Groenendael (photo): Playful handsome, black as night



Origin: Belgium

Class: Group 1. Cattle dogs and cattle dogs. Class 1. Shepherd dogs.

Color: black

Dimensions: height: 60 – 65 cm, weight: 28 – 35 kg.

Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years.

Groenendael is one of four varieties of Belgian shepherd dogs As distinctive features of the breed called deep black color as well as an exceptional mind and quick wit of its representatives.

The dog is almost universal in view of the complaisant and fervent nature and physical qualities.

Initially, the shepherd was bred as a shepherd, but like the others dogs of this purpose (hovawart, Komondor) is currently used as in as security, watch, search, and as family, due to her tolerance for other domestic animals, devotion and affection for children.


Groenendael combines strength, power and beauty


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Breed history


The founders of the breed are two Belgian shepherd dogs that had black color

Belgian Groenendael is a relatively young breed, in direct the origins of which are two long-haired shepherd shepherd black suits.

It was these representatives who were selected at the end of the 19th century by a restaurateur Nicholas Rose, aiming to derive several subspecies cattle dogs, which were abundant in Belgium and differed in a variety of shades of wool and size.

The name “Groenendael” itself is derived from a similar name estates, where the first representatives of the new breed.

Dogs were originally bred as shepherd’s and cattle, but their truly unique mind, exceptional ingenuity, strength and flair allowed the use of gruendale in as multifunctional dogs.

Thus, representatives of this breed to the present are used to guard, guard and search services in various subordinate power structures.

Despite the fact that the breed was bred in the 19th century, official recognition by breeders, nurseries and various communities she received only at the beginning of the 20th century.

In the late 1910s, the current standard was approved. on external characteristics (graceful addition and black color, which visible on any photo of this animal) and mental qualities Belgian black shepherd dogs.


Shepherd Sheepdog – a strong and independent animal possessing bright leadership qualities


As mentioned above, the dog breed Groenendael is almost universal, used both for service and and as an ordinary pet.

She has an independent temperament and practically unique to wildlife abilities. In this, this breed is similar to Swiss, Maremmo-Abruzzi and Australian Shepherd Dog.


Despite the innocuous appearance, in the presence of potential threats, Groenendael turns into fearless and powerful security guard

A shepherd dog that fully meets officially accepted standards breed must have a certain set of qualities:

  • The ability to make decisions independently inadequate, different from the usual conditions.
  • Independence, a tendency to take an unquestioning position leader, which can manifest itself in a relationship with the owner, so with other pets.
  • Courage. A dog of this breed is not aggressive however, when a potential threat occurs, furry and cute the pet in the blink of an eye turns into a fearless protector.
  • Stamina and activity. Belgian Groenendael – playful and a moving dog that requires daily exercise. Staying indoors for a long time may negatively affect the condition of the pet.
  • Devotion. This shepherd dog is a great companion and faithful a friend who fully trusts the owner, and is always ready to become to protect him. Treats children without excessive playfulness, but with indulgence, attention and sensitivity. Such a dog is quite possible use as a shaggy nanny.


A characteristic feature of the breed is a pronounced black color

It should be noted that despite the fact that most qualities of the dog’s temperament are laid before his birth and in early age, proper upbringing may well smooth out any unsightly features.

After all, the wrong approach, even from a smart and adequate dog, is capable of make an uncontrollable and aggressive animal.


Representatives of the breed Belgian Groenendael were bred in as shepherd and cattle dogs, but now practically not used for these purposes.

However, it is worth noting that the shepherd to the present retained watchdog qualities, and when hit in the appropriate conditions, manifests them fully even in the absence of pre-training.

Most often, this type of Belgian shepherd is used as a service, search and guard dog.

Thick and warm coat, endurance, resistance to negative weather conditions allow animals to show their best qualities even where dogs of other breeds would be sufficient hard to work.

Groenendael is no less attractive as a family dog. However, in order to raise a pet correctly, it is necessary show leadership, leaving the dog a place of subordinate.

Otherwise, the animal will take a dominant position, then there is a leader’s position, and it will be enough to cope with it difficult.

Groenendael puppies are very playful and active, adult representatives rocks are also mobile and require a certain physical load. They are ideal for families with children, for them they will be great companions in games.

In relation to the kids, Groenendael behaves like border collie – he may well take a position “nannies”, protecting the child from any dangers.


Groenendael wool – soft, resistant to dirt, having pronounced matte gloss

How to choose a dog

When choosing a dog, both as a pet and a member family, and for the security or search service, it is necessary First of all, pay attention to whether temperament animal accepted standards.

There are several specific points to consider. most important:

  • Groenendael puppies should possess such qualities as curiosity and relative courage. You can check it out, placing the dog in unusual conditions, or by unexpected and loud sound. If the animal is not afraid, but displays curiosity about the sound source, this is considered positive characteristic.
  • Groenendael puppies, which will subsequently be used in as family dogs, must not be aggressive towards to outsiders. Otherwise, even with the right parenting, it will be difficult to cope with the dog.
  • The main feature that Groenendael puppies should have is independence and ability to make decisions independently inadequate situation. It is these qualities that determine in full least potential and mind of the dog.

It is most optimal to take the puppy away from the mother at the age of about two to four months. It was during this period that the animal most easily learns new skills, and also adapts to new surroundings.

Care Features

Groenendael is not only strong in combination, but also excellent health. There are, of course, several major diseases, to which these animals are subject, but subject to the rules care, it is possible to avoid their appearance. Also, these aspects must be considered when choosing a puppy.

First of all, the Belgian Groenendael is a shepherd and cattle shepherd, respectively, the dog needs regular physical activity, active games and large amount of time in the fresh air.

Its content is acceptable in street conditions. However, in doing so it is necessary to exclude a chain leash, and also provide an animal a warm booth that will reliably protect the pet from the weather.


Isolation of the dog from the owner may lead to the development of the animal depression


The representatives of the breed Groenendael have a thick and silky wool of a noble black color. It is these distinctive appearance features allow the dog to feel quite comfortable even in adverse weather conditions.

Such a positive distinguishing feature, however, obliges pet owner to conduct regular grooming procedures wool, which includes both washing and combing.

According to officially accepted standards, Belgian wool the shepherd shepherd should not be too silky and shiny. IN In this regard, an adult dog should not be washed more than once every five to six months.

Groenendael puppies need to be bathed no more than once a month. At water procedures, it is recommended to use a minimum the amount of shampoo or other hygiene products, otherwise in case the coat loses its natural grease.

As for combing, then it must be done as the need. In the summer, that is, in the molting season, do it follows almost daily with furminator to avoid rolling the wool in tricks.

In winter, comb out the animal at least once a week. Since the coat is very thick and dense, it’s best use a comb or comb with rare teeth.


Shepherd Sheepdogs are very smart and smart.


Groenendael is a shepherd shepherd in need of daily hours of walks and physical activity. As optimal conditions of detention, called forwarding time in the street combined with an overnight stay at home setting.

The dog, like the kangal, does not tolerate content on chain restricting freedom of movement – must be considered this aspect when choosing a caretaker for the home.

If the Belgian Groenendael resides in private possession, that is, on the street, it is necessary to ensure its warm a kennel and a spacious aviary.

Groenendael puppies, like adult animals, love active games using various objects, for example:

  • wand;
  • ball;
  • disk;
  • shuttlecock;
  • toys made of rubber.

Accordingly, the animal will be an excellent companion in games for young and middle-aged child. Perfect breed agility for dogs.

However, it is not recommended to be left alone with your pet. young children due to safety concerns. In view of large size and strength, the dog may inadvertently inflict harm the baby.


Animals need regular exercise and “communication”


By its nature, Groenendael is a carnivore, which needs daily absorption of the optimal amount protein food. For a full life and good health of the pet, in his daily diet should include the following foods:

  • meat;
  • a fish;
  • cereal cereals;
  • dairy products in small quantities;
  • by season – greens;
  • vegetables and fruits.

The use of specialized dry stern. But its amount should not exceed 25-30% of total amount of food per day.

Exceeding this norm can lead to a dog bloating and flatulence. You should also not treat your pet with sweets, canned products, bakery products.


Like any other shepherd shepherd, Groenendael has excellent health. But there are a number of diseases that can representatives of this breed will be exposed. Among the most Common are called the following:

  • inflammatory diseases of the eyes;
  • congenital dysplasia of the joints;
  • epilepsy;
  • obesity;
  • allergic reactions of the body.

Belgian Groenendael is very active and sociable to animals. Isolation from people and other pets can lead to the development of his depression.


Good pet health and life expectancy directly depend on vaccinations used for prophylaxis various kinds of diseases.

There are several major vaccines that are initially held as the puppy reaches a certain age, and further repeated annually. For example:

  • Parvovirosis prophylaxis – when animals reach 6 weeks from kind;
  • glanders vaccination – 8 weeks;
  • hepatitis – 8 weeks;
  • leptospirosis – 8 weeks;
  • rabies – 6 months.

In addition to these vaccines, it is recommended to check once a quarter a dog for infection with all kinds of intestinal parasites, especially if the animal lives outdoors content.


Excellent health is one of the main features of Groenendael.


As a rule, representatives of the Groenendael breed reach the age of puberty in a year and a half. Optimum age for first mating is considered two years.

It is easy enough to determine the female’s readiness for mating – when stroking along the back, she slightly takes her tail. At lack of relevant experience, the first mating of young dogs is better conduct through the participation of a specialist who will help understand the intricacies of this procedure.

Groenendael: Playful handsome, black as night

Groenendael is one of four varieties of Belgian shepherd dogs As distinctive features of the breed called deep black color as well as an exceptional mind and quick wit of its representatives. The dog is practically universal due to its versatility.

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