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Happy dog is a German-made feed brand that already for several decades provides dog owners and breeders complete rations. Various menus are available, like premium class and budget line, and the assortment is constantly replenished with new tastes. Manufacturers themselves claim that their products made from natural ingredients and provide animal organism with everything necessary. But is it really so? AND Can Economy Feed Become Daily nutrition, even if it’s dog food Happy Dog?


  • 1. About the manufacturer
  • 2. Product Range
    • 2.1. Baby Feeding Line
    • 2.2. Adult Pet Diet Line
    • 2.3. Specialized feed line
    • 2.4. The line of canned food
    • 2.5. Pate
  • 3. Composition analysis
  • 4. Advantages and disadvantages
  • 5. Feedback from dog breeders and the opinion of veterinarians
  • 6. How much is the feed of this brand

About the manufacturer

A family company is engaged in the production of rations of this brand Interquell, which has been around for hundreds of years. Originally she specialized in the manufacture of cereal products and flour. But half a century ago, her work switched to power supply for pets and successfully copes with the set challenge. Happy

Interquell has been developing and producing 40 years Happy Dog diets for pets and various feed additives. During this time, the range has expanded significantly, and production processes have improved.

The manufacturer applies a multi-stage control program for all stages of production, and as a raw material Only quality products are used.

The company’s specialists do not stop improving the composition of rations, and Among the latest successful developments is a unique bioformula that normalizes digestive and metabolic processes in the body of animals.

Product range

For 40 years, the manufacturer has developed several lines of rations for adult dogs of various sizes, ages, separate menus for puppies, as well as a series of canned foods.

Baby Feeding Line

It includes several diets suitable for fast-growing organisms:

  1. Мини Беби&Джуниор – разработаны для малышей декоративныхrocks not differing in size. 15% of the composition of the granules – poultry, in addition, it includes diet meat components, as well as seafood, instead of cereals, the formula includes rice. The ratio of basic substances is such that it satisfies the needs puppies older than 1 month.
  2. Medium baby – designed to feed offspring from medium dogs that weigh no more than 26 kg. The composition is similar to the previous one. diet, however, the percentage of protein and protein other sources – they are fewer.
  3. Medium Junior – this menu is suitable for puppies of medium breeds, who are older than 4 months. It contains less protein, but fat as much as in the previous formula.
  4. Maxi Baby – this menu is suitable for large and giant puppies breeds whose representatives grow more intensively than others.
  5. NaturCroq Welpen – universal puppy food suitable for babies of all breeds and sizes from 1 month to a year. Formula balanced diet, contains vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the pet to fully grow and developed.

Adult Pet Diet Line

This includes various menus, which are also divided into views, therefore, owners can choose the appropriate food that meets individual needs of dogs:

  1. Фит&IN елл Эдалт Мини – этот корм рекомендован в качествеnutrition for small dogs that weigh less than 10 kg. Sources of easily digestible proteins in it are poultry meat and lamb, fiber – corn.
  2. Фит&Велл Эдалт Медиум – рацион, который подходит дляfeeding dogs of medium size. The main product is meat birds.
  3. Фит&Велл Эдал Макси – меню для крупных псов, которые весятover 25 kg. The protein part is 23%, the fat in them is 12 %

Specialized feed line

The manufacturer takes into account the needs of dogs with features health who need special nutrition:

  1. Supreme Sensible – food suitable for dogs with food intolerance and sensitive skin. Exist several diets with different tastes, but they are united by one – all components are hypoallergenic and do not provoke negative manifestations in the dog’s body.
  2. Sensible Canada – A formula designed for dogs receiving regular high loads, we are talking about medium and large animals sizes. The main ingredients are rabbit meat and salmon.
  3. Sensible Toscana – a low fat and protein diet suitable for feeding pets with an inactive lifestyle and prone to gain weight. The basis of the diet is diet meat of lamb and salmon.

The line of canned food

These products are suitable for animals suffering from various allergies, but also they can feed completely healthy dogs. ВCanned food includes natural ingredients in the form of minced meat: lamb, beef, ducklings, turkey meat, lamb, veal. Also included is a vitamin and mineral supplement.

The manufacturer does not add grain, soy and other to these rations cheap, low-useful and poorly digestible components.


Delicate delicacy with a delicate texture, consisting of products of excellent quality. Not food for daily food, it is recommended to use it as an additional dietary supplements. A dog is enough to eat per day 30-40 grams of this product. Happy Dog pastes consist of different types of meat, mostly dietary and easily digestible.

Composition analysis

Manufacturer indicates high quality products and availability natural ingredients, but still their diets do not apply to top class products. Premium and economy feeds are produced, what can be understood by evaluating their composition. Happy Dog for dogs composition

For example, you can take a fairly popular diet, suitable gourmet – Supreme Sensible Caribbean that does not include cereals products and is suitable for feeding pets medium to large dimensions.

When developing the formula, experts relied on refined Caribbean cuisine recipes. It includes sea fish environmentally friendly noble breeds and potatoes, which is distinguished by good digestibility.

This diet does not include cereals that are sources gluten free. Protein contained in meat of marine fish does not load digestive system and is not a high-calorie product, therefore, this food is recommended for dogs of any breed, even with sensitive digestion.

In addition, the food contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which provide healthy skin and coat. Veterinarians recommend it for dogs whose body does not carries cereals and protein substances.

The composition of the feed cannot be called rich, it includes the following Components:

  • slightly less than half – potato flakes;
  • 18% – fillet of marine fish;
  • potatoes;
  • sunflower oil;
  • beet pulp;
  • liver hydrolysates;
  • oil obtained from rape seed;
  • 0.8% pomace from pulp of apples – pulp;
  • sea salt;
  • yeast mixture;
  • yucca shidiger extract.

As you can see, the basis of the diet is not meat, but vegetable components – mainly potatoes. Fish is only 18%, which is not enough considering the needs of the dog.

The food contains 23% protein, 12% fat, 3% fiber and 7% ash content. It is enriched with calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, D3 and E.

Advantages and disadvantages

Happy Dog Company strives to ensure its products True German quality, therefore adheres to number of rules:

  • preference is given to raw materials of local producers;
  • The composition includes quality products that are used in the production of expensive products – fish, lamb, clam meat, hepatic hydrolyzate and others;
  • strict quality control of products is carried out, and at all stages of production, rations meet the requirements standards;
  • The structure includes a specially designed complex, consisting of natural raw materials – its components with high biological activity benefit the animal organism;
  • Happy Dog diets do not include artificial the origin of, for example, flavorings or flavor enhancers;
  • among the ingredients there are no such low-quality components as soybeans and waste from the meat processing industry, such as bone flour;
  • feeds of this brand can boast a high rate assimilation, which means that the dog was full, requires a small portion of food.
  • the range includes a range of therapeutic diets suitable for dogs with allergies and digestive upsets;
  • both dry and canned pellets are available products
  • this brand is quite common and is available various pet stores; in addition, it can be found on the shelves universal supermarkets;
  • due to the low price, feed of this brand is available to most dog owners.

Given that Happy Dog feed is available in two categories – premium and economy class, they have less requirements than to rations super and holistic categories, however, and here it is necessary meet existing standards. The dog eats

What are the disadvantages of these feeds? These include:

  • in some formulas, an ingredient such as “bird”, but the producer does not specify whether it is a chicken, a duck or another; in addition, often instead of meat, offal is used;
  • in some types of feed as main components cereals appear; even considering that rice is well absorbed animal organism, and corn is more valuable than wheat, nevertheless dogs need animal protein more than vegetable protein.

Happy Dog is a fairly popular brand of rations of this class, since, in comparison with other budget feeds, its products are The background available compares favorably. But is it enough for the dog eat foods based on herbal Components?

Reviews of dog breeders and the opinion of veterinarians

Choosing the right menu for your four-legged friend, dog owners are guided by many factors, including, get acquainted with reviews of dog breeders who are familiar with certain brands dry rations:

Marina S., St. Petersburg: “Only one and a half months ago a funny little one appeared in our house – a tiny Frenchy. At first they began to feed with natural products, but the advice of a friend who has been living with a chow chow male for 5 years, bought корм Хэппи Дог мини Беби&Джуниор. I later from different forums learned that this diet is far from ideal, however, it is much better touted pedigree. Health problems in our baby does not arise, so while switching to products of other brands does not get out. ”

Elena, Yekaterinburg: “When they took their puppy from the breeder, we were recommended to feed him Royal Canin. But after a week they realized – he does not suit our baby, since feces were not formed as needed, but in addition, they had creepy smell. In search of a suitable one, we went through many brands, but still not decided. As for Happy Dog, his the doggie ate with pleasure, the chair returned to normal and the smell became less sharp. But I was embarrassed by the large amount of corn in composition, so for now I had to abandon him. ”

As for veterinarians, their opinions differ. Vladimir veterinarian: “If you evaluate the diets of Happy Dog in comparison with economical feed, then this German product is more useful and qualitative. But for the premium it is unacceptable that the first the place was not meat, but vegetable ingredients, therefore owners are advised to look at what is indicated in feed composition. In the lines of Happy there are both quite decent recipes, one third consisting of excellent meat ingredients, so and budget menus for vegetarian dogs. ”

How much is the feed of this brand

The cost of a kilogram of Happy Dog dry granules varies from 480 up to 650 rubles, of course, that premium and medicinal food formulas are more expensive than economy class products.

A 4-kilogram package will cost 1250-2300 rubles, and for 12 a kilogram of feed will have to pay from 3,500 to 5,300 rubles. Jar gourmet pate for dogs costs 55-65 rubles, price 750 g economy canned food with meat and vegetable parts is 160-170 rubles. A canned diet of 100% beef weighing 400 g It costs about 250-270 rubles.

Happy Dog rations are of German quality and acceptable At the cost, however, when selecting, it is important to focus not on reviews, but the opinion of specialists and the needs of a four-legged friend.

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