How to wash your dog often: 5 tips

Most tips on the Internet regarding how to it is often necessary to bathe a dog, they say that to wash an animal is needed only a few times a year. Similar opinion very outdated. Times are changing, today there is a big the number of special shampoos and balms that, like shampoos for people who do not have aggressive chemicals in their composition, which means they do not dry the skin and do not deprive the hair of healthy oils. how usually the main argument that you should not wash often dog, is the fact that frequent washing, allegedly, robs hair of healthy natural oils. But here it’s worth bringing in an example of human hair. Imagine what will happen to your hair, if you do not wash them for a long time !? They will become fat! Will it be is such an overabundance of oil useful? Most likely no! That’s why people often wash their hair.

The answer to the question “how often to wash the dog”:

  • Does the dog live in an apartment or on the street? She sleeps in yours the bed? If your pet lives with you in the house, more in addition, if he sleeps in your bed, then most likely you will wash it often enough, of course, everything will depend on breed of animal. As a rule, the regularity of water procedures can be from once a week to once a month. Some are sure that such a frequent bath is not entirely useful for four-legged friend. But if the dog is sitting on the couch or on your beds, then you probably don’t want her to stain them. In that and the whole conclusion is. It may be a little drier, but but the animal will be clean and smell good, it will be nice to iron!
  • What breed is your dog? The dog’s stiff coat is much repels various dirt better than soft. Dogs with tight wool, for example Sheltie, you can bathe once a month, but with soft hair, such as York, will have to bathe once a week. Do not forget that a clean dog always feels happy yourself!
  • Does any member of your family have an allergy to dogs? If among your family members there are those who suffer from allergies to dogs, then you need to bathe the animal more often. According to the results American studies, regular dog washing allows remove dandruff, which accumulates abundantly on the animal’s hair. Most of those who suffer from dog allergies and rarely wash them, have various allergic complications.
  • How does your dog spend time? You walk your pet in the park? Do you allow the animal to play in the sand, or maybe your dog likes to run through puddles, fall in the grass or just loves to swing in the dust? If your dog is developing normally, then, most likely, at least one of the above actions she does, and quite often! This means that you need to wash the dog often! Her coat will be a little drier, but she will be clean and smelling, and caressing a pure animal is much nicer than a dog with dirty, greasy hair.
  • Does your pet suffer from itchy skin? Unlike people who can absorb most allergens, in the environment, through the nose and mouth, dogs do it through the skin. In other words, it’s the skin of the dog that absorbs everything allergens! Weekly bathing removes everything efficiently and on time. allergens even before they enter the animal through skin.


To summarize, we can say that it’s necessary to bathe a dog, approximately once every 2-4 weeks, depending on the circumstances, mentioned above. At the same time, remember that you must use special gentle shampoo and conditioner for dogs. No dog wash with your own shampoo!

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