How To Give Dogs Pills – A Few Simple tips

The easiest way to give your dog a pill is to hide it. in food. This usually works best if you hide tablet in a small amount of canned food or cottage cheese. To make sure the dog swallows the pill, you should use a small amount of food that she will eat for sure, and watch her closely.

How To Give Dogs Pills - A Few Simple tips

Some dogs may spit out the pill, so it’s important that you watched your pet after eating too. The owners dogs often find a bunch of pills behind a bed or sofa when deal with a particularly smart pet!

If your dog continues to spit pills continuously, or if she has some dietary restrictions that interfere you hide them in an attractive treat, then you have to give tablet directly into the pet’s mouth. Make sure that you carefully read the prescription and instructions and understand the dosage.

Follow these steps to give your dog a pill. actions:

Place the dog in a safe and comfortable place where it will be quite calm. Prepare tablets for use.

Lubricate the tablet with a little margarine or oil so that so that it does not stick to the dog’s throat and is easier to swallow.

Hold the pill between your thumb and forefinger, use your dominant hand.

Gently raise the dog’s face by placing a large fingers on one side of the upper jaw, and the remaining fingers on the other side.

You can also open the dog’s mouth by pointing its muzzle towards the ceiling, then most likely her lower jaw is slightly will open slightly. Then use your little finger and ring finger, to open the dog’s mouth a little harder by gently pushing them on the lower lip.

Quickly place the tablet on the bottom of the tongue as far as it perhaps. Your dog is likely to swallow a pill if you place it behind the hump of the tongue in the back of the mouth. Try not to put your hand or fingers too deep in your mouth to avoid triggering gag reflex.

Close the dog’s mouth and keep it closed until you return the dog’s head in a normal position.

Gently rub the dog’s nose or throat, or bang it lightly her nose. This should stimulate swallowing. Usually a dog will lick her nose with her tongue if she swallows a pill.

Throughout the procedure you must praise the dog, and according to her when finished, offer her a treat or extra time for games. This will make the experience of the procedure more positive and simplify. use the medicine next time.

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