How the door for dogs made friends neighbors

Two dogs really wanted to meet and constantly digging towards to each other under the fence. To help them communicate, neighbors I had to make friends and make a small gate in the fence.

A resident of a small town in Texas (USA) liked a cute puppy in a shelter, and Haley Graham took the girl home, called her Tate. After a while, a similar story happened and in the neighboring compound – there appeared a dog named Vernon.

The plots were divided by a high wooden fence, the neighbors practically didn’t met, only occasionally accidentally collided on the street. But here they are the dogs became very interested in each other and wanted to meet. perhaps it was love “from the first scent”: they couldn’t even plainly look at each other through small gaps in the fence.

Tate digs a dig

Tate and Vernon, each for their part, began to dig tunnels – the owners barely had time to bury them. But once the neighbors consulted and decided to help their pets, especially since it quite simple. They made a door in the fence, and now lovers can meet whenever they want. Their masters too made friends and often go to visit neighbors, though through other gates.

Tate and Vernon

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