How to understand that the food is not suitable for the dog

Most modern dog owners choose to feed pets ready-made industrial rations. In this case, it is possible save a lot of time and at the same time provide a pet balanced, wholesome food. But the feed will be great option only if it meets the needs specific animal and does not cause negative reactions of the body. How to understand that the food is not suitable for the dog and should be searched more appropriate diet?


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  • 2. The main signs that the feed is not suitable for the pet
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    • 2.2. Functions of the digestive tract
    • 2.3. Health of the eyes, skin, auricles
    • 2.4. Wool Quality
    • 2.5. Does the dog have an appetite
    • 2.6. Weight is normal

Long or short search path

What the owners pay attention to, choosing the best menu for four-legged friend? Reviews of other dog breeders, recommendations a breeder, the popularity of a product’s brand and its quality. But even if a package of the best super-premium feed was purchased, consisting of high quality ingredients, there is no 100% guarantee, that he’s suitable for a pet. Sometimes the quality of the granules is not related to that for the dog they are not suitable food. How to understand that the food does not fit the dog read the article

The product may not be suitable for the dog for the following reasons:

  1. Due to the individual intolerance of the individual components, included in the composition. Sometimes an allergy manifests itself sharply, but in in some cases has a cumulative effect.
  2. Due to poor quality and unbalanced feed composition –Cheap products that you can buy at any supermarket, for the most part consist of low-quality cereals and waste, remaining in the meat processing process, they have one advantage -low price.

Moving a pet to a new diet should be slow, especially if we are talking about the rejection of natural products in favor of dry granules. Usually a small part of the menu is replaced with feed, gradually increasing its dosage. Full transfer occurs in 7-10 days. If the previous feed does not fit at all and causes deterioration in the health of the dog, action is necessary more decisively.

The main signs that the feed is not suitable for the pet

In the first days of a pet eating new food, more carefully observe his well-being and behavior. What kind signs confirm that this product is not what you need darling?


Experts consider it the first and important indicator, since when severe intolerance to any component color and the stool consistency is undergoing a change. Feces healthy dog look like decorated “sausages” with moderate density. They are have a brown color and less than the amount eaten products.

If after a meal the dog develops diarrhea, although earlier such there was no reaction to food, immediately replace the feed with product of a different brand. If diarrhea worsens, feces become watery, when the dog’s bowels are empty, a loud sound is heard, a gurgling sound, and the dog asks over and over again, not worth it wait – it is recommended to immediately seek the help of a veterinarian. The condition may be complicated by vomiting, which further increases the risks fast dehydration.

Functions of the digestive tract

Improper diet can not only cause diarrhea, but, on the contrary, provoke constipation, increased gas formation. Besides it’s worth it to be wary if the pet’s mouth starts to come stinking smell – most often it is a signal about problems with the teeth or with the work of the digestive system.

Health of the eyes, skin, auricles

Against the background of cumulative allergy, the condition of the mucosa and skin in animal changes. Mucous membranes and skin redden, dog worried about itching. If a pet who eats more than a week alone and with the same feed, there is an increase in tearing of the eyes, itching occurs, reddened areas of the skin on the body or ears These are sure signs of food allergies, which means replace the pet’s food with a product of a different brand.

Wool Quality

Wool can be a true indicator of a pet’s health. –– a healthy dog, receiving good nutrition and good care, she has a healthy sheen, gloss, does not climb out of season linking. If the dog is sick or its food is scarce on useful trace elements and animal proteins, then it constantly, abundantly sheds, her hair becomes dull, sparse.

Does the dog have an appetite

This indicator is not always fundamental, since often dogs with appetite eat cheap, low-quality food due to the fact that it includes artificial flavoring additives that attract dogs. But if the owner, choosing a suitable menu, he offered the pet food exclusively premium or super premium class, it is worth paying attention to which from the rations the dog came to taste. The dog is resting

If the pet’s bowl is empty and he eats a portion, intended for single feeding an individual of a given size, it means the food is perfect for him. And when the dog eats without much appetite, does not seek to eat pellets, expecting something else, or continues to beg for food right after the meal –this the product is not what a four-legged friend needs.

Of course, sometimes refusing food is not related to the quality of the diet. You should understand the situation, because a lack of appetite can be associated with heat, sex drive, spoiled dog, malaise. In addition, some owners are faced with that their pet, accustomed to cheap feed, refuses to eat better granules – this is due to the lack of the composition of flavor enhancers and other additives. In such a situation, go on about the dog you can’t – wait until she get hungry and taste the “right” food.

Weight is normal

If the dog receives the necessary physical activity and well eats, he will not gain weight. So that the pet escaped Obesity, you should choose a menu with a suitable composition for:

  • a young dog;
  • working and service breeds;
  • elderly animals;
  • pets with low activity, etc.

If you feed a working dog with a ration for doggies, she will be malnourished, and when an aging pet gets into a bowl pellets for growing animals – it will start to gain extra weight.

Proper nutrition is the key to a long, fulfilling life four-legged friend. And thanks to a balanced feed, the puppy grows into a strong, well-developed individual that does not have problems with health.

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