How to make a domestic cat active and happy?

Domestic cats often have a “pleasant” life, with food at requirement, comfortable surroundings, without any adverse factors, but did you know that they have specific needs to live long and have a healthy and joyful life. Also homework cats, as a rule, live longer than their brothers in the street, since they do not face daily dangers such as like traffic, various diseases, and others animals.

How to make a domestic cat active and happy?

But even with this in mind, such a life is not always cheerful and joyful. for kittens that still have instincts to sneak, to hunt and scratch. If you, their owner, will not allow they do it, they can become sad, earn excess weight and even depression.

However, with a little imagination and planning, you you can protect your pet from this and make the atmosphere in the house friendly to the cat. Need inspiration? Then read Further…

Keeping your cat active is not such a difficult task. imagination, and you can use the most ordinary things so that you could not even imagine!

  • Bring open space to your home: make sure your the cat has access to at least a few pots of grass and cat mint. An ideal place for this is the sunny windowsill. Cats enjoy chewing herbs, which may be beneficial for them health. However, please make sure that all plants are who have access are not toxic to your pet. Place the bird feeders near the window where your cat can sit and watch them.
  • Garden in the house: If your space in the house allows, then you You can build an outdoor garden inside, safe from escape, with high shelves, branches, different levels, with poles for scrambling and scratching.
  • Activity in the house: you should always be sure that the cat has there’s a claw point at home, otherwise it could turn into a danger to your furniture and curtains. Toys that move or which are yours the cat is able to move, always popular. Suitable toy can become a helium ball, with a small attached to it a toy that will move on its own when the cat is pull or beat it. Laser pointers like little red ones points can be sent to all the nooks and crannies and perfect for hunting them. You only need to take care so that the light does not go directly into your cat’s eyes. Will also be very by the way rotating toys, and periodically adding new ones toys will help keep cats interested for as long as it is possible. You can try to hide the goodies from your pet so that during the day he would look for them, or if you are at work, try using a new toy that will fall out dainty when the cat will attack and beat her. “Fishing” also popular and easy to implement, you just need to fill it with water a small bowl or basin, and put floating objects there, such like a variety of corks or ping pong balls to kitty caught them.
  • Make your cat friendly home: try making your home is more natural for your cat – place blankets and pillows on safe shelves. Cats love to be on top and enjoy such advantageous positions when they are above all the rest. walkways, stairs and “trees” for domestic cats you You can always find in pet stores, or try to do something similar on their own.
  • Feeding twice a day – this will help you break the day and you you can hide some food (dry) inside or around the house, so your cat can hunt him.

Watching your cat and its behavior, you can find own inspiration and make many useful changes. You limited only by your own imagination! If your home the cat sleeps most of the day, it’s probably not tiredness or laziness, but just boredom. Inactive cat is prone to weight gain, which may make her unhealthy and more susceptible to disease. Interact with your cat, have fun, play, hug her and your porridge will love you for it!

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