How pets affect health

Most pet owners will agree that the pet makes a lot of positive changes in their lives. This makes sense – in Russia has more than 20 million pets, and if we shouldn’t make efforts to feed them, to occupy physical exercises and clean up after them, then we would not get pleasure from them! However, it is likely that many pet owners do not realize why the animal has such a positive effect, and not understand how it can really help them drive healthier Lifestyle. And it’s not just about guide dogs or others specially trained animals. I mean, what is your usual a cat, dog or hamster can significantly affect your health, making you physically and mentally stronger, and happier also! Read on to find out how your pet can make you more healthy and fun.

How pets affect health

Pets and exercises

Doctors recommend that we spend at least thirty minutes every day for something active. However, in reality, many of us do not achieve this result. But for owners dogs have good news, you have a much better chance reach these thirty minutes since your dog also needs in exercise. Daily brisk walking with a dog (fast because the dog is unlikely to be satisfied with the slow speed), will significantly increase the heart rate, and, most satisfy the recommendations of doctors. But dogs are not the only ones animals that help keep us active. You can exercise with your horse, run after the cat around the house or even play with your guinea pig – all this will help keep your the body is healthy and active.

Exercise with animals can also bring other benefits. No matter how surprising it may sound, the film “101 Dalmatian, “partly based on a true story. In the film, friendship and love blossomed between two dog owners who met each other while walking with their dogs. Of course, we do not claim that everyone will find their love with dog, but those who have a four-legged friend can really change your social life. Dog owners generally have the habit of walking on the same route, which means that they they will see the same faces almost every day. And even simple smile and funny “hello!” during this contact may create a sense of community between you – a sense of community that especially important in the modern world, where we often do not know our neighbors. This will make a big and positive difference in your mental health.

Pets and friendships

Dogs – this is for life, this applies to all others pets too. Pets provide their owners with long relationships and friendships are partners who always loyal, always loving and always (provided that you bring them food!) glad to see you. This in itself enough to bring positive changes into your life. But and that’s not all – a pet requires frequent thinking and care for him, and as common sense suggests, if you find time to care for your pets, then you are likely to find time to take care of yourself. For some people, the content A pet brings structuredness to their life, which, again, can have a very positive effect on their daily life and psychological health.

As social beings, we humans need such a basic need, like contact with someone. We are tactile creatures, and any pet we can chat with, pet or “hug” – will help us to meet this basic human needs. This is especially true for people who live alone, which is probably why many lonely people have a pet. Stroking and hugging with our pets can reassure us after a busy day days or distract us from a busy period at work.

Pets and the health of your children

If you are thinking about the health of your children, then pets for they will always be very welcome. First of all, the content of the animal may reduce the risk of allergies and asthma in a child. Hence, a pet can be of great benefit to the physical your child’s health. But animals also have a good effect on mental health of children. Many parents say that children consider their pet a friend you can trust – and love whisper in their ears about their concerns and problems. Animal on the other hand, is an ideal listener of their fears and concerns. Trusting your pets, your child will be occasionally perk up, which once again shows why animals can be beneficial to your baby’s health.

Many of these conclusions are logical and fairly simple to understand. But pets can also bring other benefits that scientists cannot explain yet. According to some studies, animals can help lower blood pressure and levels blood cholesterol and can also prevent the risk of heart seizures. These studies have not yet been confirmed, but in further, we will surely find out why animals can have such an effect on many aspects of our health. Who knows, maybe a few years will pass, and doctors will begin to prescribe home animals to treat their patients! At the same time, if in next time it will be difficult for you to pack up and take a walk with your dog, clean up after hamsters, or clean out the tray, then you will understand how it can affect your physical and mental Your pet’s health will be a great incentive for you!

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