How to train a dog on the toilet on the street

Dog owners often ask how to train their pet toilet on the street. Dog handlers offer several ways the formation of habits, as well as telling what is stopping this.


  • 1 How to train a puppy
  • 2 How to train an adult dog
  • 3 Mistakes in learning: what you should not do
    • 3.1 Video: how to wean a dog to crap at home?

How to train a puppy

the puppy went to the toilet

Try to take the puppy out about five times a day until you reach six month old

When a dog is 2.5 months old and vaccinated according to the calendar plan, they start walking according to this scheme:

  • after waking up, eating, walking;
  • with fright and strong excitement;
  • after a long game or during it;
  • when the puppy sniffs the floor and spins.

Educational measures produce results, if established clear mode. First, a pet walk for each about. In the courtyard for the toilet choose a secluded quiet place.

Every good luck is celebrated with praise, a treat. Return home not immediately, but for some time they play. Then the procedure becomes part of a pleasant walk, not punishment.

If the puppy has already begun to defecate, then clap his hands or whistle to pause the process, then immediately take it to the street.

So that the puppy does not fulfill his need, when everyone is sleeping, he is not at night fed and moderately watered. By 10-12 months, the canine organism controls the bladder, and the number of walks is reduced.

How to train an adult dog

the dog goes to the toilet

It is permissible to take an adult dog for a walk three times a day

The untidiness of an adult dog often provokes the appearance of home or departure of a family member, fear, anxiety. Habit defecate indoors may be caused by addiction to certain coatings – for example, carpet, or not enough frequent walking by the previous owner. Worth a visit veterinarian to rule out certain medical conditions the dog became unclean.

The behavior of an adult healthy dog is adjusted if the exercise carried out on schedule. For example:

  • walking – 6.30, 8.00, 12.30, 17.30, 20.00;
  • feeding – 7.30, 19.30.

When the dog is brought to the right place, pronounce a special the toilet command. Completing the task always encourage.

As in the case of puppies, you need to monitor the behavior of the pet. You may need to keep it on the house for some time. a two-meter leash near you. Then he will not run away to another room and will always be in sight. If not possible during the day look after the dog, then restrict its freedom of movement – for example, locked in a cage, but not longer than 4 hours.

When a dog is caught at a crime scene, its attention attracted by cotton, and then taken out into the street.

It happens that the dog is accustomed to take care of the carpet. Then a piece of the product is taken out into the yard and laid on the grass, giving the animal understand that there is a toilet in this place. Each time, herbs are added to the top. When a layer of greenery covers the carpet, it is pulled out and thrown away.

So that the dog is not afraid of walking even in cold and damp weather, they buy her clothes, and, if necessary, shoes.

Mistakes in learning: what should not be done

Carpet Remover and Stain Remover

Special products designed to clean heavily dirty carpets, upholstery of all kinds of upholstery fabrics, faux fur, car upholstery

You can not beat and scream at the dog, poke his nose into the puddles. Anger causes fear and anxiety, due to which force majeure becomes more frequent, and walking will be perceived as a punishment. Puddles and piles at once cleaned, dirtied places treated with special detergents means.

Video: how to wean a dog to crap at home?

If all attempts to change the dog’s behavior have failed, then an experienced instructor will come to the rescue, who will take the necessary habits.

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