How long does a dog’s pregnancy last? signs and terms

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

Many dog ​​lovers planning to mate their pet, or already having done it, they ask a reasonable question: how long pregnancy in dogs?

The dog’s gestational age depends on the breed of the pet and its sizes.

Dogs are animals that need attention and care. the owner.

Especially this need is exacerbated during gestation. cubs.

During this period, the pet especially needs support and protection. the owner.

In order to properly care for the dog in this difficult for her time, the owner must understand all the intricacies process.


  • 1 Diagnosis and signs of canine pregnancy
  • 2 Is it possible to calculate the time of pregnancy?
  • 3 What is the duration of pregnancy in large dogs rocks?
  • 4 How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?
  • 5 Stages of pregnancy in a dog
  • 6 How to take birth in a dog
  • 7 False pregnancy

Diagnosis and signs of canine pregnancy

Pregnancy in a dog is very difficult to determine in the early stages, since its obvious signs appear rather late.

At the same time, neither the appearance of the animal, nor the palpation of the abdominal pet cavities at first cannot shed light on Does he bear offspring.

A more explicit “indicator” of a bitch’s pregnancy is her mental condition.

The dog during this period behaves as follows:

  • It becomes much calmer;
  • More often shows affection for the owner;
  • More friendly to others;
  • Sometimes it seems sick.

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

Pregnant female becomes calmer, avoids physical loads

In the case of a normal pregnancy, it can be diagnose in a period of three weeks by probing.

When one month has passed since the dog’s pregnancy began, due to gestation, her body acquires the following features:

  • Belly increases significantly in size by the end of the fourth weeks;
  • The mammary glands brighten and swell in the fifth week pregnancy
  • The abdomen descends, shortly before the birth itself;
  • Ample yellowish or greenish come from the loop discharge.

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Is it possible to calculate the time of pregnancy?

The pregnancy of the female can last from 56 to 72 days.

On average, it ends on the sixties day.

Experienced breeders know how to calculate terms with great accuracy pedigree dog pregnancy based on the following principles:

  • A precisely fixed mating time needs to be fixed if the goal is to predict the timing of pregnancy and childbirth. AT case with unplanned viscous, timing is very complicated.
  • If a canine pregnancy lasts significantly less than fifty six or noticeably longer than seventy-two days, which means that there are problems with the health of the dog or fetus – it is necessary urgently contact a veterinary clinic to eliminate the threat animal life.
  • You need to know if the dog has had childbirth before, and if so, then how. In addition, it is necessary to understand whether the pet weakened.
  • It is necessary to carefully monitor the animal and periodically, for prevention, show it to the veterinarian.
  • Basically, the timing depends on the breed and the size of the pet.

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

Experienced breeders always fix the day of mating.

What is the duration of pregnancy in large dogs rocks?

In females of large dog breeds, for example, Caucasian and East European Shepherd Dogs, Neapolitan Mastiffs, Newfoundlands, Great Dane, Dobermans, Wolfhounds, leonberger usually small number of puppies.

Despite a small litter, the duration of pregnancy in these dogs is about two months old.

Their peculiarity is that the fewer puppies at the same time the female carries, the more they gain weight.

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

Large dogs usually have small offspring

With each additional day of pregnancy, puppies become more more – that’s why animals have complications during childbirth prolonged pregnancy.

According to statistics, carrying a large number of small puppies are faster than carrying less larger cubs.

This feature is dictated by the physiology of dogs, which, according to essentially, they are predators with a shorter duration than herbivores, gestation period.

At the genetic level, predators are relatively short pregnancy to simplify hunting, and for the birth of puppies small size.

That is why, in breeds such as Bordeaux Great Dane, Italian Greyhound, bullmastiffs, setters and wolfhounds, complications quite often appear at birth.

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

If the puppies are few, the pregnancy lasts longer and they gain in weight

In the process of fetal development, bitches gradually reduce physical loads, avoiding overly fast running, or, for example, jumping into height.

Pets instinctively feel the need to conserve energy and become calmer.

How long does a small dog breed get pregnant?

The gestation period of dogs of small breeds, among which – Chinese crested, Pomeranian Spitz, toy terrier, lapdog, Corgi, Pekingese lasts a little longer than average – usually about sixty two days.

The same goes for york females and chihuahua.

Problems in bearing a small number of large cubs in Small dog breeds are also observed.

According to statistics, the smaller the breed of a dog, the more it will have offspring.

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

A small breed pregnant dog is best fed a fractional high-calorie food

Moreover, small dogs run another risk complications.

If the body of a bitch is small, then the uterus with puppies takes too much space and sometimes cramps the stomach, which leads to problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

To avoid this, the animal should be fed a more fractional and more high-calorie foods to saturate the pet’s body with less quantity.

It’s also worth giving the dog free access to clean water, since during this period she drinks much more.

In addition to increased amounts of water and more high-calorie foods, the dog should receive a complex of vitamins.

Their number and variety is determined by the veterinarian after examination animal.

Pregnancy stages in a dog

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

From mating to birth, puppies fully develop in two of the month

The fetus hatched by the female develops and forms very quickly, therefore, it is important for the owner to know what is happening with the body animal:

  • On the 20th day after mating, the dog sometimes appears vomiting. Having noticed this, the dog needs to increase the portion of food. The day before vomiting, puppies begin to form hearts;
  • On day 28, the appearance of the cubs is already formed, but they are still remain without wool;
  • By day 32, puppies are already visible on ultrasound, because by this time they gain a quarter of their birth weight;
  • On day 33, puppies have already formed and strengthened bone structure in the ribs and limbs;
  • On day 36, all the basic systems in the body are formed;
  • On day 48, litter can already be examined using X-ray examination. With it, you can find out number of puppies per dog;
  • On day 55, the dog begins to lick often and look for a comfortable place for childbirth;

How to take birth in a dog

It is widely believed among dog lovers that these animals can give birth to litter without problems on their own.

However, they must be helped to produce offspring.

Especially the need for this is manifested if the dog is too big, or too small breed.

Dog preparation must be arranged by the owner with a big responsibility a week before they start.

First of all, you need to at least approximately recognize them Start.

This must be done even if the owner does not plan to personally accept childbirth.

He must understand this in order to be able to help. to a veterinarian or to be prepared to independently perform the role of an obstetrician, if childbirth occurs unplanned.

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

The playpen for the dog needs to be prepared in advance and let it get used to to him

Here are a few things a host should consider when preparation for childbirth:

  • Ten days before birth, the dog needs to reduce protein foods in the diet;
  • It is necessary to prepare a collapsible playpen or a box of sufficient sizes to which the pet must have time to get used to, so as not to there were problems at the time of delivery;
  • The place for puppies can not be made closed;
  • Childbirth itself is a rather “dirty” process, especially in dogs large breeds. Therefore, the place where the birth will be close in advance with oilcloths, which then have to throw out;
  • It is necessary to arrange a place where the puppies and the dog will live after childbirth.

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

Puppies should be born within an hour and a half after the start contractions

Signs of the onset of childbirth in dogs include:

  • Disclosure of the birth canal

During the course of the preparatory period, the birth canal animals are revealed and the body prepares for the birth of puppies.

First, the bitch begins to rush around the house, digging the ground with his paws and be anxious.

Sometimes the behavior of the female is the opposite – she becomes very affectionate and requires the attention of the owner.

  • Birth pains

During this phase, the pet begins reinforced contractions of the uterus, that is, labor pains.

Usually, during contractions, the female lies on its side and rests its paws on wall or box.

  • Litter birth and afterbirth

Like people, before immediate birth, the dog “leaves water”.

This occurs due to rupture of the external fetal water bubble. shell.

After the waters exit, the bladder itself leaves the birth canal, and after it puppies also appear.

If after the start of fights two hours have passed and the puppies have not started to be born, then there is a complication of childbirth and it is necessary consult a veterinarian.

False pregnancy

False pregnancy is a condition of an untied body bitches, in which she shows all the external signs of a pregnant dogs.

This deviation is quite common, more often dogs with episodic breeding activities are there are those animals that do not experience, or rarely experience burden due to pregnancy and childbirth.

Females with uniform breeding activity, false pregnancy practically not observed.

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

False pregnancy is more likely to occur in dogs, which are rarely knit

Signs of false pregnancy include:

  • The female begins to arrange a den for future offspring;
  • She perceives her toys as puppies, sometimes she puts them under his stomach and licks, collects them in his den;
  • Becomes calmer and indifferent to physical loads, even to walks and games;
  • Sometimes it shows nervousness and agitation, as well as aggressively reacts to those who come to her lair and “puppies”, whose role play toys.

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False pregnancy usually goes away on its own within two weeks and has no negative future consequences dog health.

Sometimes, in order to speed up and facilitate the process of transition of the animal into normal condition, it should be shown to the veterinarian and carried out injections of hormonal drugs.

It’s also worth making the dog move, remove her toys and exclude all dairy products from the diet.

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last: How soon will the offspring wait for pet?

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last? Pregnancy status dogs are very difficult to identify in the early stages. Most explicit “Indicator” of a female’s pregnancy is her mental state.

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