How to keep a cat with a parrot, canary and other birds

Owners with experience keeping birds and cats in the same house know why this can be a difficult task however, despite that in the wild, one animal is a predator, and the other is prey, it is quite possible to keep them together. For those, who loves both species equally, there are several ways to keep a cat and, for example, a parrot, but you should never forget about appropriate precautions.

How to keep a cat with a parrot, canary and other birds

Is it dangerous to keep cats and birds together?

Most people know why cats are dangerous to birds. Cats are predators, and when they see a bird flying by, instinct just makes them attack her. Don’t think bird is safe, simply because he can fly – anyone who played with a cat knows how lightning fast she can jump and catch a dangling toy. Another source of danger is bacterium pasteurella, which is in the saliva of cats and is safe for themselves, but for the same parrot, it can be deadly dangerous.

If you keep a large parrot, then animals can pose a mutual danger. Cockatoo parrot bite can be serious enough to injure even a person, not to mention significantly smaller cat. Many birds, including animals small and medium sizes, also capable quite easily bite through the skin and leave serious wounds requiring application seams.

Then how can these animals be kept at all?

Quality Bird Cage

Many cats are able to open and climb into simple birds cells, even if they are closed. Therefore, the first thing necessary is to buy a heavy cage with a sturdy frame. If If you already have a cell, then fasten it properly so that it could not be overturned. It’s best to place the cage on the wall, so it will be harder to turn over and the bird will feel more protected.

Introduce the cat and bird closer

Some owners are opposed to introducing a bird and a cat, and even keep them in different parts of the house, others, on the contrary, give animals complete freedom to interact with each other. More an intermediate option is appropriate. Quite often it will be good idea, let the animals get to know each other so that they can recognize in each other a family member or even a friend, not the food.

Start gradually, show your pets carefully each other in the distance, at this time your bird should be in a cage. If the bird is curious and relaxed enough, let cat come closer to the cage. However, if your feathered pet noticeably worried, make sure the cat keeps distance in a few meters and try again later. If the cat is trying jump onto the cage, pushing or scratching it, immediately firmly say no and take her away. You can also use any other teaching methods that you usually apply. When animals will become more familiar and comfortable in the presence of each other, you You can extend the dating session. Do not let the bird out of the cage recommended unless the cat shows any signs “predator”. Be careful and watch out, maybe the cat will be Squat, as if getting ready to jump.

A closer acquaintance of a feathered animal and a cat recommended in the presence of another person so that he could follow and control a parrot or other bird. Some owners allow their cats and birds to play together, but this can be quite dangerous due to pasteurella bacteria. The cat is not must be allowed to bite or scratch the bird.

Control and supervision

If you leave home and in any other situation when not can control pets, you should not leave the bird outside the cage. Instinct can take over even the most balanced animals, which will easily lead to injury and other dangerous consequences. In addition, even light cat scratches can be fatal to poultry due to possible infection. If you think the bird could be scratched, show it immediately to the vet. Treatment for scratches and bites is often only possible with using antibiotics.

All cats are individual, and sometimes they can become better. friends with their feathered cohabitants, but not always happening exactly. Some cats just can’t be trusted with a bird, no matter how long you try to train them. Some birds will always be afraid of cats, but sometimes even cats are afraid birds. Your goal should be so that both animals can get along and acknowledge that they are all members of your family.


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