How to Clean Chihuahua Ears: Basic Hygiene

Chihuahuas are tiny, pocket dogs that become true family favorites, a vent, and sometimes literally children. They accompany the owner everywhere and are happy to be around 24 hours per day. What do they expect in return? Everything is simple – they need owner’s attention, care and quality care, including for ears. How to clean chihuahua ears so as not to harm and contain Is this sensitive area clean?


  • 1. Why ear cleaning is a must
  • 2. When ear cleaning is necessary
  • 3. Tools and instruments suitable for hygienic the procedures
  • 4. Phased cleansing of the auricles
  • 5. Video about how and how to clean the Chihuahua’s ears
  • 6. Unpleasant consequences of insufficient hygiene

Why ear cleaning is a must

Often, dog owners do not realize that the pet should clean the ears, and the animal does not have any special problems with them. So why is the “chihuashka” this hygiene procedure necessary? Is worth consider anatomy – ear canal of dogs differs from the human, it is arranged very original. Thanks to the L-shape, it is constantly kept moist and heat is an ideal environment for living and breeding pathogens. How to clean chihuahua ears read the article

In large dogs with erect ears, the passages are wide, they well ventilated, which prevents bacteria from spreading. Dogs with ears down, including a chihuahua, are lucky smaller, their ear canals are narrow and not ventilated. Of course it is not says that such pets always have diseases on this site, however, the risks of developing inflammation of otitis media are significantly higher.

The ears have their own microflora, which remains balanced to external intervention. Once opportunistic microorganisms are active, begins respond to immunity and suppresses them unnecessarily violent activity.

If the dog’s froze, water has flowed into his ear or another a situation that can disrupt microflora, pathogens wake up. This is due to a decrease in immunity at the most for various reasons – starting from stress and ending with development serious pathologies.

Owners should be aware that dogs have an immune system. depends on the state of intestinal microflora. And she, in turn, is being destroyed antibacterial drugs. Antibiotics for animals are prescribed only in exceptional cases. And it should do it veterinarian, since antibiotic drugs destroy everything bacteria are hostile and beneficial. You can not treat it yourself pet, this can lead to sad consequences. But also contact preferably an experienced specialist.

To reduce the likelihood of developing diseases, do not forget mandatory cleaning of the ears of the pet. At the same time, the owners of the chihuahua worth knowing the measure. The number of cleanings and their intensity depends on individual features of the four-legged pet.

Most often, ears of the Chihuahua are cleaned once every 2 weeks, less often – at 2 months. Examinations are carried out more often – daily, and at the first alarming signs the owner should be wary. If the doggie whimpers when touched his ears, does not let them touch or pulls sharply, you must immediately go to the veterinarian.

When ear cleaning is necessary

To disturb the ears of a pet for no reason is not worth it, therefore Before cleaning, make sure that the pet needs it. IN normal condition, the inner surface of the ears of a chihuahua pink (for dogs with a dark color, the skin is also dark), clean, has a thin layer of transparent, glossy coating – special grease.

A hygiene procedure is necessary if:

  • the skin in the ears is dirty, covered with a grayish layer;
  • plaque acquired a yellow or brownish color;
  • particles of orange sulfur are visible in the depths of the ear;
  • the dog often scratches its ears and shakes its head – here not only inspection and cleaning will be required, but also careful observation for the four-legged.

It’s not necessary to remove a small amount of sulfur; it will not harm the dog. In some cases, the ear glands may function. more intense. This occurs in the following situations when doggie:

  • froze during the walk;
  • experienced stress;
  • ate something forbidden, sweet, etc.

It is recommended to accustom your pet to hygiene procedures with puppyhood. One caveat – puppies of this breed do not have ears clean, but you can do a pseudo-procedure – take soft sponge and hold it on the ear, and stroke the fingertip tubercles. So the baby will not be afraid of cleaning and will be supportive of treat her. If you don’t do this, an adult Chihuahua may very hostile to respond and not just to run away, but to defend, floating teeth. Chihuahua

A novice owner can visit a veterinarian and get consultation – the doctor will show you how to clean. Also You can get acquainted with the theory and try to apply it on practice.

Tools and instruments suitable for hygienic the procedures

The most convenient and safest way to clean your dog’s ears is with cotton sponges – soft and airy. And from the use of cotton sticks are better to refuse – there is a risk of damage to the membrane when awkward movement. The exception is sticks with limiters, impregnated with a special composition, they are intended for hygiene little dogs.

Wet ear wipes are good remedies. animals. Hypoallergenic, soft are used for their impregnation. lotions that do not irritate delicate skin. Also at a veterinary pharmacy you should purchase a special solution intended for dissolving sulfur and impurities accumulating in the ear, and removing them out:

  • without the recommendation of a veterinarian, do not use solutions, containing alcohol, even at a low concentration;
  • formulations with hydrogen peroxide are not suitable – this substance able to corrode not only the sulfur plug in the ear, but also sensitive skin;
  • funds are available in various forms – in the form of drops, solutions, powder, powder, spray – the last option is very convenient to use;
  • there are special preventive drops that are not only clean the ears, but also prevent the development of diseases.

To remove excess moisture, stock up on soft, dry napkins.

Phased ear cleansing

Chihuahua – a tiny doggie with delicate, thin ears, therefore a delicate approach is required:

  • the solution should be instilled or sprayed in one eye;
  • close your ear with your palm and massage it for 30-40 seconds base (in the process, squelching will be heard from it sounds);
  • let the pet go – he will begin to actively shake his head;
  • remove residual product and sulfur that has escaped impregnated with a solution of sponge;
  • repeat the procedure on the second ear.

If you need to clean the outside of the auricle, you can wipe it with a cotton pad with baby oil. It will allow gently remove dust without damaging the integument. To owners of a long-haired a chihuahua who does not participate in show programs can be carried out hygienic haircut – if you regularly cut long hairs in the ears, inguinal region and between the fingers, can be significantly to simplify the care of a four-legged friend.

Video about how and what to clean Chihuahua ears

Unpleasant Hygiene Unpleasant Effects

If the owner ignores this essentially simple procedure, he must be prepared for possible consequences. First of all, in dirty the ears of the chihuashka often have inflammation – otitis is common disease that can cause serious complications.

Inflammation can develop very intensely, turning into purulent form and affecting the central ear. The ailment is accompanied by severe pain, and when he progresses, the dog loses equilibrium. If the disease is not treated, suppuration will spread to brain tissue, and this will lead to death.

The first sign of otitis is hyperemia, which is impossible detect if you do not inspect the pet’s ears daily. Following symptoms – pain, intense, acute, especially intensifying, if you touch the dog’s ears or press on the base area.

With otitis media, it is not enough to clean, in this case without treatment is not enough. Therapy includes the use of drops for the ears, in the composition of which includes antibiotics. After a therapeutic course The pet will need time and help to restore microflora. Re-development of otitis media is more dangerous, since in this case the disease often becomes chronic and manifests itself in regular relapses.

A pungent, unpleasant smell from the ears is another good reason, to pay attention to dog hygiene. The main causes of “flavor” The following conditions are:

  • food allergy – often provoke it sausages and smoked meats, even in dogs that do not suffer this pathology;
  • ear tick (otodecosis) – in this case the pet is worried about severe itching, and the inner surface of the ear covered with a touch of dark color. With severe infection of the parasite can be detected by cleaning the surface with a cotton swab. If after her shaking over a black sheet of paper appeared whitish grains, so the dog is infected with otodecosis.

In addition, examinations help detect foreign objects, caught in the ears, or sulfur plugs. In these cases, you can avoid severe consequences, timely showing pet to the vet. How to Clean Chihuahua Ears. Basic Hygiene

Also, in chihuahas, often on the inner surface of the ears grow hair, which should not be normal. They are bent, covered earwax and create a blockage. This problem is solvable, but only in the clinic, the plug is removed, the hairs are removed, and the follicles are cauterized using a laser. The operation is performed under anesthesia.

Chihuahua is a cheerful, perky doggie that is great companion. But taking this wonderful miracle into the house, the owner needs to consider – the baby requires careful care, and even his ears need attention.

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