Guard cat kicked out a thief raccoon from home

Cat and Raccoon Fight Video Appears on Lindy’s Twitter Account Mills are mistresses of the mustachioed.

An incident with a curious raccoon and a brave cat occurred in USA.

Quietly and very carefully, the raccoon made his way to the front door of one of residents of the city. To scout the situation, a ginger slipped through his face into the hole at the entrance. Suddenly something alerted him, and he instantly jumped out of there.

Bailey's cat bravely defends his home


As it turned out, a cat named Bailey was on duty right outside the door, who escorted the intruder. Mustachio jumped through the same a hole in the door and attacked a raccoon.

Lindy herself wrote that her cat is simply “the king of his craft,” and netizens admired the courage of her pet.

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