How to hire a nanny for a dog (Dogsitter)

Hiring a nanny for a dog should be taken as seriously as Finding a nanny for your children. In the end, this person will be responsible for your dog’s health in case of emergency situation, and will have a direct impact on her physical and emotional well-being when you are not around.

How to hire a nanny for a dog (Dogsitter)

One of the best ways to find a nurse for a dog (Dogsitter) is Consult a veterinarian who is a good specialist. pet or to a family friend who is well known and has sufficient experience. If you cannot find a candidate by personal recommendations, use services or organizations on the Internet where You can find the ads you are interested in, as well as reviews to him.

Before meeting with a potential candidate, talk to the telephone. Ask some important questions about experience, qualifications, the cost, as well as the availability of a specialist for the dates you need. It is recommended that you begin your search for a nanny in at least 1-2 weeks, since it turns out to find the right specialist on the last day, usually impossible. If you want a specialist stayed at home, and not just went into the house several times a day, ask if such a service is provided.

The next step is to meet the potential nanny in person, you you need to see how it will interact with the dog and on the contrary, how the dog will react to this. What an impression what do you have about the person? Did you like how he interacts with a dog? If you have questions or you If you feel uncomfortable, then continue the search.

During the meeting, it is also important to discuss the details and features. your pet. If your dog has special medical or other needs, specify whether the candidate has experience in this area. If he will not spend the night at your place, how many times a day he will come in and how much time will he need during visit? If your dog is having behavioral problems, such like aggression and anxiety, this should also be discussed. Make sure that the candidate is experienced in such situations and gives clear guidance as deal with them.

Advice on drafting or concluding a contract deals:

  • The contract must contain data on time, dates, payments, frequency of visits. In addition to looking after the animal, you also additional services may be required, such as watering plants and mail checking.
  • Like most professionals, an experienced dog handler should be insured.
  • If you hire an experienced specialist, then he must have relevant certificates

After you agree, make sure you exchange all the important information. Describe the daily routine in detail care, feeding and taking medication. Do not forget about the address and number your vet’s phone and emergency room. Yes maybe it it may seem a boring routine, but you will be calm, knowing what is competent and caring to take care of your dog professional.

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