Hippo who acts in film and loves to drink tea

An amazing story, like in a fairy tale, began by the Limpopo River. In at high tide the waves threw ashore a tiny newborn hippo.

The pink baby was only five hours old, but he weighed already exactly a pound, as behemoth is supposed to. He was lucky: in this the moment on the shore were kind people who picked up a gift rivers that went out and raised it.

Jessica – so called this girl – settled in the family Joubert and turned into a large, beautiful and completely tame animal. She is a gourmet: she loves sweet potatoes and can drink up to twenty liters of the famous rooibos tea.

Woman and a hippo

There are several documentaries made about Jessica, and this one hippopotamus became the most famous in the world. Now she lives in the river together with other hippos, but often comes to visit their rescuers – Have a bite and watch TV.

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