How to make a decision to euthanize a cat

Our animal culture develops so that provide them with love and respect. Our cats are members families, and many of us even consider ourselves their “parents.” because of the development of veterinary medicine, as well as the movement of cats from yard to house, Today, cats live longer and in closer relationships with humans, than ever before. However, the longer the relationship lasts, the stronger connection. Strong connection can make sense of the end of life Cats, including the decision to euthanize, are very complex. Of course, it can be literally heartbreaking, to think that our lives cats are generally shorter than our own, but it’s important to understand the need and benefits of euthanasia (euthanasia).

How to make a decision to euthanize a cat

How to find out that euthanasia is the most acceptable and humane an option for a cat?

Open and honest communication with your veterinarian throughout cat’s life lay the foundation for effective dialogue when life cats will begin to come to an end. At some point, most a cat begins to develop an incurable disease (for example, chronic kidney disease or cancer). If such a diagnosis was set, then at this time, most likely, it is worth starting the measurement the quality of life of a cat.

Quality of life is a pretty subjective concept, so you should use a special scale that will help you identify important trends in your cat’s life over some period of time. This quality of life scale will also help. you pick the right time for euthanasia. Using dialogue with by the veterinarian you can find out the specific medical consequences your cat’s disease that will guide you consideration of possible euthanasia of the animal.

When considering the option of euthanizing your cat, you should learn about the following questions:

  • What symptoms and diseases will appear in a cat when it occurs need for euthanasia?
  • What kind of cat activity will fade day after day?
  • How to measure the quality of life of a pet?
  • How often to measure quality of life?
  • How often to discuss quality of life with a veterinarian cats?
  • What are the parameters of the quality of life of the animal are the most important for your cat?

Where does the euthanasia pass?

Most often, euthanasia is carried out in a veterinary clinic or at home. The choice of place, as a rule, remains with you and your family. If you choose euthanasia at home, your veterinarian should be in able to provide this service. The veterinarian and his assistants may help you and your family feel quite comfortable in this difficult period of time.

What will happen and what to do after the death of a cat?

There are a number of important questions you need to ask. to the veterinarian in preparation for the euthanasia of the cat. They can include:

  • What will happen to the cat’s body after death?
  • Can I choose a funeral or cremation of a cat?
  • How will the cat’s body be transported after death?
  • What if the cat dies herself?

If you have a detailed plan, then you can feel more relaxed, allowing you to focus on the time that remains with your cat. Veterinarian and assistants will be for important partners with whom you will conduct a dialogue in these difficult days before euthanasia. It’s important to tell them all your wishes as accurately as possible so that they can be fulfilled properly. With some planning, this is a difficult event. may become slightly less painful.

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