How to measure the height of a dog at the withers: a useful skill for any host

Sooner or later, any owner is faced with the question: how measure the height of a dog at the withers? And if experienced dog breeders know how it’s right to do, beginners often don’t even know where this withers is located, where the dog begins, and where – ends. Of course, this wording may cause a smile, but will not help solve the problem. It is worth getting to know the dog the anatomy and the procedure itself for the correct measurement.


  • 1. In search of the withers
  • 2. How to make the right measurement
  • 3. How to measure a dog to pick up a harness
  • 4. The correct measurements of the pet to purchase a carrier
  • 5. Watch the video how to measure a dog at the withers
  • 6. Why does the dog begin to lose growth

In search of the withers

The withers are the part of the body that begins immediately after the neck. it the first 5 vertebrae of the back, which are located at its beginning, just between the shoulder blades. It’s advisable for the dog’s owner to master the skill helping to determine the location of the withers and the skin that covers it folds. It is considered basic. He will be required in the following cases:

  1. When treating a pet with insecticides – most often drops from parasites must be applied to the withers, as they active ingredients are slowly absorbed into the skin and do not flow sharply into the bloodstream. Some drugs active substances tend to accumulate in skin cells, and in the withers area it is less sensitive.
  2. With the introduction of subcutaneous injections – the withers are most suitable place to administer several reasons: this area is the least sensitive to damage except Moreover, it has a cavity into which the entire dose enters immediately, and no the need to divide it into several receptions.
  3. To control puppy growth and development – especially refers to thoroughbred individuals, the parameters of which are indicated in standard, and the owner can periodically weigh and measure growth pet to make sure that it does not go beyond norms.
  4. When selecting ammunition and accessories – the circumference of the withers in this aspect is a fundamental characteristic.
  5. To choose the right wardrobe if your pet needs special clothes. How to measure the height of a dog at the withers

Detecting the withers is a simple task if the owner has experience, and the pet has a standard physique. But even otherwise case, you can use a special method that allows you to accurately detect the necessary skin folds:

  • you should put your hands on the shoulders of the dog and press them to the body;
  • you need to move your hands up, collecting skin until it will not fold;
  • hands fall until they rest against the shoulder blades;
  • the skin in the hands is a scruff, it is also a fold at the withers.

In addition, the withers of a dog can be detected using a flat subject, for example, books. She is laid on the withers area, and when she lies parallel to the floor – the desired point is found. Its useful to note, that the first one to find a withers in a puppy is his mother. For she holds the babies when she moves them. In the common people this the area is called a scruff.

How to make the right measurement

There are rules to follow if necessary. get the most accurate data:

  1. The most suitable measuring tool is a hard measured a stick, tape measure or tailor meter give distorted results, usually the dog is 1-3 cm higher.
  2. Three measurements should be taken at intervals of 30 seconds to 1 minute. Taking all the results, you need to calculate the average value, it will be the final result.
  3. The acceptance of the rack is a prerequisite.
  4. Measuring instruments are mounted so that they snug against the body of the animal, pressing on the coat, but not pressed into the skin. Owners of dogs with long hair it is recommended to disassemble the wool in the area where it is applied tool.

Owners of exhibits are aware that their pet must be able to take a special stand in which he and measure. But why are measurements taken not from the head or nose? And all the fact is that even representatives of the same breed put their heads may be different, which will lead to distorted data when measurement.

Growth at the withers is the distance from the support to the convergence point of the neck and shoulder blades. In addition, the withers is the highest point on the body. animal. In a dog of any breed or not having it, the “scruff” consists of the five vertebrae that are located between the shoulder blades.

To measure a dog, it must be put in a rack. Dogs show class taught to take it on a specific command – on no one will wait until the exhibitor is due way. If the pet does not have this skill, the owner enough to watch him – the dog takes such a stand when he is interested in something and carefully monitors the object. Wherein no matter what position his head and neck are in.

The dog should stand on a flat surface (small four-legged can be put on the table), do not be distracted by extraneous irritants. You can attract her attention with a treat or a toy. It’s best if two person. Next, you should focus on the behavior of the dog:

  • if the dog is at attention, you can take measurements using a tape measure or 2 long rulers – one is placed on the back of the dog, the other is measured distance from the floor to the ruler located on the back;
  • a restless pet cannot be measured in this way – in this case it is better to make marks on the wall – the dog should be put against the wall and mark the shoulder blades.

The first method is good for measuring small and medium-sized individuals, the second – for dogs of impressive size. Growing and Developing pets need to be measured regularly. Best time for such a procedure is the period before the meal – the animal more actively reacts to yummies.

There are a number of statistical tables with standards for height and weight, moreover, they are for each registered and officially accepted breed. If the owner has found that his puppy is stunted norms, he should seek the advice of a veterinarian. IN in most cases, such deviations can be corrected, especially if detected early. Most often they are associated with malnutrition. How to measure the growth of a dog at the withers read the article

An adult dog can be measured every 8-12 weeks, especially important if the pet has a tendency to pathologies of the spine and pelvic bones. When a dog develops a disease, “subsidence” of the withers.

How to measure a dog to pick a harness

In this case, it’s best to use a tailor’s meter, which tailors use. With its help you can measure not only girth of the animal’s neck, but also other parts of the body. To purchase the most suitable ammunition, the meter should be applied as follows so that it fits snugly without sagging. Harness for dogs not used as sled dogs, requires three measurements:

  • from the withers (scrubs) to the base of the tail;
  • the sternum in the widest place, just behind the front paws;
  • neck volume.

To pick a harness for a working sled dog, 2 measurement:

  • plot size from highest point of scruff to base chest between forelegs;
  • length from base of sternum to base of tail.

In the case of the acquisition of working ammunition, the most accurate measurements, since the dog should not feel discomfort while riding, pain or feel that something is stopping him. Between ribbons and harnesses the dog’s body should fit the palm of a person. This will help to avoid inconvenience and constraint while driving. If the ammunition turns out to be too loose or cramped, it will not only be inconvenient for dogs, but in the future may cause a violation in spine and lead to deformation of the ridge. Doggy in nature

Preference should be given to quality products, durable, with strong fittings. If during the activity of the animal, riveting or another part of the harness will come off, it can dig into the dog’s skin, causing soreness and leaving wounds that are the gates for pathogens.

Proper Pet Measurement for Carrying Purchases

If the dog is small, then the owners can successfully use a special carrier – a great tool for transporting a four-legged friend. It’s convenient to take on a trip, apply for pet delivery to the exhibition, to the veterinary clinic and etc.

Being in the carriage, the doggie stress less and does not get dirty feet. Naturally, carrying a sick dog is much more convenient and humane. it is in such a device that reduces pain from shaking or contact with human hands.

But before you buy a suitable carry you should measure four-legged friend, otherwise too tight a construction may cause discomfort in the pet or will not be suitable for it at all transportation. It is important that the dog has the ability to change position body, if the need arises. In addition, the material must withstand the mass of the four-legged. Owner needs measure the growth of the dog at the withers, as well as the length of its body from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail.

Watch the video how to measure a dog at the withers

Why does the dog begin to be stunted

The puppy’s measurements showed that he had stopped growing or was lagging behind norm indicators? In this case, the owner is desirable consult with your veterinarian. Similar phenomenon often observed in puppies 4-6 months of age, which is associated with natural change of teeth.

During this period, the body can spend all resources on strengthening molars, and it is these same trace elements that are part of bone and articular structures. Some standing dogs ears while replacing teeth with cartilaginous tissue of the auricles softens.

The second most common cause is worm infection. Even if the baby has never been on a walk yet, there is no 100% guarantee that in his body has no parasites. He can get infected from others pets while eating raw foods, or licking dirty boots.

In fact, there are many reasons that a dog’s growth paused. But regular measurement of the pet allows you to identify problem at the initial stage of development. And even when it comes to adult pet, the owner should know how to measure it – this skill will come in handy in the future.

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