How to distinguish a cat from a cat: Tips for sex determination

How to distinguish a cat from a cat

At first glance, the question of how to distinguish a cat from a cat may bring a smile.

Many will think that there is nothing easier, because there are obvious gender differences that make it easy to determine gender.

But what to do if you need to find out gender small or newborn kittens?

At this age, the primary symptoms are not as pronounced as in adults.

The following will help determine the gender of the kitten: advice.

How to distinguish a cat from a cat

The gender of the kitten can be determined by various signs


  • 1 Sex Difference
  • 2 Sex determination by appearance
  • 3 Habits and character
  • 4 How to find out the sex of British kittens?
  • 5 Sex determination in sphinxes

Gender difference

Primary sexual characteristics of various breeds are the surest way to distinguish a cat from a cat, even in little kittens.

Before conducting an inspection, you must:

  • Wash hands thoroughly using odorless products. They must be warm.
  • the kitten should be caressed, thereby reassuring. He must trust you.

Advice! Reach out if kitten calmly fits, fins, you can conduct a survey. If he is wary, it’s better not to injure the kitten and postpone inspection.

  • the baby must be put in the stomach on the palm of your hand or warm a diaper.

To determine the gender under the age of three months, you can use the following methods:

  1. Perform a tactile examination. For this you need to carefully with two fingers, forefinger and middle, feel the place where you should there are testicles. The little cat will feel small peas, with a diameter of no more than 5 mm.
  2. In order to determine the gender of the kitten, you need to look down his tail. Little cat has anus and genital are two points located in parallel. And at the urinary canal looks like a gap and it turns out a kind of exclamation mark. This difference can be seen on Photo.

How to distinguish a cat from a cat

If under the tail the colon is a cat, the exclamation mark kitty

  1. Sex can also be determined by the distance between the anus and genitals. In cats it is about 1 cm, in cats it is significantly more. Upon reaching the age of three, this place will be taken by the testicles. In the photo, this difference is clearly visible.
  2. Another sexual sign of how to distinguish a cat from a cat is the presence of wool between the anus and genitals. In cats, she’s in this place is quite thick, but cats do not have it at all.

Sex determination by external signs

Another way to distinguish a cat from a cat is to carefully look at the face and body of the animal.

However, this method is suitable for avid cat owners.

The person who first determines the sex of the cat is unlikely to do it for sure.

A cat differs from a cat in the following ways:

  • you can determine the sex of the cat by the face and nose. They have it wide enough;
  • he has a powerful and large physique;
  • paws are thick;
  • castrated cat from cat can be distinguished by a large head and thick skin.

External signs of a cat:

  • has a more elegant body, graceful bends. Especially this noticeably in shorthair breeds like oriental, savannah and cornish rex;
  • if you try to find out the gender in the face, then you need to look at its elongation: in cats, it is more elongated, rather than in width.

This can be seen in the photo: the muzzle is narrow and elongated.

How to distinguish a cat from a cat

Grace is the main sign of a cat.

Another external sign of how to distinguish a cat from a cat is color:

  • if the kitten at birth has a tricolor or tortie coloring, then we can say with full confidence that this kitty. This is due to a genetic feature. To appear in wool of black, white and red color requires two X chromosomes. BUT only females have them. In a cat, this color can appear only in case of a genetic disease, which happens quite rare.
  • cats also have the color calico;
  • red or cinnamon colors are only cats.

How to distinguish a cat from a cat

The color of the coat can sometimes accurately determine the cat’s floor.

Habits and character

You can distinguish a cat from a cat according to habits no earlier than seven months.

Until this time, kittens of both sexes are playful, affectionate and their characters are little different.

In adulthood, the differences become more pronounced:

  1. You can distinguish an adult cat from a cat according to habits: he is more lazy, calm. He sleeps most of the day. Unlike a cat, a cat you can safely pick up, more often than not, he does not try to break out and run away. This does not mean that he is more affectionate.

How to distinguish a cat from a cat

Cats love to soak up the sun

Cats are more wayward.

It’s worth remembering the famous words that “the cat walks by herself by oneself”.

Owners who decide to take a female animal are worth Be prepared to get along hard.

Despite the fact that many people think that cats are affectionate and love lass, they do it with pleasure only during estrus.

The rest of the time, pet yourself or pick up a cat allow only out of politeness.

  1. Heat behavior is also a hallmark gender identity. Adult cat during this period is strongly meows, thereby attracting cats. She begins to rub on furniture sharpen claws about her – so you should get her scissors or cut it claws.
  2. In the first method, cats that have been castration. Castrated cat from cat can be distinguished by more aggressive behavior.
  3. Cats always mark territory. From this in the apartment can stand bad smell. To get rid of him, cleaning spend a lot more often.
  4. Cats are more clean. They may be several hours in a row lick yourself. For sleep, cats choose the cleanest and softest place in the apartment. They will not eat from the dirty bowls or drink stale water.

How to distinguish a cat from a cat

Cats are more finicky in eating

  1. If you pay attention to the look, you can see that an adult cat, he is confident, even slightly arrogant, but in a cat wary.
  2. Determine the sex of small kittens of different age is possible by eating habits. For this you need to put a bowl of milk. If the kitten is lapping milk and keeps the tail up, then this is a male, if down – female.

How to distinguish a cat from a cat

Milk got drunk!

How to find out the gender of British kittens?

Determine the gender of small british kittens quite difficult.

Primary sexual characteristics are only forming, and thick coat hides subtle differences.

But you can still find out gender by the following signs:

  1. In this breed, a clear sexual difference is the shape of the anus and genitals. The presence of two points indicates the affiliation of the baby to the male sex, the “question mark” to the female.

Feeling the testicles does not always help determine the exact gender.

This is due to the fact that at birth and in the British cat, and the cat may have swelling in this place.

How to distinguish a cat from a cat

British kittens are affectionate and peaceful

  1. The presence of nipples can also not be considered a clear difference. They can to be in kittens of both sexes. In females, they are more pronounced, but This can only be understood by comparison.
  2. Another sign of how to distinguish a cat from a cat of this breed is habits.

Important! Have a british cat purposeful character, he is more active than the female, constantly competes with his brothers.

  1. Sex can be determined in adults by external signs. Males are much larger than females. The latter are more elegant. Can distinguish between sex and muzzle: in kitties, it is already longer.

Sphinx sex

More mysterious and unusual breed than Don Sphinx or Peterbald, perhaps not.

A magic cat without hair attracts the eye, forcing admire yourself.

The main signs of the difference between a sphinx cat and a cat are behavior:

  1. Cats of this breed are more independent. Sometimes they choose only one family member and meekly obey him, show my love. The rest may be indifferent.

How to distinguish a cat from a cat

Mythical cat behaves majestically

  1. Unlike cats, a cat will prove its superiority, trying to show who is the boss in the house. Males are more lazy, they meekly acknowledge dominance.

Knowing how to distinguish a cat from a cat is important.

Often the owners choose a pet on this basis.

But it is worth remembering that a kitten must choose a person.

And then everyone will find a true friend.

How to distinguish a cat from a cat

A cute fluffy little ball will become a true friend with good care and regarding

How to distinguish a cat from a cat: Sex Tips pet

It’s quite difficult to distinguish a cat from a cat in the first days of life, but can. To do this, you need to know some of the differences between kittens. Is not only sexual characteristics, but also habits, external signs and even color.

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