How Metallica Saved Life: An Unusual Way scare off a predator

The meeting with the cougar could end tragically, but resourcefulness saved the girl. It turned out that the predator can not stand heavy music.

A resident of Canada met the beast while walking with a dog. The incident happened in British Columbia, not far from the city of Duncan. The girl tried to drive off the cougar with screams, but the animal did not leave and seemed to be waiting for a convenient moment for attacks. Dee Gallant – that’s the name of the resourceful Canadian – even took off beast in the video.

Realizing that the cougar would not give up so easily, the girl turned off the camera and put a Metallica Don’t Tread on Me song on the phone. According to Gallant, she chose this music because of the menacing sounding. The calculation was correct – the predator rushed to run, barely heard the sounds of the song.

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