How to determine if a cat is pregnant – signs pregnancy

A cat can become pregnant at the age of 4 months, if only she was not sterilized to prevent this. Pregnancy in Our furry pets usually last from 63 to 65 days, so kittens in cats may appear at the age of 6 months.

How to determine if a cat is pregnant - signs pregnancy

How to find out if a cat is pregnant?

The best way to find out is to show it to your veterinarian. is he can accurately confirm that the cat is carrying kittens, and give you an idea of what stage the cat is pregnant and how many kittens are expected. For this, the veterinarian may require an ultrasound or x-ray.

There are also several signs of pregnancy that you may identify yourself.

The main and most obvious sign of a cat’s pregnancy is a significant increase in her abdomen by approximately 30 day of gestation of kittens. Another sign or symptom is that the cat is 2-3 weeks pregnant, its swelling is nipples.


Rarely, but in the very early stages of your cat’s pregnancy there may be a “morning sickness,” which can be expressed in lack of appetite and vomiting. If this ailment continues more than a few days, then it must be shown to the veterinarian. Besides In addition, a surge in hormones and changes in the uterus can lead to reduced stamina and fatigue. These signs must go through first 2 weeks of pregnancy.

Like many females of other animals that bear offspring in the stomach, your cat may need extra nutrition and calories throughout the pregnancy.

By the end of pregnancy, cats rations should be around 1.5 times more than their normal regular diet. Therefore you you should make sure that she is getting enough nutrition. Your veterinarian can also recommend the right food for you. pregnant and lactating cats.

Viruses can spread to kittens before they are born, therefore, you should check your cat’s vaccination schedule. If a pregnant cat needs vaccination, deworming, or For flea treatment, consult your veterinarian to make sure it’s safe for her. Best hold a full course of vaccination before dilution, since many vaccines do not are safe during pregnancy.

Tips for preparing for childbirth

You need to prepare a convenient place for the upcoming birth. If you usually let the cat out, then in the last stages pregnancy is not recommended.

About 2 weeks before giving birth, a cat may begin to nest. To help her, you can arrange the most suitable for her. place for childbirth. Find a medium-sized box and arrange it newspapers and old blankets or towels to create soft enough place for a cat and her future kittens.

You should place a “nest” in a quiet corner of your home. AND let the cat visit him as often as she wants her to get used to him and feel comfortable. You You can also direct the cat to its future place. nesting. Otherwise, she may want to give birth in a basket or in any closet.

There are 2 main signs that childbirth is about to come: cats, like usually stop eating 24 hours before delivery, and their temperature drops to 37.7 ° C – 37.0 ° C (normal from 38.1 ° C to 39.2 ° C). it Signs that you will see kittens very soon!

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