Hepatovet for dogs

The liver is one of the most important organs of the canine organism. This iron performs many important tasks: neutralizes those that enter the body toxins, participates in metabolism, stores vitamins and trace elements, synthesizes blood plasma proteins and fats, makes up for blood volume during blood loss. No wonder if the liver junk, then soon the animal’s health is deteriorating. Hepatitis, cirrhosis, ascites are just some of the diseases that dogs are literally poisoned. About liver problems signal the following symptoms:

  • Lethargy;
  • Digestive disorders (refusal of food, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation);
  • Discoloration of feces and urine (solid excrement becomes light gray, liquid – saturated orange);
  • The belly of the dog looks inflated, the pet does not allow touch the belly (the development of ascites);
  • Weight loss.

If the animal has at least a few of the following symptoms, you should contact a veterinarian who will prescribe treatment: diet, the introduction of antibiotics (if necessary), vitamins, as well as hepatoprotectors – agents that restore liver cells. One of the popular and relatively specialists consider “Hepatovet” to be inexpensive veterinary preparations for the liver for dogs, which will be discussed in the article.

“Hepatovet”: what is this drug and when is it needed

“Hepatovet” – a domestic drug for the treatment of liver in animals, produced in the form of a suspension near Moscow Veterinary Company Api-san. The product goes on sale in bottles of 50 and 100 ml Veterinary action provides:

  • Lecithin – a phospholipid that helps the liver resist the action of toxic substances, restores it cells, contributes to the production of bile;
  • Methionine is an amino acid that improves liver function. functions, reducing the deposition of fat and cholesterol in the body;
  • L-Ornithine – an amino acid that regenerates liver cells, reduces the harmful effects of toxins;
  • Milk Thistle and Helichrysum Extracts – These Plants are natural hepatoprotectors used in diseases liver of various etiologies. Helps maintain the liver after chemotherapy, after poisoning, improve the condition of the gland after acute and chronic diseases.

Special information about the hepatoprotector “Hepatovet”

In order for the product to benefit the animal most, it is important take into account the characteristics of the drug, as reported by the instructions for application:

  1. “Hepatovet” is not subject to use, if from the moment of opening 3 weeks have passed. Shelf life in intact vial makes 24 months at a temperature of 2-25 degrees;
  2. The drug can not be administered to epileptic dogs in severe form liver failure and encephalopathy. Contraindicated hepatoprotector for animals with individual intolerance to components that are in the composition;
  3. After the introduction of “Hepatovet” in dogs may begin short-term profuse salivation and occasionally allergic reactions (a doggie will need to be given an antihistamine);
  4. “Hepatovet” can be administered to the dog along with others medicines, feeds and food additives.

How to administer Hepatovet to a dog

The animals are given a suspension 2-3 times a day, mixing the right the amount of the drug with food. If a doggie from such a “treat” refuses, “Hepatovet” is injected with a syringe (included) with suspension). Before administration, the liquid in the vial must be intensely shake. Application lasts from 3 to 5 weeks after agreement with by the veterinarian. If necessary, to improve the condition of the liver, a second course of treatment is carried out after 2-3 weeks. In order not to be mistaken with a dosage, first you need to weigh a home friend. Knowing the mass pet, it is easy to choose the required amount of the drug:

  • Dogs up to 10 kg are given 1 ml of suspension 2-3 times a day;
  • Dogs weighing up to 20 kg – 2 ml each;
  • Dogs weighing up to 30 kg – 3 ml each;
  • Dogs weighing up to 40 kg – 4 ml each;
  • Animals heavier than 40 kg – 5 ml each.

Reviews of doctors about the drug for dogs “Hepatovet”

To identify the benefits of the drug, it is worth paying attention to reviews of veterinarians about Hepatovet suspension: Galina, veterinary doctor: “I recommend the owners of dogs drug” Hepatovet “after antibiotic therapy and poisoning, with malnutrition and hepatitis. This remedy, unlike other hepatoprotectors. available in suspension, that is, the pet does not need to do painful injections. The Hepatovet copes with its task, improving the condition of the liver of animals … “; Sergey, veterinarian:” B the composition of the solution “Hepatovet” has “liver assistants” – lecithin and methionine, which cope even with advanced forms of viral hepatitis in combination with antibiotics, immunomodulators and painkillers. The advantage of the Hepatovet is that in dogs the drug does not cause side effects even with minor overdose. In addition, “Hepatovet” can be taken not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of liver diseases. Disadvantage medicine in its unpleasant odor and a fairly short period storage after opening the package … “; Marina, veterinarian: “Drugs” Hepatovet “and” Hepatojet “from the company” Api-San “I recommend all owners to have in a home medicine cabinet. Liver disease susceptible to many elderly and malnourished animals, in resulting in the need for veterinary hepatoprotectors, the best of which I consider the Hepatovet suspension and injectable Hepatogen … solution

Reviews of dog owners about the drug for dogs “Hepatovet”

Reviews on the hepatoprotector “Hepatovet” by dog ​​owners in mostly positive: Elena, Nizhny Novgorod: “By the will of fate, I had to leave our Proshka (fee) for 2 months neighbors to look after. When I met my pet again, terribly upset: the dog lost weight, he was often sick, was discolored diarrhea. It turned out that fed my doggie cheap feed, and even uncontrolled, 5-6 times a day. So they appeared liver problems. Vet prescribed diet food and solution “Hepatitis.” I gave it to Prosh every day for 1 month. Satisfied: diarrhea disappeared, ultrasound showed that the liver is back in okay. There was no side effect, although the smell of this liquid is unpleasant … “; Marina, Kovrov: “Of the advantages of the Hepatovet, I’ll mark it efficiency, safety and good composition. Also it the medicine is designed specifically for dogs, unlike the same Essential. Among the minuses, perhaps, is that of my Jack after a week of taking, skin irritation began (instructions warns of possible allergic reactions) … “; Nikolay: “The dog started having liver problems after pyroplasmosis. Especially tormented by vomiting, and the weight decreased by as much as 5 kg Hepatovet helped, which the spouse mixed with our pet in porridge with meat. After 5 days of taking the dog became more fun, Appetite appeared. Vomiting was still intermittent, but after complete during the course of treatment (1 month) everything returned to normal … ”

The cost of the suspension “Hepatovet”

The price of Hepatovet suspension depends on the volume of the bottle. Small A 50 ml bottle will cost 360-550 rubles. Large bottle (100 ml) will cost 520-700 rubles. Therefore more profitable It turns out the purchase of a hepatoprotector in a larger container. But if the doggie is small (weight less than 10 kg), then acquire 100 ml the bottle is disadvantageous, because after opening the suspension is suitable for only 21 days.

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