How to train a chihuahua in a diaper tray

Chihuahuas are known for their vigilance, and with such a pet your the house will always be protected from any theft. However, their “dressing and bathing habits often leave something to be desired. This is one of reasons why these tiny little dogs sometimes end up in shelters. Be patient and consistent, the only way your Chi can do everything is correct.

How to train a chihuahua in a diaper tray

Life with decorative dogs

Living with a small dog is significantly different from living with medium or large dogs, and chihuahuas are some of the smallest dogs. Your puppy can easily pick up the habit of walking in a corner, even in your presence. And this place could be his favorite toilet zone until you make a “discovery”.

To the street

With a chihuahua, you have several options for a dog toilet, which are not suitable for large dogs. You can also train your the dog traditional frequent walks so she goes to the toilet on in the open air. But for Chi, this option may be the most difficult, especially in cold weather. With their short hair and tiny body they can catch a cold very quickly. Why go outside on cold when you can stay in a warm and comfortable home? People long ago replaced the extension with home plumbing.

Paper, diaper or toilet tray

Toilet trays – not only for kittens and cats. You can train your puppy to use the toilet tray, but it’s not need to be filled with cat filler. Use plain paper, a diaper or filler for dogs so that your Chi gradually understands that the tray is his toilet inside the house. Whichever option you are have chosen – outdoors, at home or in the apartment – use just him, and don’t confuse the dog with other options, at least least at first.


When you just start training your puppy for a toilet, take him to your chosen area and do it every time your chi ate after sleep and at bedtime. He will soon realize that this is very important. Follow this schedule and stick to the schedule. Everytime praise the puppy when he has done everything right.

If you catch him in the wrong place, you can scold him in a solid tone, but never raise your voice or use physical punishment. Use a specific word or term, which will indicate that it is time to empty the urinary the bladder or intestines – “on the pot” – a classic option, but Choose the one you like.

See step-by-step instruction on the page.

Chihuahua males

Full-fledged chihuahua males are prone to tag their urine area. You may end up with discolored stains on your walls or furniture. If you not If you are going to breed your dog, then learn more about castration, usually this significantly reduces the desire for territorial labeling.

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