How to wash a cat

The question “How to wash a cat?” sooner or later everyone is asked cat owner. This is not an easy task. To exercise the bath procedures efficiently and with minimal risk for both parties, it is important know some rules.


  • 1 How to teach a cat to swim
  • 2 When and how often do you need to bathe cats
  • 3 How and how to wash a cat
  • 4 Is it possible to wash a cat with the means that people use
  • 5 What to do if the cat is afraid of water
  • 6 How to dry an animal
  • 7 Important Points to Remember When Washing a Cat
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How to teach a cat to swim

Washed Kitten

Cats accustomed to swimming since childhood, calmly endure the procedure

Make sure that the pet is not afraid of water, should be back in his childhood. The animal must be trained to bathe gradually, starting with periodic washing of paws. Everything should go without haste and fuss – the procedure should remain in the cat’s memory as something harmless.

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The first time to fully bathe an animal is recommended in six months of age, that is, 2-3 weeks after full replacement of primary teeth. In the process, zoopsychologists recommend gently talk to your pet to calm him and create confidential atmosphere.

Manipulations associated with drying the coat should also be comfortable for the animal. It is not recommended to wipe it vigorous massage movements: the cat may find this an insult, not saying that this is simply unpleasant. Better a few minutes Gently pat the wet coat with a soft towel.

It will be great if you can overcome the cat’s fear of a hairdryer. And it’s better to teach your pet a noisy device from the first year of life. Turning on the device, you must:

  • set the “warm” mode;
  • first “buzz” at some distance from the animal, gradually bringing the hair dryer closer;
  • blow the cat, gently stroking his coat: this will help reduce anxiety and also allow you to control the distance from hairdryer to coat and flow temperature. If the air is too much hot, and the hairs will fall into the device, a frightened cat will become hide from the hair dryer for the rest of your life.

To teach an adult animal to bathing and subsequent drying not easy. Each procedure should be pleasant for the pet, not associate with fear, discomfort and pain.

When and how often do you need to bathe cats

The cat is on a transparent table

Most cats aren’t so stupid to climb straight into the mud, so often after walking just wash your paws

The cat is a clean animal. She is capable of herself take care of yourself, however, experts believe that periodically it’s still necessary to bathe her. How often to do this depends on the length and density of the coat, as well as whether the beast goes outside or lives exclusively at home. Recommended on average wash cats four times a year, walking in the yard – more often. If the furry landlord came from a walk in an inappropriate dirty, he put an extraordinary bath. Show animals bathe before each exhibition.

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A special time is the molting period. Long-haired cats aquatic procedures help get rid of old fur, but Rex, Siamese and orientals at this time, it is not recommended to wash. If the pet itches from fleas, urgent measures are required. A few days before treatment with insecticides, it must be redeemed.

Water procedures for cats have a number of contraindications:

  • The period after surgery (including sterilization). The vet will tell you about all features of postoperative care. Swimming is expressly prohibited until the sutures are completely healed.
  • An acute period of any disease. Washing unhealthy animal can worsen its condition and seriously undermine health.
  • Pregnancy. Bath procedure may be powerful stress for the cat and even cause premature birth.
  • Condition after vaccination. After vaccination must pass at least two weeks.
  • Castration (sterilization). A break between operation and water procedures should be at least two months.

Bathing your pet is an important part of care that you don’t depend on only his appearance, but also his health.

How and how to wash a cat

Cat in the bath

Cats can swim, but why do they need it while swimming? Not need to pour too much water

In the process of bathing the cat is very easy to inadvertently cause harm. When an animal in hysterics breaks free, it is necessary to force keep it in the bath. If you do not calculate strength, everything can end with inverted paws and terrible fright at the pet, and the owner runs the risk of getting scratched hands and a reason for serving sedative.

To prevent this, a cat bath should be carefully prepare:

  1. Take away from the bathroom objects that the cat might hurt, knock over and get scared even more.
  2. Close the windows in the apartment to avoid draft.
  3. Put a rubber mat on the bottom of the bathtub so that during washing Pet’s paws did not slip.
  4. Put a bathing product and hang a towel so that they could easily be reached.
  5. Close the door, adjust the pressure and water temperature (35 ° C), fill the bath so that the water reaches sitting cat to the waist

After that, you can start swimming:

  1. The pet should be lowered into the bath gradually, talking with him in a calm voice.
  2. It is better to wash a nervous beast together – one person will keep his withers and forepaws, the other – directly wash.
  3. It is necessary to water the cat with water gradually, in the direction from the neck to lower torso. It is important that moisture does not get into the ears, eyes and the nose of the animal.
  4. Apply shampoo – a special one designed for washing cats. You can do this by squeezing a little money into your palm, but it is better to dilute the shampoo slightly with water in a separate container. Such the composition will be easier to rinse off.
  5. Spread the detergent over the coat with soft movements, not lathering a cat’s head. You can use a soft sponge.

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An important point is rinsing, because it requires a complete remove the shampoo, otherwise after drying the coat will stick and the skin will will itch. Carefully water the cat out of the shower, second hand carefully fingering the coat. The direction of water flow, like before – from the neck down along the torso.

A reasonable question arises: what about the head? Do not wash it. Using a damp sponge, wipe the upper part away from tops to the back of the head. If the hair on the head is dirty, the sponge should apply some foam. Shampoo is removed with a clean damp sponge.

The cat is shaking off

The beast will be very unpleasant if water or foam gets into the eyes, ears, mouth or nose

Do not wash your eyes, nose, and ears while bathing. animal. The pet will cope with the nose and eyes. independently, and ear care does not require rinsing with water from the inside.

It is not recommended to bathe old pets in the bath, it is better for them use a dry wash:

  • Talc. The method is suitable for cats with light with hair. The body is sprinkled with mineral powder, and after a few minutes comb the cat with a comb. Residues are removed with a soft brush. It is important to ensure that the cat doesn’t get enough of “detergent” and the powder did not get into her eyes and nose.
  • Bald Care Lotion animals. They moisten the terry cloth and wipe it pet. This method allows you to quickly tidy your skin. representatives of “bare” breeds.
  • Shampoo powder that is quick and easy cleans the fur of furry domestic predators. It removes perfectly with fur coats dust, dirt and secretions of sebaceous glands. Sequence the action is the same as with talc treatment. After combing Powder coat retains a pleasant, light aroma.
  • Shampoo Spray that is beautiful an alternative to the usual bathing in water. Due to its use the coat becomes light, shiny, without signs electrification. The product is applied to the wool, after which the animal is combed with a brush and blotted with a dry towel. Wash off composition is not required

Veterinary pharmacies and pet stores offer a huge selection products for dry processing of cat’s hair and skin for every taste and wallet.

Sphynx cat

Hairless cats are more sensitive to water temperature and friction

Is it possible to wash a cat with the means that people use

The answer is unequivocal: it is impossible. Human shampoos not recommended for bathing cats due to mismatch of ph-indices skin. As for soap, it is contraindicated for people to wash heads, and for delicate cat hair, it’s not at all suitable. Bathing an animal using human hygiene products will cause the coat to be dull and sticky, and the skin will become itchy.

What to do if a cat is afraid of water

Bag net for washing a cat

Mesh bags for washing and other unpleasant things can be found in any pet store

There are animals that no gingerbread manages to wean from fear of swimming. But in this case, the way out There are situations, but not one, but three:

  1. Bathe the beast “four hands” when one person holds, and the second washes. This has already been mentioned above. For own safety is recommended on the eve of shortening the pet’s claws. Is worth recognize that the method is not without drawbacks: the dirt will be washed off, but the resentment of the cat will remain.
  2. You can use a special mesh for washing, which is easy buy at a pet store. This item is made from durable nylon and completely eliminates the possibility of being scratched and bitten by your favorite pet. The thing is perfect not only for swimming, but also for the treatment of claws, as well as for performing therapeutic and hygiene procedures.
  3. You can refresh the not so dirty cat fur with ordinary wet wipes, the impregnation of which does not contain alcohol.

Thus, there are opportunities to make clean and beautiful even the most shy or aggressive cat, dry cleaning – the best option for animals with complex character and those who are panicky afraid of water.

How to dry an animal

Drying the cat with a hairdryer

Make sure that the air from the hair dryer is not too hot

To do this, it’s better to take some old cotton sheets, although it is better to take the pet out of the bath in a terry towel, tight clutching to yourself. By wetting the cat’s sheets one by one, you can easily quickly collect excess moisture from it. Complete the procedure is allowed a hairdryer if the beast does not mind.

For sensitive tails as an alternative a soft bath towel is offered. Cat should be wrapped like child, and lull for a while in your arms or in the warm corner of the sofa. Dozing in warmth and comfort, he will come out of the towel half-dry and relatively satisfied, however, it may go completely dry two days.

Important Points to Remember When Washing a Cat

A good owner should know and consider the physiology of his pet. This also applies to his bathing issues:

  • should refrain from unnecessarily frequent bathing procedures, because due to the systematic removal of natural fat the film violates the natural protection of the skin and coat of the pet;
  • Do not wash in the bath an animal that has recently eaten. From reception food before bathing should pass at least three hours;
  • representatives of long-haired breeds are recommended to comb out before washing;
  • under no circumstances should diving be allowed animal in the water with its head;
  • if the cat stained the paws in resin or paint, wipe them a piece of soft cloth dipped in olive oil, and then rinse water with shampoo.

Proper care of a fluffy family member will avoid mistakes that could adversely affect his health.

Video: How to wash a cat? Everything will turn out even with angry cats

To wash your beloved cat doesn’t look like frames from horror films, It is important to accustom him to water from an early age. Using special means for hair care will always allow the animal look presentable and facilitate his daily hygiene procedures. As a reward for work and patience, a loving owner will receive well-groomed, healthy and happy pet.

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