How to give an injection to a cat

Some diseases can be controlled with medication, which are available only in injectable form. The two most known from such diseases is diabetes, which requires daily insulin injections, and some types of allergies, in which the cat needs regular injections of allergenic extracts. In many cases, cat owners are able to exercise these injections yourself. If you decide to provide a cat treatment by injection, then your veterinarian should show you specific methods for their implementation.

How to give an injection to a cat

Are cat injections painful?

Most cats calmly tolerate regular injections. Disposable needles are very sharp, so they minimize pain. Your veterinarian should prescribe appropriate needles and syringes for your pet.

What happens if a cat moves during procedures?

Ideally, someone should help you give an injection, especially in first time. Try to offer your pet a favorite treat. or somehow distract him while you inject. Some cat owners think the best time to give an injection is when their pet is eating. By injecting quickly, you can reduce the likelihood that the cat will move to a minimum.

Are there any risks?

Most owners are concerned that they may be wrong. insert a needle under the skin, but this is highly unlikely. More likely that the needle may bend. If you are not sure what animal received the necessary dose of medication, then consult your veterinarian for receiving instructions.

Cat injections are given subcutaneously. To do this, collect the skin on the back of the animal with the thumb and forefinger. For injections use your working hand but be careful not to place your other hand and fingers under the needle in case the cat suddenly twitches. Insert the needle fast enough into the crease of the skin, at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. Enter the contents of the syringe and also pull out the needle quickly. Gently massage the injection area. As a result, with In practice, most cat owners give injections without outside help yourself.

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