How to make a house for a cat with your own hands

Pets, like people, sometimes want to relax and have your own corner in the apartment, where no one bothers them. Cat owners often notice that their furry friends all the time strive to hide in some kind of box, box, climb under an umbrella or to the table. Watching this, you should consider making do-it-yourself house for the cat, where she can feel calm and protected.


  • 1 DIY home projects for cats
    • 1.1 How to stitch
    • 1.2 From T-Shirts
    • 1.3 From the blanket
    • 1.4 Outboard
    • 1.5 From the stool
    • 1.6 How to tie a house
  • 2 Cardboard cat house
    • 2.1 Necessary tools and materials
    • 2.2 Dimensions and drawings
    • 2.3 Step-by-step manufacturing instructions
  • 3 From plywood or particleboard
    • 3.1 Necessary tools and materials
    • 3.2 Dimensions and drawings
    • 3.3 Step-by-step manufacturing instructions
  • 4 Features of the houses
  • 5 How to train a cat to a new home

DIY cat house projects

Do not spend a lot of money, but also make a very original Fantasy and helpers will help your pet materials.

How to sew

A house for a cat with fabric do-it-yourselfers

A fabric house for a cat is one of the fastest options making

To make a fabric house you will need the following materials:

  • Two pieces of fabric measuring 200×60 cm (one of them should be denser, because it will be used for the inside construction).
  • Foam rubber should have the same size as the fabric.

Next, you must perform the following steps:

  1. On a newspaper, draw a house template. Its sizes may be 40x40x25 (width, height, roof slopes, respectively). The bottom will be have a size of 40×40 cm.
  2. From one piece of fabric cut all the walls. Do the same and with another piece of material. So it should be 8 wall elements and 2 bottoms.
  3. Using foam, according to the template, cut 4 walls and bottom.
  4. Between the obtained pieces of fabric, lay foam rubber and sew material around the perimeter.
  5. Connect all the details of the house together with a durable seam.

From t-shirts

T-shirt cat house

The advantage of this type of house is that you can choose a t-shirt of any colors that fit perfectly into the interior

An old T-shirt is also suitable for a house. In this case A piece of thick cardboard and a durable wire will come in handy:

  1. Bend two pieces of wire in the form of arcs.
  2. Using an awl, pierce in each corner of the cardboard base holes through which to insert the wire and bend it pliers.
  3. Put the structure on the floor and check its symmetry with all sides.
  4. Pull the shirt over the frame so that the neck is almost over level with the bottom. This will be the entrance to the house.
  5. Sew the edges and sleeves to make the “cover” as small as possible shifted.

Out of the blanket

House from a blanket with your own hands

The house from the blanket is very comfortable and does not take up much space.

From unnecessary, dense blankets will be able to build housing for your cat in minutes. Enough for this on both sides of the fabric gently sew the snake. When it is buttoned, the house will be ready. If you unfasten it, then the animal can lie on a blanket and not hide from anyone.


Hanging house for a cat

DIY can make a hanging house for a cat child

You can make it from a pillow or piece of fabric (in the latter case you will need a piece of plywood to make a bottom out of it). Anchor hook hammer into the ceiling, hang a house to it and run into it a cat.

If you use a pillow, you need to wrap it soft material and sew in several places. Hook mount occurs due to the binding of the ends of the tissue.

From the stool

House of stools

House of stools – the easiest option for your home favorite

In this case, sew a cover on the stool. Bottom can be made of cardboard or plywood. Put the fabric on the stool, not forgetting to make entrance. So you get not only a finished house, but also a comfortable roof, on which the cat can always lie down and relax.

How to tie a house

Knitted cat house

Knitted house – one of the most affordable housing options for cats

With the help of a hook and thick yarn, they often knit a round house forms. They start to knit the product with double crocheted columns. napkins. Having tied to the desired size, their number is gradually reduce. Continue knitting, making the walls of the housing. Having decided on height, the number of loops is again reduced, making the roof. To make entrance to such a house, you need, choosing its location, in the process knit to make air loops, which later will also crocheted with columns.

Cardboard cat house

Cardboard cat house

Such a home is one of the most popular because does not require special skills and material costs

Necessary tools and materials

Cardboard box for a house

Choose a cardboard box according to size animal

To create a cardboard house you will need:

  • A box of cardboard (preferably solid).
  • Soft fabric, pleasant to the touch.
  • Scissors.
  • Stationery knife.
  • Odorless glue.
  • Masking tape.

Dimensions and Drawings

As a result of the fact that working with cardboard is very easy, options for a house from it can be quite large quantity. Basic size requirements:

  • At least 40 cm high so that the animal can in its new home not only to lie, but also to sit.
  • The total area depends on the size of the cat. Minimum dimensions – 40×50 cm.
  • The entrance also should not be too small because a pet should be able to not only climb through him, but also slip through if there is such a need. Therefore, it is better to make a hole of at least 20 cm. If desired, one the box wall can be cut almost completely to leave free passage (in this case, the house is more suitable for the cat than for cat).

Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

A reliable design can be obtained if follow certain instructions:

  1. Having decided where the entrance to the house will be, according to the drawing, on one wall draw a circle with a pencil. Using clerical knife, cut out the entrance, making sure the animal is free climb through it.
  2. Tape all joints with adhesive tape to make the construction more reliable.
  3. To give the design a complete, aesthetic appearance, with the outside of it with glue and fabric for it to make the outside upholstery. On the wall with the entrance, glue a single piece of fabric, in which then cut the required hole. It’s important don’t forget to leave some material on the allowances you need will wrap inside the structure and stick.
  4. Lay on the floor a soft piece of fabric, foam rubber sheathed durable material, or a small stretch of plush.

Pillow for a cat

The ideal option for laying the cat in the house – a flat pillow to size

Running a cat in her new home is possible only when the glue completely dry.

If you want to make the house very durable, you have to cut out cardboard all constituent structures. Each item must be in two copies. After that, stick them together. Connect all components can also be masking tape by gluing the joints inside and outside.

From plywood or chipboard

A house made of plywood or chipboard is really durable and reliable construction, which will be enough for the cat to destroy complicated.

Necessary tools and materials


Plywood or chipboard house is the most difficult option making a feline home

To build housing for your pet at home, you Must have:

  • Plywood or chipboard.
  • Roulette, pencil, ruler.
  • Electric jigsaw.
  • Drill.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Construction stapler.
  • Hammer.
  • Glue gun.
  • Scissors, knife.
  • Wood hacksaw.
  • Upholstery fabric.
  • Wooden column (its length may be 50 cm or more).
  • Hemp rope.
  • Self-tapping screws, nails.
  • Furniture corners.
  • Sandpaper.

Dimensions and Drawings

If your cat has an average size, then the size of its house will be like this:

  • Height is not less than 40 cm.
  • The length and width are the same – also 40 cm.
  • The entrance must have a diameter of at least 15 – 20 cm. In this case It is important to consider the physique of the animal.

Drawings of houses made of plywood or particleboard are very diverse. They can have a flat roof, two or more slopes. In this case it’s worth think about whether you will have extra bed for animal. If such an element is not provided in the drawing, then the roof is best done with a sunbed, where the cat can relax and observe others.

Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

According to the outlined drawing, they begin to make home for the cat in this sequence:

  1. Transfer all measurements from the drawing to plywood or chipboard using ruler and pencil.
  2. On one of the walls immediately draw a circle that will serve entrance to the house. It can also be made square, rectangular, in the form of a cat’s head.
  3. Using a hacksaw or jigsaw, cut out all components constructions.
  4. Sand all edges of the sections to get sandpaper perfectly flat surfaces.
  5. From fabric make upholstery for walls, ceiling and floor with minimum number of seams. Glue it or nail it with a stapler to all the components of the home.
  6. Corner to connect all the walls of the structure, except the outer.
  7. Use the corners to attach the finished structure to the bottom of the future house.
  8. With the help of nails and screws, collect the roof. Attach it to finished housing.
  9. The interior space is upholstered in a single piece of fabric. When the design of the house with the material will be completely completed, connect the outer wall with the entrance.
  10. Glue the wooden post to the roof and for extra tighten the stiffness with screws.
  11. Wrap the column in a circle in a circle (it will serve as claws) by gluing its end first to the tree.
  12. From a piece of plywood, cut a pad of the required size. FROM using a stapler, attach a suitable fabric to it, under which You can put a piece of foam.
  13. The resulting sunbed to attach to the post.

Read more on how to make a cat scratching post with your own hands, can read here: https: //

Features of the houses

House with a rooftop stove

Sometimes cats can coexist peacefully in one small house

Before you build a house for a cat, you need to know which main requirements are presented to them:

  • The house must be stable.
  • Learn the habits of your pet, notice how high he is most often likes to spend time (on the floor, on the sofa, closet, chair). So you can determine at what level should be the future design is located so that the animal wants it be.
  • Any extraneous smell in the house must be absent, otherwise the cat will not want to sit in it.
  • Housing should not be too crowded and small.
  • So that the cat does not spoil the house with its claws, in it or next to it it is recommended to install a claw point.

It is also important that your cat’s nails be cut periodically. Learn more about like this do: https: //

In addition, during construction must be taken during attention to the gender differences of pets. So if you build a house for a cat, it is better to place it on a certain height from the floor so that he can jump into it. Thanks to this he will feel safe. Well, if the construction will have a comfortable couch because cats quite often love to spend time watching others.

As for the cat, she presents much to her house more requirements:

  • The presence of not only the main, but also the emergency entrance. This condition must be observed if the cat has kittens. When danger she can always save offspring.
  • The cat does not need a big bed at all. She prefers to near her house there were at least two viewing platforms located at different levels: from above she watches everyone, and from below getting ready for a jump on prey or protecting her kittens.
  • It is better if the lounger is not located on the roof, but at least on a short distance from her.

If you have two cats in your house and they live together, a house for them maybe one. Moreover, he must have two “rooms”, which best placed at different heights. The number of sunbeds also should be doubled so that animals do not drive away each friend.

House for two cats

A house with several rooms and passages is ideal for several cats

In the case when you are going to make a home for pregnant cat, take care of the following:

  • It should be pretty big.
  • Its internal surfaces are better studded with waterproof material that will allow you to wash your home when it will necessary.
  • Place the structure near the battery so that the kittens in it are heat.
  • The entrance must be very wide so that it penetrates a large amount of fresh air needed by babies.
  • So that the cat can feel comfortable in such a housing, the entrance hang up with a curtain.
  • At the bottom of the house lay foam rubber sheathed with a soft cloth. Over him in the first few days after birth add disposable diapers. After 3-4 days, they can be replaced with ordinary pieces of tissue, which can be easily washed and replaced.

How to train a cat to a new home

The cat leaves the house

In order to accustom a cat to a new house, you can use special sprays that attract animals to their smell

Your cat will definitely fall in love with your new house if you are a little help her stop being afraid and beware of him. For this should:

  • Put her favorite toy in it.
  • Place it in the place where the cat loves most relax.
  • Bring the cat to the house, sit next to it and stroke it. let’s goodies while she is in it.

Learn more about making DIY toys for cats. can read here: https: //

Do-it-yourself house is the best solution for your favorite. So you not only save a significant amount of money on purchase of finished buildings in the store, but also create housing according to the preferences of your pet.

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