How to cut a cat’s claws: Useful tips care

How to cut a cat's claws

Many furry owners are interested in how to cut their claws. cat.

After all, a pet is not only the joy of communicating with him, it is the responsibility of his health.

Each owner is obliged to properly care for his pet, in in particular, you should know how to choose the right toilet and filler for your pet, equip a cat house.

However, caring for animal claws at home.

How to cut a cat's claws

Every cat needs to trim its claws.


  • 1 Why do you need to cut the claws of a cat?
  • 2 When a cat needs help and is it possible to trim the claws to every pet?
  • 3 At home, you need to accustom to cutting nails with childhood
  • 4 Tools for haircuts and rules for their use
  • 5 How to trim the claws of a cat?
  • 6 What to do if a cat is aggressive?
  • 7 How often to carry out the procedure?
  • 8 Additional Tips

Why do you need to cut the claws of a cat?

In the process of washing. cats bite and bite their nails.

This is a natural process, they are so trying to shorten them.

Also for these purposes, cats use scratching post.

But the pet itself is not able to bring the grinding procedure to the end.

Owners often do not understand why to cut a cat’s claws?

Not always animals, when they grind claws on a claw point, spoil furniture or behave in an unusual way.

Therefore, the owners believe that help is not needed, that the pet with all will cope on their own.

However, if the length of the claws does not prevent the cat from living normal life, if the animal does not cling to the claws, then this question is not Most owners care.

How to cut a cat's claws

Village cats grind their claws while walking

When does a cat need help and is it possible to trim the claws to every pet?

The owner should understand that cutting claws is not only possible, but and you need to make this procedure regular.

In this case, you should know exactly how to cut the claws correctly cat.

This is especially true for pets who live in apartments and are not as mobile as their village Kindred.

Claws grow very fast, while shortening naturally in a way (or about a scratching post) they do not have time.

Such rapid growth causes the animal to begin paws cling to different surfaces.

Pets scratch the floor and begin to scratch the owners.

You can read how to wean a cat from biting and scratching. here: https: //

Then the owners think how to cut the claws of the cat, to protect yourself, and the house, and the animal?

If we are talking about the regularity of the procedure, then a haircut at home conditions should be based on the characteristics of the breed and pet.

Big pets like Maine Coons ragdolls and savannah claws grow faster and larger than smaller breeds, up to Kurilian Bobtail and Manchkin.

Usually a haircut is carried out twice a month.

In some cases, you can cut your nails less often.

It is necessary to monitor the behavior of the pet in order to understand whether it is necessary to cut claws.

And in order not to think where to cut it, you should take into account simple recommendations.

Important! In cats on the back side forepaws have a fifth claw. He does not participate in scratching. But if you don’t cut it, then it can grow into pads, than to cause fluffy pain.

At home, you need to accustom to cutting a claw with childhood

Those who are interested in whether kittens can be trimmed nails, vets recommend the first time to do this on the fifth day of life a kitten.

A haircut resembles a child’s nail cutting procedure.

The name of the kitten should also be given from the first days of life.

The baby needs to be ironed and slightly pressed on the paws to claws appeared.

By such tricks one can accustom an animal to the process itself.

Then the adult animal will not be scared of the procedure and will itself keep calm while cutting at home.

Advice! Do not hold by force a kitten! He should be calm, relaxed, sleepy. condition. Do not interrupt your pet’s games to hold procedure!

Tools for haircuts and rules for their use

General rule when choosing tools or scissors for haircuts pets do not have nails.

To choose the right option for your pet, it’s worth try the tools popular among cat owners.

How to cut a cat's claws

Comfortable haircut tools

  • Ordinary scissors. Affordable and easy tool. Difficulty with the use of scissors does not occur in any owner.
  • Nail clippers. One of the most convenient tools for haircuts at home. Nippers need to be placed perpendicular to the claw. It helps to cut quickly. plate and give it the correct shape. With parallel the location of the nippers, the claw plate may delaminate.
  • Trimmer. Such a clipper should be selected with a guillotine type. The blade extends when you press the clipper handle, is removed the claw is painless and fast. Can for first use trimmer will contact a specialist and he will show how to cut cat’s claws. Information on how much the procedure costs in a special salon can be found on the Internet.
  • Hard nail file or emery bar. These tools are used to correct the shape of the claw.

Also before the procedure at home is prepare cotton pads and special hemostatic solution.

This will be needed if in the process of cutting a pet accidentally to hurt.

If there is a lot of hair between the fingers of a pet, To remove it, you can use the machine.

Important! There is no single recommendation and a single tool for cutting claws at home. Need to try each option to find the perfect nail clipper for a specific pet.

How to trim the cat’s claws?

There is nothing complicated in this procedure, you can handle it by yourself.

With the right procedure, the pet will not remain unpleasant impressions, and he will not be nervous and break out when in the form of scissors or if the procedure will need to be repeated.

Before you trim your cat’s claws, you need to prepare the tools, hemostatic agent and cotton pads.

First you need to determine where on the claw the blood circulation ends vessel.

Claws are transparent, so you should turn them into the light and this the place will be clearly visible.

If the blood vessel is touched, bleeding will occur, and then inflammation may develop.

How to cut a cat's claws

Claw outline

If the location of the blood vessel is very close to the end claw, you can shorten it a little bit.

If necessary, it is worth showing the pet to the veterinarian, comfortable carrying bag will help make this visit comfortable for your pet.

The cutting process itself is as follows:

  1. The cat should sit on its lap. If not possible do it yourself, then you can invite an assistant who will keep the pet. With animals you need to talk affectionately and iron to distract from the procedure itself.
  2. You need to click on the pad of the foot with your thumb to appear claw. The cut is best done transversely, so the animal will not feel discomfort.
  3. Trimmed places need to be polished. Suitable for this ordinary nail file. Before you cut the claws of a cat, you need to prepare this nail file.

How to cut a cat's claws

With a rare haircut, claws begin to interfere with the pet

Important! If by negligence was the vessel is affected and bleeding has begun, it is necessary to disinfect antiseptic. If bleeding does not stop, urgent should be show the pet to the vet.

What to do if a cat is aggressive?

Not all cats love a variety of manipulations, and so the question is, is it possible to trim the claws of an aggressive animal, often worries owners.

If you need to cut the claws of an aggressive cat, you should comply with the general rules.

It is necessary to choose the moment when the aggressive cat is in calm relaxed state.

How to cut a cat's claws

For the safety of the owner and the pet itself, it should be swaddle

This is one of the most convenient solutions to cut the claws of a cat, which differs in aggressive character.

Further, the haircut procedure at home does not differ from ordinary.

You must also gently press on the pads and cut off the claws.

You should praise and pet your pet.

It is also worth the aggressive cat to give her favorite treat, favorite food so that in the next procedure she behaved more calmly.

You can learn how to catch a cat in a trap from articleshttps: //

How often to carry out the procedure?

Many owners are concerned about how often they can cut their hair. claws at home so that the pet is healthy and active?

There is no definite answer to this question, it all depends on individual characteristics of the animal.

But still there are general recommendations to determine frequency of the need for the procedure:

  • Regrowth of nails depends on the characteristics of the body cats
  • Dark claws grow much slower than light plates;
  • In active pets who regularly use a claw tip and have the opportunity to frolic, the procedure should be carried out less often than cats are slow and lazy.

Additional tips

If there are small children in the house, then it becomes an excellent way out. purchase of special anti-scratch pads.

Then the legs of the animal will not be dangerous baby.

Cat breeds suitable for children can be found in articleshttps: //

How to cut a cat's claws

Popular anti-scratch pads

Harmless and high-quality models of pads will not bring in the usual a fluffy image of discomfort, and with them the pet will appear Attractive and colorful “manicure”.

How to cut a cat’s claws: Useful tips for grooming

How to cut cat’s claws and do it right? Important recommendations on the frequency and technique of claw care.

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