How cats see: secrets and features perception of animals around the world

A fascinating cat’s eye has been surrounded for centuries numerous beliefs and mystical speculations. Cats even credited with the ability to see the other world and its inhabitants. To date, not all the features of cat vision have been studied. by scientists. But some information about how cats see is already received. and confirmed by experts.


  • 1 Features of cat vision
  • 2 How many colors cats distinguish
  • 3 How far can see
  • 4 As seen in the dark
  • 5 What is the connection with the other world
  • 6 How our world is seen
    • 6.1 Do you see the image on the TV and its reflection in a mirror
    • 6.2 How cats see humans
  • 7 Vision Problems: How to Spot Them
    • 7.1 What to do if a cat becomes poorly seen
    • 7.2 Video: why cats glow in the dark

Features of cat vision

The cat’s organ of vision is very different from the human in structure and space perception abilities. They have big, round eyes with a convex lens. The viewing angle of space is 270 degrees.

A feature of cats is stereoscopic vision. Each of their eyes gets its own image of the subject, which are then folded by the brain into one three-dimensional image. AT As a result, the predator obtains accurate information about the location prey and distance to it.

The structure of the cat's eye

Everything that the left eye sees comes to the right side of the brain and, on the contrary, the right eye transfers the picture to the left half

The predator’s genetic memory makes animals respond to moving objects. Fixed for them virtually no are of interest. Watching a moving object the animal begins to actively move its head upside down: so the cat changes the viewing angle and focuses on production. This natural ability helps predator to calculate distance to millimeter to the victim, so the cat’s jump is so accurate.

The cat’s particular eye sensitivity is directly related to pupil structure. It is located vertically and has a high elasticity. In bright light it narrows, limiting hit rays on the retina. Lack of lighting causes a strong expansion pupil, which facilitates the penetration of more Sveta.

The cat’s eye in sensitivity exceeds human in 6-8 time. The reason for this is a special layer behind the retina “tapetum”. is he is a shell of vessels that look similar to nacre.

How many colors do cats distinguish

Until recently, it was believed that the color of a cat is not distinguish. It was assumed that all items for them looked gray, similar in shades to mice. The main argument for this was the fact that the cat’s color vision is simply useless, because they hunt at night.

Recent research by scientists has disproved this claim. It is proved that cats do not distinguish only some shades: orange, brown, red, green. Blue is available to their eyes violet, gray, yellow colors. This perception is based on an increased amount in the eye of cones that decode blue and green colors. Shade sensitive cones red, in the eyes of these animals almost none. Therefore red colors are not available to cats.

Basically, the world from the point of view of a cat, looks bluish-gray, since they pick up violet and yellow colors worse.

Comparison of the color perception of a cat and a man

There is no vivid picture in front of the cat’s eyes, but its world is by no means Gray

How far can see

The maximum distance at which the cat clearly sees objects is 60 meters, but the image of such a range for him looks like solid spot. Range of view is limited to a distance of 20 meters. Scientists explain this feature by the fact that a predator hunts. from an ambush, and distinguishing distant objects is not necessary.

Too close, cats also don’t perceive what’s in front of my eyes. An object brought closer to the muzzle than 50 see, the animal recognizes the organs of touch. This feature should be kept in mind when playing with your home pet.

Most clearly domestic predators see objects, located at a distance of 75 cm to 6 m. This value they need to calculate the height and length of the jump for prey.

As seen in the dark

The opinion that cats are guided in pitch darkness – myth. The animal sees with minimal light. Cat 10% of the lighting that a person needs is enough. People at such illumination can not see anything. But this animal – predator, so his eyes are equipped with additional receptors, which have an increased sensitivity to light. Tapetum on the back of the retina twice, like a mirror, reflects light, therefore cat’s eyes glow in the dark. In fact, the eyes do not glow, but reflect the rays that hit them.

The cat sees in the dark

Cats look at us with colorful eyes. Colors are similar to amber, blue sea, blue sky, green grass or bright gold

Good orientation in the space of a dark room is explained the fact that vision is not the only organ through which cats perceive the world. The secret of the animal in particularly sensitive organs touch – vibrissas.

Vibrissa (mustache) – a kind of sensors that send to the brain of a cat information about surrounding objects.

What is the connection with the underworld

Cats often watch objects that are not visible to humans. They suddenly jump up, start scampering around the room, knocking them down. The pupils of the animal at such moments are dilated, the hair is reared. Such behavior makes you believe that the cat sees the other world and its inhabitants. What is unable to see is accessible to his gaze. person.

When an animal looks into the void or, turning its head, examines an empty wall, there is no reason to worry. This is explained by the fact that even the cat’s ears are accessible the quietest sounds that are alarming. They are not coming from the other world, and, quite possibly, from under the baseboard. The statement of grandmothers that at such moments the domestic predator communicates with brownies, also from the area of half-hints.

The cat is watching

For centuries, cats, thanks to the peculiarities of their vision in darkness turned into a source of scary stories

But the connection of the cat with the world unknown to man still exists. If a pet starts to behave uneasily, without visible for this reason, it is advisable to consecrate the home. Esoterics claim that the cat, having noticed on its territory the otherworldly body, trying to protect the owner from it. Animal first freezes, trying to appreciate the intentions of the “alien”. If cat it seems that an uninvited guest is dangerous for the owner, she tries displace it with one’s own energy. When the danger is too strong and the cat fails to cope with it, it can even leave the house. There are frequent cases when cats return as unexpectedly as left him. So the pet removes evil spirits from the house, and getting rid of it outside the walls of the house, returns.

Scientists in this behavior of cats do not see anything mystical and claim that any behavior of a cat is explained by its increased sensitivity to sounds and smells.

But evidence refuting cats’ ability to see the inhabitants of the other world are not represented, therefore, in you can still believe the cat’s supernatural power of vision.

How our world is seen

To see our world through the eyes of a cat, you need to look at faded, blurry photo. Nature foresaw the skill of predators it’s good to see moving prey without paying attention to small details. Cat’s eyes don’t give a complete picture of the world’s picture, therefore, their vision is supplemented by other senses.

Cats see immediately with their eyes, nose and vibrissa – sensitive organs located on the muzzle and tail. They are much more important touch the subject and sniff at it than just see it.

Do they see the image on the TV and their reflection in a mirror

Opinions of scientists about the perception of images on the screen The TVs are divided. Some claim that animals see flickering and movement of objects. In support of this, many hosts testify that their pets love to watch animals on screen, and after switching the channel immediately lose interest in TV.

Cats watch TV

Cats love not only watching TV, but also sleeping on it

Others are sure that TV shows in the eyes of animals look like static pictures replacing each other. They explain this fact by that cat’s eyes perceive images at a speed of 40 frames per give me a sec. In this case, the TV is tuned to the perception of a person, then There are 24 frames. For the animal to see the movement on the screen, frame should be updated 50 times per second.

In the mirror, the cat sees himself normally, but begins to hiss and cuddle your ears. This behavior indicates fright. The odorless image and auditory vibrations are incomprehensible and causes fear.

How cats see humans

Pets see people as they are. They are adequate evaluate growth, recognize movements and voice. But a clear picture animals see only at a distance of 0.5 to 5 meters. On at a distance of 7–10 meters, the pet sees only the silhouette and recognizes the owner can by smell and voice.

It is believed that, in addition to the physical body of a person, cats can see his biofield. This ability can explain the different attitudes towards strangers. To one animal fits without fear, lets himself stroke and even walks into his arms. Some strangers are not allowed to take a step. Animal evaluates a person’s aura and determines exactly who can represent danger to him.

The ability to see the aura is reflected in the cat’s ability to determine sore spot on the host’s body. Pet pulls a negative the owner’s energy, thereby beneficially affecting his health.

If the cat living in the house is constantly sick and does not help him no treatment, the owners should think about their own health.

From the way a domestic predator looks at a person, you can understand what is his mood at the moment and guess his desires:

  • peace and tranquility is expressed by narrowed eyes and narrowed pupils;
  • fright is reflected in wide eyes and as much as possible dilated pupils;
  • when the pet intends to beg the owner for a treat, look becomes steadfast, right in the eyes of a person;
  • if the animal, not looking up, looks at the person, periodically slowly closing his eyes, it expresses its love.

Vision problems: how to spot them

Cats suffer from various visual impairments quite often. The owner should be wary if the animal hides his eyes from the bright light or often rubs the face with its paws. Signs of inflammation – frequent pet blinking, pus in the corners of the eyes, protein clouding, swelling century. Any of these signs is an occasion immediately. consult with your veterinarian.

Kitten is watching

The kittens that are blinded at an early age have a much longer mustache than brothers. So nature compensates for the lack of visual perceptions of the world

Some eye diseases can cause complete blindness. pet. Notice vision problems in cats, to take action in time is difficult because they are capable of navigate in space even with complete blindness. ABOUT started vision problems that should be checked say signs:

  • the animal does not jump to favorite places located on heights or falls when he jumps, falls;
  • when moving around the house comes across a moved or new furniture, items in unusual places;
  • pupils of the pet do not narrow in bright light;
  • stops responding to your favorite toys;
  • when the pet is looking at the owner, his gaze does not focus on him.

All these signs indicate a cat’s vision impairment or the onset of her blindness.

What to do if a cat becomes poorly seen

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to restore a pet’s vision, but this not a reason to abandon a sick animal. To the owner should organize the space of the home so that the animal felt comfortable. The pet will be able to live fully, if you take the following:

  • Do not change the location of the bowls with food and water;
  • do not let the animal out into the street without supervision, for a walk lead on a leash;
  • in a new room to accustom a cat to the arrangement of objects, not frightening and allowing herself to find the way;
  • do not clutter the way with boxes scattered with toys and other items.

Video: why do cats glow in the dark

Cat’s vision is an area in which there are more mysteries than a riddle. Scientists continue to study the features of these cute creatures, and with every day we learn more about them. A person in the first place must take care of the health of the pet, including its vision.

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