Hepatitis in dogs

A huge number of dogs die from liver disease each year. TO one of the most dangerous diseases affecting the liver, ranked hepatitis. In our article, we will talk about this dog ailment: species hepatitis, symptoms of the disease, treatment methods.

Hepatitis – a threat to the health of the dog’s liver

The liver is huge (compared to other internal organs) iron, which performs a lot of important functions: neutralizes toxins, removes excess hormones and metabolic products, participates in the processes of digestion and blood formation. Even minor liver problems adversely affect health animal. Hepatitis in dogs is one of the most famous and serious diseases, the development of which suffers precisely the liver, and with it the whole body.

Types of Hepatitis in Dogs

Such a liver disease in animals is divided into the following виды:Hepatitis

  • Инфекционный гепатит у собак – это заболевание вызываетadenovirus type 1. This type of hepatitis is not only dangerous liver, but also for the upper respiratory tract, kidneys, eyes of the animal, vascular cells. The virus is contained in the saliva, urine and feces of patients pets that infect other individuals. That is, an animal just sniff other people’s feces or snack from a bowl sick dog so that the insidious adenovirus invades the body. The most complex fulminant form of viral hepatitis (the dog has no chances of survival) and an acute form of the disease (the dog is experiencing many violations in the work of internal organs). Especially dangerous disease for unvaccinated puppies and elderly doggies. And here are people You should not be afraid of such a dog disease, since viral hepatitis from animals is not transmitted to humans. By the way, some owners worry: can a dog get hepatitis from a person. Not, this is excluded because the causes of the disease in animals and people are completely different;
  • Toxic hepatitis in dogs is inflammatory process fatal to liver cells. Such a disease develops when various toxic substances enter the canine organism (some medicines, plants, alcohol, cleaning agents, insecticides, etc.). And in the animal’s body, poisons are far from always swallowed, sometimes animals can poison by toxic fumes or by poison on the skin. Naturally, getting the dog infected with hepatitis like neither other animals nor humans can be of character. Hepatitis B the result of poisoning is divided into acute (when the dose of toxin ingested once, but in large quantities) and chronic (when the dog receives small doses over time toxin). Acute toxic hepatitis causes vivid symptoms diseases, while in chronic hepatitis the dog may look actually healthy.

Symptoms of hepatitis in dogs

Dogs get hepatitis differently depending on the cause the occurrence of the disease and the form of the disease. Consider the symptoms of hepatitis у собак вирусной и токсической природы:HepatitisКsigns of viral or infectious hepatitis include:

  • fever and fever (over 40 degrees),
  • difficulty swallowing
  • vomiting, diarrhea (light stool, often with blood),
  • dark urine
  • jaundice
  • abdominal pain
  • enlarged liver
  • swelling of the lymph nodes.

Often, complications associated with hepatitis develop encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), vasculitis (inflammation blood vessels), glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure) and ulceration of the cornea, anorexia, arrhythmia. Symptoms of hepatitis in dogs caused by poisoning, they differ slightly:

  • the dog is weak
  • she has bouts of nausea
  • diarrhea,
  • hemorrhages on the skin.

Often there are changes in behavior (excessive excitability or apathy), impaired coordination, lack of appetite. Sometimes toxic hepatitis – the cause of liver cirrhosis, renal insufficiency and disorders of the central nervous system in animals.

Diagnosis of hepatitis

Sometimes owners, observing the signs of a disease in dogs, independently diagnose their pets. However correct only a veterinarian can determine the ailment, having performed an abdominal radiography, liver MRI and abdominal ultrasound, biochemical, bacteriological and serological blood tests. Analysis for hepatitis and liver diseasesIn some cases diagnosis of hepatitis includes a liver biopsy. No need studies of toxic or viral hepatitis in dogs can easily confuse with another disease.

Hepatitis treatment

Choose the right treatment for hepatitis in dogs under the power of an experienced to the veterinarian. Обычно против болезни используют такие средства:Destruction of the hepatitis virus. Treatment of hepatitisФото: Процессhepatitis virus eradication

  • Antibiotics and hyperimmune serums (with viral hepatitis);
  • Hepatoprotectors;
  • Diuretics;
  • Vitamins
  • Antitoxic injections (for hepatitis caused by poisoning);
  • Painkillers.

In addition to drug therapy, dogs are prescribed for hepatitis a diet. A dog with a sick liver should be present in the diet boiled turkey or skinless chicken (fillet), boiled vegetables, in a small amount of porridge on the water, a lot of clean drinking water. If a doggie used to eat finished food, it makes sense to translate animal on a diet for individuals with a problematic liver.

Dog Hepatitis Prevention

Protecting a pet from an illness is much easier than curing an ailment. To песик не подхватил гепатит, владельцу следует:Anatomy of a dog. Digestive system of a dog

  1. Обращаться в ветклинику для введения вакцины от инфекционногоhepatitis (vaccination is done from 2 months of age);
  2. Keep track of the animal’s social circle. While walking It is advisable to minimize the contacts of a home dog with homeless and sick-looking dogs;
  3. Do not leave medicines, cleaning agents unattended, spoiled foods and anything else that may contribute the development of toxic hepatitis;
  4. Refuse self-medication (doggie often poisoned with tablets);
  5. Show at least once a year a dog who has been ill with hepatitis to the veterinarian, in order to make sure that the ailment has not returned again, but the condition the liver is fine.

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