How reading teaches children to love animals

In honor of the National Day in the United Arab Emirates schoolchildren will read to specially invited falconers and their to the birds.

Such an event is held in order to promote love for reading.

According to animal agency spokeswoman Hannah Suales, this since attentive listeners are not dogs or cats, but birds. Woman is the author of the UAE’s popular reading movement dogs “, and more recently, the author of the idea,” Reading from falcons. ”

Only masters of their own will participate in the literary circle things that have been training their birds for many years. Preliminary students will be introduced to falcons so that they are used to children. The hosts birds throughout the event will be with them inextricably be. And while reading literary works on eyes the falcons will wear leather hoods (or cloaks).

Suales explained that taking part in an open lesson on literature with birds can any school from the emirates. For one only ten can read their passages students.

“Reading for animals, children try harder. They are interested, and they begin to love reading. ”

Hannah Suales, spokeswoman for the animal agency in UAE

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