How to drink a dog

Everyone knows that for the most part all living organisms are composed of water. That is why water is an indispensable element in the diet. human, but also dogs. Without food, the dog can stretch enough a long time, but without drinking water, no more than 2-3 days.


  • 1 How to water a dog
  • 2 When is it best to do
  • 3 How much water should a dog drink
  • 4 From which bowl to drink a pet
  • 5 What water can a dog drink
  • 6 What kind of water should not be given to a dog
  • 7 Drinking for a dog living outdoors in winter

How to water a dog

The question, absurd for some people, is quite reasonable for others. Some owners believe that dairy liquid foods, broth, soup is a drink for the dog. No! All this is food, and drink is only water. Milk will never replace clean drinking water.

When is the best time to do it?

Some owners limit their pet to water, by various considerations. For example, remove water at night if the dog (especially a small puppy) sometimes pisses at home. This approach is fundamentally not true! The dog should always have access to clean, fresh water. And this is not so much a matter of animal comfort as its condition health. Never limit your dog to water, if there are no medical grounds justified by the veterinarian.

How to drink a dog

How much water should a dog drink

In some sources, the following numbers are observed: 50 ml of water per 1 kg of dog weight. Many owners, guided by this “norm” they ask questions: why does the dog drink a little, or why does she drink a lot. In fact, such a rule does not exist. How much water should I drink the dog depends on many factors: weight, size, age, physiological characteristics, health status, food quality, and much more. If the dog is healthy, the correct answer to the question, how much she should drink is how much she drinks on the business.

From which bowl to drink a pet

First, pay attention to size, relative to dimensions your dog. Let it be the size of the dishes will be slightly larger than less than necessary. Avoid cheap plastic, it can give off harmful substances. By and large, the differences in materials from whose bowl is made – no. If it’s metal, it is desirable that it be with chrome or enameled coated.

What kind of water can a dog drink?

The ideal option is running water, which, if left in bowl for a long time, should be updated periodically. Bowl for water It is important to wash every day, even if it looks clean.

The usual tap is suitable, if it is not quite terrible quality, not bad if the water is filtered.

If your water supply is so terrible that you yourself aren’t you risk preparing food on it, it’s better for the dog not to give it, or pre-boil. It’s about the worst quality, since many people don’t cook on tap water right now, even if it is acceptable. In other cases, boil water for the dog, no need.

If there is a lot of chlorine in the tap water, let it stand before how to water the dog.

Someone watering their dogs with mineral water. This approach is justified only in In the event that at hand there is nothing more, but the dog is thirsty. There are no other reasons for giving the pet mineral water, but sparkling water is not acceptable for a dog. If, for example, in on the road, it so happened that there is nothing besides a carbonated mineral water, shake and open the bottle for maximum gas came out.

What water should not be given to a dog

By analogy with humans, a dog should not be given contaminated harmful substances, having impurities, water. You can’t drink a dog industrial water, even after cleaning. Degree of mineralization water is acceptable for dogs if it is not more than than 5 thousand solid particles per 1 million particles of water. You can hardly to conduct independent measurements of these indicators, therefore it is better do not risk at all, and exclude such water from the dog diet.

Do not let your pet drink from puddles and standing water – this a hotbed of bacteria and many harmful substances and sediments. Dogs have a tendency to allow yourself the joy of drinking water from the toilet. By for obvious reasons, you should not allow the dog to the toilet.

Drinking for a dog living in the winter

On the water of a dog living on the street in the cold season pay special attention. Check the bowl at least three times a day, for freezing water. So that it does not freeze longer, you can add a few drops of vegetable oil to the water. And remember snow is not a complete substitute for drinking water for dogs!

The answer is obvious – you need to have enough clean drinking water. Great if you have the opportunity to take with a pet bowl. If this is not possible, or do not want to to carry extra weight, there are special travel drinking bowls for dogs. Usually they are made of plastic, which provides inexpensive their price and light weight. Such drinkers are easy to buy at any pet shop. In order to water a dog on the road, it’s suitable a bottle, preferably with a dispenser, so that most of the water does not remain on the ground.

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