How to choose and wear a cat collar?

Long gone are the days when a collar was considered an accessory for dogs. The presence of this item in a modern cat is quite common. Therefore, it is not surprising that when you appear in the house a mustachioed-striped friend, his master decides to choose a suitable collar. Consider which neck product you can give preference, how to choose and correctly wear a collar on a cat.

What are the collars for cats?

Despite the fact that some cat lovers consider collars a little if not useless noises, pulling the delicate neck of pets, these accessories can sometimes save the animal’s life. And only a few of them serve as a simple decoration. To make a choice, consider what collars you can buy for a pet:

  1. Decorative collars – products that play the role of decorations. Made of artificial or genuine leather, felt, nylon, metal (including precious). May be inlaid with semiprecious and precious stones. Task such collars – emphasize the beauty of the pet;
  2. Reflective collars – products for cats loving spending time outdoors in the evening and at night. Suitable for Pets not far from busy roads
  3. Targeted collars – most often purchased for animals leaving the walls of the house. Can be made from the same materials as decorative. Equipped with sewn-in tag, suspended capsule or key fob, where important information is displayed (cat’s name, name, address, phone number of the owner) in case if the animal is lost;
  4. Collars navigators – devices for seals travelers. With them, the owner through their own phone (laptop, tablet, etc.) will be able to track the location a mustachioed friend (within a radius of several meters to several kilometers depending on the model). Also some GPS collars allow the owner to know at what speed pet, what are the noises and the area around him;
  5. Anti-parasitic collars – medical products, soaked with insecticides or acaricides against ectoparasites (fleas, ticks, lice eaters, lice). Duration of action the collar does not exceed a period of 2-4 months;
  6. Collars “anti-hunter” – not just neck jewelry, but real warning accessories that with a signal attached bell scare away potential cat prey (rodents, birds);
  7. Soothing collars – products with pheromones, with a mild sedative property. Fit for too impressionable animals (for example, afraid of the noise of fireworks), for cats and cats during the sexual hunt, reduce the possibility of the development of depression during the move, a change of host. The duration of action is about 30 days;
  8. Magnetic collars – special accessories that play role of an electronic key. It is worth putting a collar on a cat, and she will freely enter your home through a small damper, built into the front door, even if the owner is not nearby. Wherein all other animals cannot enter naturally;
  9. Walking collars and harnesses with leashes – not only dogs, but also cats sometimes have to put on similar ammunition (to for example, wearing a cat collar for a walk or transportation). In order not to damage the fragile vertebrae of the neck often preference is given to the harnesses whose straps are attached to the chest and back purrs.

How to choose a cat collar?

To minimize possible incidents while dressing and wearing collar, you must determine in advance which product required (by purpose, material, length, fastener):

  1. Before you go to the pet store, you need to determine the purpose collar purchases. For example, for a gulena cat wandering around the neighborhood in search of adventure, a collar with a badge is useful, where information about the owner will be displayed. And for the lover to travel with the owner – a walking collar with a leash;
  2. It is required to select the desired product material. Some of fabric collars are short-lived, but they can be washed. Iron may serve for a long time, but not suitable for too miniature individuals;
  3. It is required to determine the required length of the collar. For this you need to measure the volume of the neck of a cat, for example, using a tailor meter. To the resulting number (in centimeters) you need to add 2, -3 cm, so that the collar does not squeeze the neck, but does not hang out. When acquiring a harness need to measure the parameters of the cat’s chest and back (in the area below the shoulder blades);
  4. It is advisable that the collar has a safe clasp, which itself will be unfastened if the animal for something hooks. This is especially important for cats walking out of sight. the owner.

How to quickly put a collar on a cat?

Consider two ways to quickly and easily put on a cat collar or harness. Method 1 (so you can wear any collars):

  • On the eve of day “x”, trim the cat’s claws;
  • Unpack the product, letting the cat examine it (play with a jingle or decoration, smell, etc.);
  • Pay attention to the mood of the pet. If the animal is not in spirit or looking too anxious at the collar, it is better to postpone procedure the next day, leaving the product in full view of the cat;
  • If the cat responded to the new thing calmly, quickly and gently put on the collar, holding the paws of the animal (for this you can attract someone from your loved ones);
  • Encourage the animal (treat, pet and praise affectionately voice);
  • If the cat is too restless after donning, the collar it is better to remove and repeat the above steps after a few days.

Method 2 (for harnesses):

  • Cut the claws of the animal on the eve of the donning process harnesses;
  • Unpack the harness by gently straightening its straps so as not to spending time while putting on;
  • Put the cat on its knees, trying to fix its legs;
  • Put the top of the collar over the cat’s chest over the head, to close a fastener;
  • When the harness is attached to the chest, it’s time to put on a collar on a cat through its paws, not forgetting the fastener;
  • If necessary, adjust the length of the straps so that the harness does not violated blood flow, but was not too loose;
  • Treat your pet;
  • If the cat is nervous, remove the harness after a while (10-15 minutes) and repeat the procedure the next day.

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