How dogs mate for the first time: how help pets

When people give birth to a puppy, sooner or later they begin to think about to get offspring. The result is mass questions. Since not everyone before had other four-legged friends, some don’t know how dogs mate first times, and what to do to organize this process. He has some features, and if necessary, pets can to help.


  • 1 How are dogs breeding for the first time
  • 2 How to help if you can’t
  • 3 Video: How to prepare a dog for breeding

How dogs are breeding for the first time

Knitting Spitz

The knitting will surely pass properly, if you familiarize yourself with its main features

The optimal period for information is the ovulation period in a female, coming after 10-15 days of estrus. To guarantee achievement The result is better to repeat the process itself a day after sexual intercourse happened.

The dog may begin to estrus already at the age of six months, but it is better wait with viscous up to 15-18 months.

If the bitch has not yet mated, she should be reduced only to a dog who already had experience of successful incidents. Important first introduce the animals, because it will have a positive effect on both mating and subsequent pregnancy. It is also recommended that the bitch not mate for some time after mating. went to the toilet.

Knitting is carried out only on the territory of the dog.

In case of successful mating and achieving the desired estrus result will stop right away, without having to let the animal lie down on your stomach. With proper mating, pregnancy about 2 weeks after sexual intercourse act.

How to help if you can’t

Man stroking a dog

First, the dogs are left alone for 20-30 minutes so that they can “get to know” and get used to each other. Then it happens knitting, during which some problems are possible, therefore owners need to know how to help their pets.

  • After the male started breeding, the owner is better at first hold the head of a bitch.
  • If the male is too short, it is recommended to put there is something soft under his paws, such as a pillow. If the bitch is small you need to substitute a knee under her belly, lift and fix in a certain position.
  • After the male enters the bitch and the beginning of his active shocks It is recommended to press a little to it. Thanks to this, the penis definitely won’t slip out.
  • At the end of ejaculation, clumping begins (dogs pressed against each other by the genitals, looking at opposite sides) due to active penis enlargement and a sharp contraction of the vagina. This process usually lasts 20-30 minutes.
  • Help the male to throw the foot so that the dogs were sideways or back to each other.
  • If the mating failed, it can be repeated to the next day.

If the dogs are thoroughbred, for offspring with a pedigree it is necessary to register the mating in a dog training organization, go through all the preliminary tests and procedures.

Video: How to prepare a dog for breeding

If you carefully familiarize yourself with all the features and know how to help animals, mating will be successful, and the bitch will give birth to healthy progeny.

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