Grandorf: Nutrient-rich dog food elements

Grandorf dog food

Animals, like humans, can suffer from problems with Gastrointestinal tract.

This applies to different breeds of dogs, like small as well as large.

Often, to solve a problem, you just need to pick up proper nutrition.

In this sense, Grandorf refers to those feeds for dogs that can really help resolve the issue once and forever.

Its unique protein-enriched, competent ratio of nutrients, high quality a business.


  • 1 Feed Overview
  • 2 Feed composition
  • 3 Pros and Cons
  • 4 Grandorf Product Specifics
  • 5 reviews
  • 6 Conclusion

Feed Overview

Before you buy even the most advertised and recommended veterinarians, owners, dog breeders feed, necessary carefully study its composition and make an independent conclusion, whether such food is suitable for your four-legged friend.

After all, animals, like people, are unique, and that which is ideal for one, badly affect the health of another.

Unfortunately, many thoroughbred dogs have problems with digestive system.

Most often pretty rabbit and dwarf dachshunds, cheerful english cocker spaniels, representative and impressive German and East European Shepherd Dog.

Grandorf – premium dog food related to holists.

This means that he has a high-quality, proven composition, which helps to avoid any possible health problems.

It is balanced, includes all the necessary components and is made on the basis of dry raw materials – meat and poultry flour.

Grandorf dog food

Grandorf junior – dog food from 4 months

Testimonials from many veterinarians and breeders say Grandorf actually helps with poor digestion four-legged favorite.

Moreover, even chronic conditions are corrected.

Flour contained in its composition, extracted from carob fruits wood is considered a good fixing agent.

Grandorf dog food

Carob Flour

Now a few words about the manufacturer. The fact is that this brand produced by two firms in different countries.

United Petfood Producers is responsible for Belgian feed NV, for Italian – MONGE & C. SpA.

The composition is the same in both cases, patented and corresponding to numerous international certificates.

Manufacturers themselves say they constantly question owners different breeds of dogs and based on this activity create product.

Grandorf dog food

Various feed options “Grandorf”

Feed composition

Grandorf dog food

What does the food look like if it is poured into a bowl

Any holistic is different from other feeds in that it packaging details what each is extracted from ingredient.

If we start reading what is included in dry food for dogs Grandorf “Lamb with rice”, then we understand that this statement fair:

  1. The main ingredient is meat flour (indicated as dehydrated meat) of animal origin. For example, for “Lamb with rice” it will be processed lamb and turkey. Very high-quality, healthy component enriched with protein. Provides the animal with energy, promotes the recruitment of muscle masses.
  2. Whole white rice. Caloric filler. Gives great the number of calories that, if abundant, can lead to obesity. Rice saturates well, if properly maintained it is not harmful to a pet. It is also optional a source of fiber, which allows you to cope with various gastrointestinal problems, including one of the most common diarrhea.
  3. Fresh meat of turkey and lamb. A very interesting component, especially when you consider that it cannot be in dry food. In any case, the component is thermally processed, in other words, loses about 70-80% of the weight, so in this type of food some doesn’t really matter.
  4. Fat Turkey. Very useful component because it is enriched linoleic acid, which is very useful for the body of the four-legged friend.

Grandorf dog food

Various packaging options for dry feed Grandorf

This is what is considered the main ingredients of dry food for Grandorf dogs “Lamb with rice”. Additionally, this includes:

  • Carob flour is a source of vegetable protein, as well as a fixing agent;
  • Krill, dried. Small crustacean, seafood, quite valuable and with nutritional point of view, and as a source of the necessary vitamins and trace elements (of the same iodine, for example). In addition, he adds pleasant aroma of poop.
  • Glucosamine, chondroitin, methylsulfonylmethane. According to reviews veterinarians, it is these components that positively affect bone skeleton and ligaments of a pet.

Overall, Grandorf dog food is good.

He will not only provide all the necessary substances, but also help avoid problems such as allergies or pancreatitis

Grandorf dog food

A healthy, cheerful pet without health problems – and all thanks to quality feed

The feedback from the veterinarians is positive, as are the opinions the hosts.

Many note that after the transfer of the animal to this brand dry food, digestion returned to normal, manifestations disappeared exhaustion, stools become regular and regular, wool onset to shine.

We considered only the option “Lamb with rice”, but others “dishes” (for example, “Four Meats”) have approximately the same filling.

Advantages and disadvantages

Composition of Grandorf – premium dry dog ​​food good.

It is balanced, healthy, carries all the necessary nutrients. substances, as well as vitamins and minerals.

However, there is a slight flaw. Percentage fiber in it does not exceed 5%, which is quite small.

If you opt for grainless options (“Duck with sweet potato “,” Rabbit with sweet potato “), then note that there is this component least of all.

Fiber is needed to prevent constipation and diarrhea.

Grandorf dog food

The main sources of fiber

The food is suitable for pets who are very sensitive stomach.

Actually, initially it was for them that it was developed, as indicate the manufacturers.

Grandorf Product Specifics

The products of this company are developed for a wide variety of rocks.

To choose the right food for your pet, stop at special marking indicating for whom it is intended this product:

  1. “Puppies”. This dry food is specially formulated for growing champions. They can feed puppies of any breed, including including husky, german shepherd and Labrador, starting at the age of 3 weeks.
  2. “Mini”. Nutrition made up for small breeds. You can feed starting at the age of one. Suitable for such moody favorites such as Pekingese, Schipperke or Chinese crested.
  3. Juniors. This option is ideal for teenage dogs as well as pregnant or lactating bitches. Suitable for medium and large breeds in age from 4 months.
  4. “Medium”. Designed for medium breeds such as various fighting dogs. You can feed from the year.
  5. “Maxi”. For feeding large animals: Newfoundland, St. Bernard, etc. You can give, starting at 15 months of age.
  6. Finally, the All Breeds group is universal and Designed for absolutely every four-legged pet.

Grandorf dog food

Dry dog ​​food “Grandorf” suitable for different breeds

You can buy any Grandorf dry food you like at a specialized store for pet products, as well as through official suppliers on the Internet.

The price ranges from 300 rubles per kg to 500.


According to reviews by veterinarians and owners, the feed is actually helps establish a healthy dog ​​diet.

It restores the health of the pet, practically does not lead to allergic reactions (with the exception of some rare cases), like animals.

Here are some real reviews:

Alina, Ufa: “My puppy (stuffy) had a long time allergy, first to natural, and then to feed. Tormented bye didn’t translate to Grandorf the lamb with rice. Gradually all normalized, pimples came down in a month. Now I give the same lamb, but only for juniors. ”

Elena, Ryazan: “I feed my baby Spitz Grandorf has been around for a year now, there are no problems. Only thing not quite satisfied – the difference in the size of the granules. Some are very small their dog swallows without noticing. Others, on the contrary, are larger, and their it’s hard for him to chew. ”

Rostislav, Moscow: “Great food, albeit not cheap. For my amstaff, I was looking for a suitable feed for a long time a lot of nutrients – he runs a lot with me and generally very active. Satisfied with food – after consultation in The pet store immediately picked up the right mix for my dog. ”

Grandorf dog food

Nutrition – the key to good health and excellent dog mood


Overall, Grandorf is a dog food appropriate declared premium class.

It contains natural ingredients, well balanced, positively affects the health of furry handsome men.

Suitable for different breeds, moderately priced categories.

Grandorf: Dog food rich in essentials

Grandorf – food for dogs that have different digestion problems. At least so says manufacturer. Let’s try to figure out if this feed is really so good, and to whom it can be given.

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