Great Canary

Dogo Canario, Canary Dog, Canary Mastiff

Canary Great Dane Dogo Canario, Canary Dog, Canary Mastiff

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 1
  • Training: 3
  • Size: 8
  • Reason: 6
  • Security: 9
  • Relations with children: 2
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Shedding: 1


Great Canary or Presa Canario was bred in Canary the islands. This is the result of crossing mastiffs and shepherd dogs from Canary Islands (brought by Spanish colonists and which now gone). In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Canary Dog was used to protection and grazing, and later – to participate in dog battles until 1940-1960, when the breed was banned.


Great Canary – large, strong, athletic, reliable, durable and impressive dog. He has a massive body. The head is massive and square, covered with sagging skin, which gives it wrinkled look. The muzzle is short, strong and wide with a black nose. The eyes are medium sized, oval in shape and dark brown in color. Ears are medium sized, raised in the shape of a rose petal or may be slightly lowered (may be trimmed). Chest wide and tail medium in size with a pointed tip. Paws are round (by analogy with cat). The coat is short, straight and coarse. Fur can be brown, gray and striped. May have white spots on the neck and breasts.


Great Canary has a strong and aggressive character; highly confident, calm, careful and well balanced. is he loving and gentle with his master and his family, but careful with strangers. Presa Canario shows dominance over relative to other dogs but gets along well with dogs the opposite sex and a weaker character.


This is a difficult dog to train. Great Canary has a very dominant in nature and he needs socialization from an early age. Presa Canario training should be based on obedience and humility.


The coat is short and can be cleaned with a regular wool brush. Bathe with shampoo if necessary.

Common diseases

Typical health problems in the Canary Mastiff:

  • hip dysplasia
  • scabies
  • weak immune system
  • eyelid problems


Great Canary is used as a guard dog and for grazing livestock. Previously used in dog battles.

Breed Information

A country Canary Islands, Spain
Life span 8-12 years old
Height Males: 58 – 66 cm Bitches: 56 – 64 cm
Weight Males: 45 – 64 kg Bitches: 39 – 54 kg
Long wool short
Colour brown, gray, fawn, bronze
Group fighting
Price 850 – 3500 $

Breed photo

Great Presa Canario - photo Great Great

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