. What if the owner notices puddles of urine or heaps of feces every time he arrives home? Wean the cat from such unsightly behavior will help following special tools:

  1. Spray “Shit? No!” from “BioVax” – lotion based essential oils, wormwood extracts and castor oil. Is applied twice a day in places where the cat got into the habit of relieving herself. The manufacturer recommends using the drug with a spray. “My place? Yes!” to accustom to the tray, which includes carbomide and carbon dioxide;
  2. Spray “Antigadin Antipakostin” from the Japanese company “Earth Biochemical “- a product based on extracts from pepper, menthol and catechin. It helps not only to wean a cat from writing in the wrong location, but also discourage from other undesirable actions (scratching wallpaper, furniture, etc.);
  3. Beaphar Stop-it Cat Spray – a drug with methylnonylketone created to wean a cat to crap in the wrong place used once a day;
  4. “Stop-spray” from ZAO Ekoprom – they need to process the place where the cat spoils. Acts as part of solvent and essential oils;
  5. “Antigadin” from LLC “Himola” – a tool based enzymes and perfumes. Helps scare away cats by tagging and spoiling in unwanted places.

Not only special sprays, but also folk ones can scare away cats funds, including:

  1. Alcohol (including ammonia);
  2. Eau de toilette, perfume, air freshener;
  3. Onion and garlic;
  4. Essential oils (citrus, rosemary, lavender, peppermint);
  5. Vinegar;
  6. Hydrogen peroxide;
  7. Paints and varnishes with which you can cover the floor.

Before working with an unpleasant smelling product for an animal, it is important thoroughly remove all “traces of the crime” – urine or feces. And to home mustache did not avoid the tray, it is important to always keep clean cat’s toilet, wash it on time, change the filler.

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