How to teach a cat to walk on a leash?

Cats love fresh air, but uncontrolled walks aren’t quite useful for your pet. You can carefully fence the yard a fence or use a special enclosure made of mesh that, in In principle, it will allow the animal to breathe fresh air, but better just teach the cat to walk on a leash. It will give you the ability to take short but useful walks in the fresh in the air. Although walking on a leash will not bring such vigor to a cat, how many similar walks bring dogs, but then, an animal will be able to sniff unfamiliar objects, climb small trees, perform physical exercises, and indeed, such walks add enthusiasm to the monotony and routine of days. But in advance you need to warn that cats like to walk in places where few people see. Learning a cat to walk on a leash won’t take anymore time than training a dog. Instead of a collar used special belts on which the cat will not walk to advance. You can easily find such belts and leashes in any veterinary store or online stores. Collar for cats look more like a jacket than a collar in his usual understanding. The fact is that the collar, in the usual form, is not used because the cat can easily get rid of it. The leash jacket covers several places on the body of the animal, almost the entire body. If you can’t find the jacket leash, then don’t be upset, you can use a regular leash to Cats. Wearing a cat collar is best before eating. More likely of all, the cat will try to take it off, so offer the animal goodies – this will distract his attention. Put on special cat collar while the animal is eating, and try how You can not remove it longer. It’s nice to lure the animal with a game, so that the cat moves while remaining with the collar. Process The training will take several days before the animal gets used to it. The collar should be associated with a pleasant pet sensations. Further to the collar we catch the leash directly. Can let the animal drag it a little bit, but don’t let it so that the leash is pulled very tight, otherwise the cat will feel discomfort, which means it will try to break free. These activities also take a few days. At this stage, you can also use games. For example, holding a leash, you can lure the animal with a treat so that the pet moved forward after him, while remaining on a leash. Cat must to understand that walks on a leash will always be rewarded. Now it’s time to go outside. Be sure to make sure the animal feels calm on a leash. You must be sure that your pet will not be scared when he is on the street. On the at first it’s enough to just stay near the house. If the cat rushed forward, follow it. This is just that a situation where a cat should know that its movements are not constrained and not limited. It should be remembered that you should not walk where there are wild cats or dogs, because they can scare the animal. If you doubt that the animal will behave calmly, then It’s nice to grab a cat container for a walk. Some cats very aggressively react to the presence of a leash. They can jump somersault, trying to free oneself. This behavior is not worth it. encourage. Better to just ignore wild behavior cats. Continue walking only when the animal Calm walks like walking the animal may seem boring but in fact, soon they will become very interesting for him. it a wonderful way to walk a cat, give you the opportunity to breathe fresh air, which he could not enjoy being locked up. In most cases, cat owners are convinced that such walks are much more useful and interesting than they expected.

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