How to instill eye drops for cats

The proper use of ophthalmic preparations has a large value for the speedy recovery of your cat. Make sure that you washed your hands before and after applying the medicine to avoid pollution and prevent the spread of infection. Before to use, always read the label and instructions for the drug.

How to instill eye drops for cats

What are the tips for using eye drops for cats?

Here are some tips you can use. eye drops for your cat are easier for both of you:

  • Gently clean the area around the eyes with warm water and clean cloth. This can calm the cat and prepare it for the use of the drug.
  • Hold the tube using the thumb and forefinger of the presenter hands and point it ends down. You can carefully rest your hand with a tube on top of the cat’s head, so you can make it more sustainable.
  • With the thumb of your free hand, gently pull down the bottom eyelid. Place the remaining fingers under the cat’s jaw. Lower the eyelid will be the site of application of the drug.
  • Keep the tube close to your eye, but make sure you don’t touch the surface of the eye!
  • Drop the required number of drops directly onto eyeball, and then release your cat’s head.

The cat will start blinking, and the warmth of the eyeball will help faster the drug spread over the surface of the eye. Drug droplets may accumulate in the corners of the eyes after application, this fine.

After application, cats tend to blink frequently and rub your eyes with your paws. If these reactions persist or if the eye becomes more sore or red after the drug, consult your veterinarian.

What to do if the cat is restless and cannot sit in place for the use of the drug?

  • If you yourself apply the drug, then you can place your cat on your lap. In addition, in order to hold the cat, you can wrap it in a warm blanket or towel, leaving only his head free.
  • First few uses of the drug or if your cat’s eye painful, you can ask someone to help you hold a wrapped cat while you bury the drug.
  • Praise the cat throughout the procedure, and be sure to offer her a treat after.

If you still have any questions, please contact to the vet. If your cat’s eyes become very sore or painful, or if her condition began to worsen, then do not wait and show it to the vet immediately.

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